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Italian Mandarin Scented Candle

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2012 18:26
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      A lovely offering despite it's lack of festive fragrance

      When I placed a big order before Christmas with french beauty company Yves Rocher, I took full advantage of some of the offers at the time including plenty of 'buy one get one free' and '2 for 1' offers. One such item that I purchased on the 2 for 1 was this - Italian mandarin Scented Candle.

      Though I may not write a lot of reviews on candles I am actually a big fan of not only scented candles but also I've discovered the joys of Yankee wax tarts so at some point during the day, mainly evening time, I have either a wax tart or a candle burning. I prefer scented candles more in the Winter time and especially at Christmas as I feel they add to the whole ambience of the time of year, and having just finished burning one of my Italian Mandarin candles (I'm saving the other one for a while) I thought I would share my views on the product.

      Though Yves Rocher are renowned for their natural beauty products, they also sell health teas and supplements and a variety of household products such as candles and room sprays though this tends to be more towards Christmas time and from October onwards. I love their Christmas products and always stock up on their beauty items though it is the first time I've ever purchased candles from them so I wasn't quite sure to what standard they would be - would they actually emit a pleasant aroma when lit or were they more for decorative purposes and barely give off much fragrance? I took a chance when I saw this particular scent was on a 2 for 1 offer, and though not exactly on the cheap side at £5.90 for a smallish looking 70g candle I took solace in the fact that 2 for this price didn't seem too bad.

      The Italian Mandarin Scented Candle is part of the Les Plaisirs range and comes housed in a small and rather flimsy looking white cardboard box (all YR products are packed well within the large box they are delivered in so I didn't worry too much about the candle being damaged before opening). Inside the box is the candle which is packaged tightly into the cardboard box and is slightly difficult to grasp hold of but soon slides out when tipped slightly (though carefully).

      My first impressions were how utterly stunning the candle was - a rich and sumptuous bright orange wax which was housed in a very thick and sturdy glass vessel which looked far too beautiful to actually set fire to (well not literally of course). The glass the jar is made from is not only very thick but transparent so the warm orange hue of the wax is visible, though is very slightly obscured by the elaborate patterns of golden mandarins of differing sizes that adorn the circumference.

      Lighting the wick is an easy affair as it is quite thick and of a reasonable length so once my match was struck there were no problems as it set alight instantly.

      Disappointingly there was no 'approx burning time' emblazoned on the packaging so I had no idea how long this candle would burn for, but I tend to light my candles for just a few hours per night anyway to get as much longevity out of them as I can, plus the initial aroma can sometimes be slightly overpowering so when blown out the fragrance can still linger - this is what I'd hoped for with this as well..

      My experience of using this~

      I ordered this along with my other Christmas related products back in late October though decided to use this in mid December as technically it was being sold as a 'festive' product though personally I don't feel it befits this.

      On removing from it's packaging I was met instantly with a rich orange based aroma that had a real zesty quality and seemed very fresh though there was nothing particularly Christmassy about it. I had imagined that there may be a slight hint of ginger or cinnamon to accompany the mandarin to give it that festive feel but this wasn't the case.

      The candle lights easily enough as mentioned and the mandarin soon started to waft through each of my rooms having been initially placed on my kitchen window sill for the first time I lit it. I tend to find that when placed in my kitchen scented candles not only help to cover any unwanted food/ cooking smells plus my kitchen is situated directly in the middle of my home and as we live in a small cottage it seems an ideal central room for the fragrances to float through into.

      After about 10 minutes of burning time I'd say the candle really started to emit a stronger fragrance and whilst I may have sounded on the negative side this really isn't the case at all, the only negative is that it doesn't come across a very Christmassy but as *just* a fragranced candle it offers such a beautiful aroma that I couldn't help but like it.

      The mandarin is warm and very rich and started to float into my other rooms after about twenty minutes being far more noticeable obviously in the kitchen where it was placed. I burned this from mid December (around the 15th) for 2 hours each evening and found that it lasted throughout the Christmas period and into the new year with an estimated burning time of around 25 hours - all in all very impressive. The wax is very thick when the wick is being burned and still stays quite solidified even when melting if that makes sense - it doesn't become too runny and sets almost immediately after the candle been blown out though the glass remains red hot so be careful if attempting to pick up.

      Recommendation wise I would say this is a really beautiful candle both in fragrance and appearance and even if just buying singularly if not on offer it does actually seem quite worthwhile for the length that it lasts. I found that 2 hours lit gave enough aroma to filter through my rooms and linger for the rest of the evening without being too overpowering so feel though it lacks in anything Christmas related it more than makes up for it with it's rich and fruity appeal.

      All in all this is a lovely scented candle that not only looks the part but the fragrance lingers in my rooms (particularly the one it is being burned in) for the remainder of the evening after extinguishing making it a very good value product in my opinion. If wanting this for the Christmas aspect then I would suggest an alternative such as a Yankee candle/ tart specifically relating to Christmas as this candle seems far more appropriate for burning throughout the warmer months due to it's zesty zing.

      Overall this is beautifully scented and aesthetically pleasing with an impressive longevity where burning is concerned.


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