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Brand: Ikea / Type: Furniture Wardrobe

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    4 Reviews
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      23.09.2013 20:03
      Very helpful



      A fully flexible wardrobe product to suit many different purposes and needs

      I have bought 5 of these wardrobes. They are fantastic and flexible.

      They come in such a variety of designs and material. I have found there is always one type to fit a particular room style. The door fronts are available in matt and gloss colours, different wood finishes such as birch or oak and also they often sell more patterned or decorative ones. You can have hinged models or go for sliding doors.

      They come in different width and height options, meaning that they are suitable for small and large spaces, and for old houses with high ceilings or newer properties.

      I currently have two of the 200cm high wardrobes in my son's room. We opted for a hanging rail and wire basket drawers (one runners) in one and more wire baskets and shelving in the other. This combination suited our needs. There are a wide range of fittings, shoe racks, special tie racks, storage boxes, belt trays, trouser hangers as well as the usual shelves and rails.

      You can choose from a wide range of handles - the ones available for their kitchen units. There are also some brilliant options like soft closing hinges which for us with my son was a great choice. He can't slam the doors and bash his fingers. These work well.

      As with all IKEA furniture, they come flat pack. At the store, you need to speak to a sales advisor in the wardrobe area as they specifically have to ask for the doors and wardrobe frames to be picked from the warehouse, they are not available to self select. The accessories such as the baskets and the hinges etc are. You discuss your requirements with the advisor, and choose which combination you would like and they then compute all this and print you out a packing list and a price sheet. You can then see which items you need to self select and which they will get ready for you. You then take the price sheet to the standard till, pay and then go to the collection area to collect the picked items.

      They are good quality wardrobes. Some of ours were dismantled and put together again some 4 times and all have withstood this activity.

      Assembly is easy. All the holes are pre drilled - bar the runner holes for any drawers or baskets, and the hardware screws into the specified slots easily. Wardrobe backs are the usual board that needs to be hammered on with small tacking nails. Assembly including door hanging is approx 1 hour and a half in my experience. The hinges can be a fiddly to adjust to ensure they hang straight.

      The wardrobes take a lot of usage. I like the fact that should you wish to use them for a different purpose or person, you can alter the insides and opt for different fittings or you could even change the doors. The wood used is very solid and substantial.

      They are very reasonably priced. You can choose a wardrobe from approx £110 if you choose the cheapest options, you can go for more luxurious choices and spend more, dependent on need.

      I really would recommend this flexible product.


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      18.08.2013 19:17
      Very helpful



      A great wardrobe system

      About 5 years ago I got fed up of having nowhere decent to store mine and my husbands bulky motorbike clothes, in the normal wardrobe they took up so much space, and the helmets lived in boxes on the floor. So having got fed up of the mess, and never being able to find anything I persuaded my husband we should look for a new wardrobe. We looked around several different shops at various wardrobe solutions before choosing the pax from ikea.

      ** So why pick the Pax? **

      Due to the fact that we wanted to store the helmets, as well as hang jackets, and have somewhere for gloves etc., we wanted something that offered more then just hanging space and draws, but also something that would look attractive in our bedroom, and wouldn't cost the earth. At the time we narrowed our choice down to two, one system sold by MFI and the Pax by Ikea. The one sold by MFI lost as we couldn't work out how much the whole thing would cost, as the units didn't have prices on everything, I just remember it seemed a lot more complicated than Ikea.

      The Pax then had everything we wanted at the time, it was highly adaptable, looked like it should last, and was a good price, which was easy to work out. It was also available to buy there and then. My husband is extremely handy so the flat pack nature of this wasn't a problem for me, perhaps because it was my husband who would be putting it together :) They come in two heights 201 cm and 236 cm, ours is the 201cm.

