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JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser

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5 Reviews
  • Can be used on most surfaces
  • Works brilliantly
  • Costly if you are going to use lots
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    5 Reviews
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      25.04.2015 12:39
      Very helpful


      • "No need for chemical"
      • "Saved me repainting walls!"
      • "Can be used on most surfaces"
      • "Works brilliantly"


      • "Costly if you are going to use lots"

      A fantastic way to remove scuffs and marks

      Whilst preparing to move out of my rented flat I received a letter from the letting agency stating that I would be charged for any scuffs on the wall or marks in the kitchen. Not wanting to lose my deposit, but well aware that after 5 years of wear and tear there were numerous marks I sought a solution. I found the “JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser” on Amazon for £4.99 and with its claims of working on any surface, decided it was worth a go.

      The 32 x 13 x 4cm sponge claims that it is effective at shifting scuff marks from the floor, lime scale from taps, crayon marks on walls and burnt food from pots and pans. It can be cut down to whatever size you need and all you need to do is add water. There’s no clear description of how it works or what it’s made from but I guess if something is “magic” you don’t reveal the secret.

      My priority was to check that I could get the scuffs left by furniture of the walls to make sure I could get my deposit back without having to repaint the whole flat. I cut off a small section of the sponge with scissors, held it under the tap and squeezed out the water so that it was just damp but not soaking as per the instructions. I started with a small scuff on a white painted wall and was amazed by how easily the scuff was removed with just a couple of rubs of the sponge. I moved on to a much more dramatic mark which required a little more effort but still nothing to complain about before the mark was completely removed. By the fifth stain the little bit of sponge I had in my hand was starting to disintegrate and little bits of it were starting to break away and drop onto the carpet – these were easily hovered up later and I threw away that bit of sponge and cut off another bit. I managed to get every single mark off the wall – including greasy finger prints left by my goddaughter and a long black scrap mark where the ironing board foot had been dragged along the wall. The biggest challenge on the walls was a large area of mould that I found on the wall when I moved out the wardrobe. It was huge and I had tried various cleaning products and scrubbing to no avail. Incredibly, with the JML sponge I managed to get the wall clean without too much effort. It did use up all of the sponge and I had to buy another one but I didn’t mind seeing as it was so fantastic.

      When my second sponge arrived I used it to tidy up marks on the door frames and skirting boards. In the cupboard under the sink and rushing can had left a bit rusty ring in the bottom of the cupboard. No amount of cleaning products and elbow grease had shifted it so far so I gave the magic sponge ago and it wiped off without any effort at all! My poor boyfriend had to endure a whole week of me making him watch me remove stains as I couldn’t believe how good it was! It sorted out marks in the cupboards, eradicated marks on the hob/burnt food from pans and trays, took scuffs off trainers, got pen off my wooden coffee table and limescale off the taps and shower screen. It left everything looking as good as new without any damage or abrasion.

      The product is incredible. I am yet to find anything it hasn’t managed to clear. I could not rate it highly enough for how well it works. There is no smell to it and no residue left after use. I have a long list of allergies and most cleaning products bring me out in some sort of rash but I had no reactions at all to this sponge, even when using it excessively! The sponge lives up to it’s hype of cleaning stubborn marks with ease. It is also great for cleaning things like light switches to have them looking as good as new without any effort and nothing but a slightly damp JML sponge.

      The only drawback is the price. Once you realise how well it works you will want to use it for everything and even if cutting of small bits at a time it will still get used up quite quickly. At £4.99 a sponge an addiction to using it could get a little bit costly. I have also tried the cheaper versions of these sponges and found that they work just as well but do fall apart much quicker so in the long run I am not sure how much money you would really save. To start with I wasn’t keen on not knowing exactly what is in the product but now that I know how amazing it is, I have stopped caring!

      I purchased mine from Amazon but I have seen them in shops like Robert Dyas and some supermarkets. You can also buy them directly from the JML website. It comes in a green cardboard box with all the JML branding and is easy to store in this box in my cleaning cupboard. I have been so impressed with this product that my friends and family have all had to hear about it. I will definitely use it again when I need it and would highly recommend it to anyone that needs to get rid of marks, scuffs, dirt or limescale easily without using chemicals.


