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HPJ Jewellers Silver Cleaning Cloths

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Brand: HPJ Jewellers / Type: Cloths / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2010 16:26
      Very helpful




      I do own an awful lot of jewellery and for the most part, it is gold as it has been gifts throughout my life. I like costume jewellery really and like to match it up with outfits etc but for Christmas my Step-Father went out and bought me a really expensive silver necklace and matching earrings. I was, and still am enthralled by it and wear it really often since I first got it but because I love it all so much I did want to find something to keep it all clean with.

      A long time ago I did get a silver jewlerry cleaner that you dipped the jewellery into a liquid and it actually wrecked the lot and all said jewlerry ended up destroyed and in the bin. I was gutted at the time and so that was something I very much wanted to avoid doing again of course lol. I would be devastated if I wrecked this lot and I know I have to be extra careful with this set as it contains semi precious stones!

      I decided when mooching around at Half Price Jewellers to see if they had anything on sale I could try and at a fiver for 2 clothes I felt they were a safer option so got them to try out!

      The Packaging:

      The clothes come in a see through plastic bag and to the front of that bag there is a double sided leaflet to the front of it. It is silver in colour and I'm told that they are Silver Cleaning Cloths 'Cleans, polishes & protects to give a longer lasting shine' and this is a pack of two of course and that they are from Half Price Jewellers 'The original & best jewlerry retailer'. On the back of that leaflet I'm told they are ready to use cloths and then I'm given directions for use and that's it. Easy to open bag this is and easy enough to use product as well!

      Instructions For Use:

      These clothes will give lightly tarnished silver, a long lasting shine & protection against further tarnish.
      To remove heavier tarnish rub with moistened corner of cloth.
      Do not wash cloths.
      Keep in sealed bag when not in use.

      Using Them:

      Well the cloths are a royal blue in colour, fairly thick (but still easy to manipulate) very large clothes. They are made of course from cotton and are slightly textured but simply feel like a very thick and soft hanky!

      All you do with these is basically as directed! Only use it on silver jewlerry of course and gently wipe over. Instantly on my jewlerry it 'buffs' it up and any dirt, grease and/or grime comes off onto the cloth in the way of black marks. For heavier soiling I rub for longer and with a bit more vigor and of course you do have the option of dampening a bit of cloth for real heavy dirt, grease and grime removal too.

      I think these are great and excellent value for money too! Easy to use, they are really big cloths so last forever and they are so robust and easy to store too. Not only do they really clean my jewlerry up, after using these I find that my jewlerry stays nice, bright and sparkly clean and fresh for longer and doesn't after using these smell one bit chemically or make my jewlerry feel grimy to the touch (like a liquid cleaner does!). Recommended and so pleased I am with these I keep one in my handbag with me now as an essential item to keep my jewellery all fresh! Great stuff, buy them!


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