      **Our Pax**

      We chose two double Pax wardrobes with the mirrored Vikedal doors, and white body. We felt the mirrors would make the bedroom look bigger, and would look attractive (no really :) ). Inside the wardrobes we went for a combination of accessories, in one double wardrobe we have a hanging rail with a shelf and draw at the bottom, the other double I think is actually two singles. In one we have 3 shelves with 3 plastic draws, and in the other we have a smaller hanging rail with 4 wire draws. The Pax system is designed so that you buy the basic wardrobe frame, then pick the doors, handles and finally what kind of storage you want inside, as such every thing is individually priced. I seem to think ours cost between 200 to 300 pounds, but can't remember exactly.

      ** Putting it up **

      I see online this needs two people to put it up, so I must have helped. It must have been easy enough to do as neither of us remember it. Ours is attached to the wall to give it added strength as they don't look the sturdiest furniture in the world, although I've never really banged it about to test this, and sorry I'm not for this review :0.

      ** Cost **

      Looking online a basic double Pax Vikedal today is £120, this is for the basic cupboard and doors, interiors range from the humble clothes rail for £2, to an interior set of draws for £120. The range includes everything from shoe organisers, to shelves and draws.

      **So am I all organised **

      No, I do try but no. My wardrobe system is a lot like my life, an attempt to be organised that doesn't quite work :) This isn't the fault of the Pax though, when I first got it between all those shelves, draws and the rails I was organised, and even now I pretty much know where most things are. The problem comes from my hoarding tendencies meaning I have far more stuff then cupboard space, although I am trying to sell some. Ours now contain everything from clothes, books, shoes, and 4 helmets. We even use the top to store the christmas stuff.


      Overall I'm pleased with these, they store a lot of different things, and I like the look. They have lasted well, and the mirrored doors mean they don't look particularly dated.

      More information about the Pax wardrobe system and available combinations is available at; http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom/19086/


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      18.03.2013 00:47
      Very helpful



      best for those on a budget

      I had a grand spending spree at Ikea just before my baby was born and got all brand new furniture for our flat. The whole thing had to be done for around £1000, which didn't leave me much for anyhting but I managed it in the end.

      Storage ended up being one of the most expensive buys of the lot. I looked around quite a bit but given my budget restrictions I settled for a Pax wardrobe with three doors.

      The great thing about the Pax wardrobe is that you have lots of options regarding the size, depth, doors, what fixtures you want inside it, the kind of doors you want etc. In the wardrobe section in Ikea, there are computers with a software you can use to figure out exactly what options you want in your wardrobe, and at the end you get the exact price calculation and a list of all the things you have selected, which can be printed off. I enjoyed this very much, and it made the whole process of wardrobe shopping so much simpler. This can also be done online. Also all the doors and fixtures are displayed there, so you can loo around before deciding.

      All parts of the wardrobe are made of particleboard, which is fairly strong and sturdy for every day use, except the back. I have to say, that was the one bit I really dislike about this wardrobe.The back is made of fibreboard, which is a very thin weak material which flip-flops around. My wardrobe is made of two frames - the bigger one has three sheets of fibreboard attached length wise to each other with some sort of tape. It started bulging backwards within a few weeks of use. If you are keeping your wardrobe against a wall, this doesn't really affect performance but I am sure Ikea could have done better with this.

      The colours available are black, white, birch and oak. I bought a white one as my theme was white. The frame comes in two heights- 201 cm and 236 cm, and two depths- 38cm and 60 cm. I chose the smaller dimension as I didnt want a huge wardrobe taking up my bedroom space, and it has proved enough for me. The frame stands about 10cm off the ground, supported on feet all around and with long screws on the inside which can be adjusted during assembly.
      Frames are available in two sizes- 100cm and 50 cm wide ones. I got one of each, which was good for me. They can be set up as individual free standing wardrobes or you can place them adjacent to each other and set it up as a massive one.

      Various designs of doors were available, in various kinds of finishes varying in price from £15 to about £45. One of the doors has a full length mirror on front. You can choose any number of any kind of door that you want. You can also have sliding doors. You can also select the handles of your choice.