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      15.04.2012 18:35
      Very helpful



      A waste of money

      After listening to my friend telling me how good the Doktor Power Magic Eraser is I decided I was definitely missing out on something good and made my mind up to buy one. I popped to a local Asda that had recently opened in my area and they were selling them for £5.00. I thought it was a bit expensive for a piece of foam but bought one all the same.

      The Packaging
      The Magic Eraser is packaged in a cardboard box which is mainly green pink and silver. The front of the box shows a picture of the magic eraser which basically is just a piece of white foam, the front of the box informs the customer that this is the New Doktor Power Magic Eraser and it will remove " stubborn marks and stains just like magic" all you have to do is simply add water, there is no need for detergents.
      The back of the box gives the instructions for use and states the sort of things that the magic eraser will clean. All of this information is repeated on the sides of the box in pictures. The box states the foam will clean taps, tiles, baths, sinks, pots, pans, floors, walls, trainers, shoes, oven and much more.
      The box also gives some warnings which are in keeping with a cleaning product. These are all clearly written for those who wish to read them.

      The Product
      The back of the box describes the magic eraser as "unique abrasive foam" however when I opened the box and got the foam out I was surprised to find its actually very soft. It looks just like a block of ordinary white foam, there's no coarseness to it at all. The magic eraser measures approximately 30.5 x 11.5 cm's and is 4cm's deep.

      To use the foam is simple, first you need to cut it to whatever size you prefer, this may depend on what you are cleaning but really its just whatever size you prefer. To cut the sponge is really easy, a knife or scissors will slice through it with ease. Once you have your piece of foam all you need to do is rinse it under the tap.

      My Experience
      I cut a piece of the foam off to use, ran it under water and set about cleaning my oven door. which was badly splashed and had been since I had moved into the house. After several minuets rubbing away with the foam the door looked pretty much the same as it always had and the foam was starting to break up. I moved onto the bathroom and thought maybe the magic eraser would brighten up the grout behind the taps on my bath. Once again the magic eraser failed to clean and developed another hole. I found this to be the case after everything I tried to clean.

      I have tried using this all around the house and the only success I have had has been on scuff marks on the door and skirting. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Although the foam can be rinsed and reused I have found in most cases it is so flimsy it breaks while using it so there's very little to reuse.

      All in all the Magic Eraser definitely did not live up to expectations, I like the idea of a product that requires no detergent and is re usable but in my experience this certainly doesn't fit the bill. I had little or no success with it and definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was a waste of £5.00.


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        05.04.2012 21:17
        Very helpful



        A Brilliant effective household product that works like magic.

        I was first introduced to the Doktor Power Magic Eraser many years ago whilst I was studying my level 3 qualification as a Nail Technician, My highly respected tutor always had one of these in her "bag of tricks" and introduced us to it on our cleaning rota whilst cleaning the gleaming pure white Nail tables and the stubborn nail varnish marks and various other equipment that tended to become stained with nail art products, I was so impressed with the results and versatility of the Doktor Power Magic Eraser that I decided to purchase one for myself for home use, I have to say that I have never looked back and continue to use this fantastic product to this very day.

        == THE PRODUCT ==
        The Doktor Power Magic Eraser is a large soft squishy sponge that comes in cardboard packaging in the form of a specially constructed foam block ready for you to cut into your own shapes and sizes to suit your needs, the packaging has some good useful and detailed information on it's uses.

        It is a product from JML and prides itself on being "just like magic"

        It is an all purpose non abrasive cleaning product that requires No DETERGENTS to be very effective at removing marks and stains from any surface, it only requires you rinse with water to remove the most stubborn of marks and stains around the home.

        It weighs 59g

        Size 32 x 13 x 4 cm

        Price is £4.99

        Available from www.jmldoktorpower.com
        www.amazon.co.uk (free delivery for all uk orders)

        == IT'S USES ==
        This product can be used on almost anything but is particularly brilliant for use on Chrome, Plastics, Walls & Floors, Trainers & Shoes, Glass, Wood, and simply for use in washing up those pots especially the pans and casserole dishes.

