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Homecare Shiny Sinks

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3 Reviews

Brand: Homecare / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      07.08.2013 21:36
      Very helpful



      Removes and prevents limescale and scum build up. Easy to use: Put on rinse off buff.

      The product:

      Homecare Shiny Sinks
      290ml cream cleanser in a rigid plastic container

      What it claims:

      "Revives, renews and restores. Prevents limescale build up."

      To use:

      Simply give the bottle a good quick shake and either squirt on directly or apply on a damp or dry cloth, rub in lightly, rinse off and buff up with a dry cloth. Quick, easy and efficient.

      Features a flip top lid, rigid container with a shaped edge for finger comfort and grip and a small hole to squirt the cleaner out of.

      You soon get to love the smell, which is subtle, pleasant and clean. Although described as a cream cleaner the well shaken product has a slightly looser consistency than most cream cleaners, but don't let that fool you. This is a quality product.


      I first found out about this product in 2004 when I went to work for a well known ethical charity. Although it does not claim organic credentials as an ethical product it was one we were encouraged to use. I have been using it at home ever since.

      We had a cream coloured acrylic kitchen sink that was badly stained in a holiday cottage. I scrubbed and scrubbed with another product and could not get a satisfactory result. When I used Shiny Sinks, I was amazed at the results, with very little effort I removed the stain almost entirely, just leaving the bad one round the plug. Soon I discovered that it was brilliant at putting a shine on taps, scrubbed up the butler sink in the utility room a treat and left the bathroom sinks and tiles gleaming. So naturally I visited a local health food shop and bought some for use at home as well. Although the water was different at home I experienced the same magical results, even on stainless steel in a hard water area. I have used on just about every sink surface, have moved house (yet another type of water) and it always performs.

      If you already have limescale build up, leave some Shiny Sinks on it, by rubbing on gently and leave on there, after a few applications it gets rid of existing limescale, as well as removing scum, soap residue, stains and grease.


      This product is not tested on animals and is approved by the Vegan Society
      Prevents limescale build up
      Removes limescale
      Brilliant shiny results
      Ethical product
      Does not scratch surfaces



      Other information:

      Since I first started using this product, I have noticed that it is now available in supermarkets along with other products in the range. So is now easy to purchase.

      Shiny Sinks costs just over a £1.00 depending on where you shop.


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      06.12.2011 21:19
      Very helpful



      Great quality product

      Homecare is another brand I really do trust. I often complain of all the watermarks on my sink in the kitchen, which is stainless steel. I cannot rememebr exactly how much I paid for this little bottle of liquid but I remember I bought it from Tesco and I think it was about £1.50.

      Instructions are on the reverse of the sturdy plastic bottle. I shake vigorously to disperse the contents and then simply pour into a clean damp cloth and get to work.

      You do have to put in a certain amount of elbow grease before you see any of the marks shift but the results are really well worth it in my opinion.

      Once I have rinsed the sink down again afterwards my sink is noriceably cleaner, shinier and a lot better looking and all the nasty scum and water marks have completely vanished.

      This is quite a runny liquid so be careful for the first time you use it and it can be a little drying on the hands so I always wash my hands properly after having used it.

      It smells quite pleasant thoug and no need to have to open the windows or anything like that - it won't catch on your throat or take your breath away. The shine will though.

      It is a fantastic little product and I always make sure I have some in the house and stock up whenever it is on offer.

      Highly recommended.


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      05.12.2006 10:48
      Very helpful



      A handy product if you want your sink to shine

      In my constant quest for the perfect cleaning products, i am starting to panic buy. Yes, I even bought this to make my sink perfectly shiny and mirror like. Ok not quite but the thought is there. I spotted it on the shelf, and had to have it, along with the obligatory dozen other things. I think I have this theory that if I buy enough things the house will clean itself.


      As all products do, it makes its promises to me, and this one promises to revive and renew my sink and to prevent limescale build up (ashamed to admit, I don't think I would recognise limescale build up if it was staring at me).

      It removes stains, tough dirt, soap scum and hard water marks from stainless steel sinks, acrylic baths, chrome, copper and brass.

      It also states that it is not tested on animals (very good) and that it has been approved by The Vegetarian Society (this confuses me!)

      AVOID USE ON :

      Gold, pewter, silver, lacquered surfaces and enamel baths. Remember to do a small test before you start to make sure it won't ruin the surface.


      This comes in an environmentally friendly blue bottle with the Shiny Sinks logo on the front and a flip lid. Remarkable little thing has finger grips on the side; I don't know what else to call them but your four fingers fit neatly into these grooves, obviously so the bottle doesn't fall into your shiny sink.


      I love this bit...the reading of the instructions because at this stage nothing can go horribly wrong.

      All you have to do is give it a good shake before you start; easy with the finger grooves! Then, flip open the lid, squeeze a small amount onto a damp cloth and rub lightly. Rinse the sink and wipe with a cloth and hey presto, you can apply your make up whilst looking into the depths of your sink.


      Great, I did all of this, followed the instructions to the letter, and it did work. I have a SHINY SINK!

      No waiting around for it to take effect, just instant gratification. The product itself is a pleasant white runny cream with no harsh bits so your hands don't feel as though they have been sand papered. It also has a sort of perfumy (is there a word?) smell, not at all like lots of cleaning products which often smell of ammonia.

      The only down side is that when you have rubbed the product onto your sink and then rinsed, you have to do quite a bit of rubbing to make sure all the residue has gone and you are not left with smears. The next downside is that it doesn't self clean. The final downer is probably pertinent to me in that I have taken on a sense of "ownership" with the sink, and resent it when people just willy nilly splash water around so that I have to start all over again.

      Advantages far outway the disadvantages- it's worth giving it a go.

      Bath Brite
      Copper Glo
      Sink Brite Wipes
      Shine Brite Hob Brite
      Hob Brite Wipes
      4 Hob
      Ceramic Hob Scraper
      Bar Keepers Friend
      N.B. These are not typos or spelling errors!)

      All leading supermarkets and the website which seems to have "buy one get one free" offers if you buy online.

      Debbie Brite gives lots of cleaning tips, you can order online and ask questions about cleaning.

      Homecare Products
      103 Claydon Business Park
      Great Blakenham

      01473 832020

      Thanks for reading


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    • Product Details

      Stainless steel cream cleanser.

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