      The interior fittings offer a great range of choice, and are not very expensive. Shelves come in packs of two at £6 for the smaller one and £10 for bigger ones. There are various options of fixtures like drawers, glass shelf, shoe storage, pullout plastic boxes, pullout wire storage boxes, hangers for shirts and pants and the like. And there are loads of matching accessories to suit, all within quite a reasonable price.

      I ended up getting a fairly basic model with some hangers and loads of shelves, which works best for us. In total, I managed to get it at around £260.

      As with all Ikea products,everything comes flatpacked and with a very good instruction manual. As we had everything delivered, transport was not an issue. The assembly was definitely difficult. Of all the things that we assembled, this was the hardest and I am not satisfied with the results as the doors are not aligned properly. Considering the amount of effort we had to put into it, I feel that it would have better to call someone to assemble it.

      We did manage to do the basic assembly, but in order to complete it you need a drill. I dont have one and I didn't consider it worth getting a drill just for this purpose. You need a drill to drill holes for the handle, and also to drill holes in the wall to fix your wardrobe to the wall and the separate frames to each other. Ikea recommends that you fix the furniture to the wall, and although I am always a bit worried about the whole thing toppling over I haven't done it. I have been using it in freestanding mode for about eight months now without any problems. It doesn't feel wobbly or threaten to fall down, although in the interest of safety I would recommend that you do this. I have now changed the configuration and have the 50cm one standing in a corner on its own, and it seems to be doing well so far.

      I dont think this is the strongest or sturdiest of wardrobes, but it is enough to be living with, especially if you are on a budget. I suppose I wouldn't worry about this aspect at all if I had it screwed to the walls. As I mentioned before, I wish the material at the back was a bit stronger.
      The hinges are quite good, you can get the extra soft close ones if you wish. Being a wardrobe, it is subjected to constant use and abuse and it seems to be faring well. Cleaning is quite easy, simply wipe with clean soapy water. I have to mention that the surface will get scratched very easily if it comes in contact with any sharp objects.

      All the drawbacks not withstanding, I do think it is a decent bit of furniture for the price I paid for it and I am happy to recommend it to you.


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        30.12.2012 14:24



        Great solid wardrobes to give that built in effect and a ton of storage at an affordable price

        Having survived without any proper bedroom storage for years, I decided enough was enough and we needed a wall of storage solutions. Since money is an object, we decided to look at IKEA ranges (among other DIY chains). I was a bit wary, as previous experience with a freestanding IKEA wardrobe had led to having a rail on which I was afraid to hang anything, as it regularly used to fall off (oh dear!).

        The positive thing that struck me about the PAX range in the shop, however, is that the build of them is similar to that of the kitchen units (factum) which we have used and have proved sturdy and strong. We have the standard, tall height PAX wardrobes, and in another room we now have the shorter height narrow-depth ones in my son's room. We have the Birkeland in our room, which is a nice white panelled effect finish. My son's are the vikredal, which is the mirrored one.

        The wardrobes are easy to assemble with two people, and once they are in position the are very sturdy and strong. I regularly pile tons of clothes, bits and bobs etc. into them, and they have remained steadfast. They are much sturdier when you put two or more cupboards next to each other (you screw them together as well as into the wall). We just have the hanging rails and shelves, rather than all the singing and dancing options of interiors, but the PAX system is very flexible and it is easy to move fittings into different positions as your needs change (e.g. changing rail height as a child grows, putting extra shelves in when the need arises). The only negative for me is that the backs of the wardrobes are flimsy hardboard, but unless you pay a heck of a lot more this would probably be the case for alternatives too.

        We do not just use ours for clothes, but everything from boxed toys, books, gifts, small electricals etc. and they are strong enough to cope which makes them super versatile.

        Overall, they are solid, quality wardrobes at a good price.


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    • Product Details

      A tall birch effect wardrobe with 2 mirrored doors.