        Over the years I have discovered a lot of things I can clean using this product, one of my best discoveries were when the skirting of my car got marked with that horrible sticky and hard to remove tar from road re-surfacing, I tried everything to try remove it without damaging the paintwork of the car but to no avail, the magic eraser worked like a dream and removed it straight away with little effort and no damage to my paintwork! I kicked myself for not trying to use the magic eraser first to save myself a lot of trouble.

        I use it for removing the limescale on taps, cleaning tiles and grouting, I was surprised at how easy it is to use and without using any other cleaning products at all felt a little strange the first few uses but I soon got used to it, it was a revelation that I no longer needed to use harmful chemical laden products in the home, not to mention the money I would save by not having to buy specific cleaning products for specific jobs as this sponge works on everything effectively.

        I t makes an easy job of cleaning Baths, Sinks, Shower Doors, Fridges, Freezers, Ovens, Hob Rings, Skirting Boards, Doors, Flooring, Wallpapered walls, Painted walls, Cars, Caravans, Bikes, PVC Windows, Alloy Wheels, Crayon & Pen marks, Iron, Trainers & Shoes, and possibly loads more to boot, these are the things I use my Magic Eraser on with the confidence that it does not leave any scratches.

        The ability of being able to customise the size and amount I want to use means the hard to reach nooks and crannies don't get missed out and the product is adaptable and versatile enough for any household and makes light work of removing marks from all sorts of things that otherwise wouldn't budge.

        == MY THOUGHTS ==
        I have tried a lot of so called natural cleaning products over the years but this product beats them all for one reason which is the fact that I only need to use water to get the same results if not better results than when I used abrasive strong smelling products laden with various irritating chemicals.

        There is no mess at all with this product, no residue, and no smell it is so easy to use it is laughable really, you simply cut off the amount you wish to use using a pair of scissors or a knife then rinse the piece under the tap and hey presto its ready to be wiped or rubbed over the area to be cleaned or marks to be removed.

        I have noticed that tougher marks like the scuff marks on laminate and vinyl floors from teens scraping their trainers do need a little more elbow grease and require a firmer rubbing action to make the marks disappear but it does work very well.

        I have also stopped buying shoe and trainer polish and cleaners as this product works so much better especially for bringing the whites of trainers up like new and easily removes scuff marks from shoes whilst cleaning them at the same time.

        This product has been a god send with having two boys (one a teenager) in the house and has many uses that has probably yet to be discovered! I have never been let down using this product and although £5 seems expensive for what seems is just a sponge in my opinion it is worth every penny and pays for itself with the savings of not having to buy specific cleaning products, the sponge tends to last up to 6 months and it is easy to tell when its time to buy new one as the sponge starts to disintegrate and crumble when its had its day, much like a normal cheap scourer' sponge does except this product far out lives and out shines any other I have ever tried, I continue to be impressed by this product and how effective it is and tend to use it almost every day for some job or another it definitely comes in very handy and if I had a choose a household product for its most usefulness then this would be the one I chose every time, I cannot sing its praises highly enough and every household should not be without one.

        I definitely recommend the Doktor Power Magic Eraser

        I rate this product a fabulous 5 out of 5

        Thank you for reading J

        My reviews appear exclusively ONLY on Ciao and Dooyoo under the user names



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          08.12.2011 21:12



          Great useful product

          JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser is a brilliant product that I have discovered about eight months ago. I had some scuff marks on our kitchen floor and no matter what we tried we couldn't get them off and then someone recommended the Magic Eraser.

          It cost £5 from JML direct but can be bought in some supermarkets at the same price or maybe a bit cheaper.

          It is a block of sponge which you easily cut into the shape you want. It is big enough to be cut into around 20 or so smaller pieces and you activate it by dispensing it into some water. This activates the sponge and then you are ready to start erasing all the little marks aroudn your home.

          I personally feel it is harsh on the hands so it is better to wear gloves while you are using it as it can be quite drying and causes me some irritation. It doesn't really have a smell and is easy to handle and mainipulate and means you can get into all the little nooks and crannies with ease and simplicity.

          I have used it on removing scuff marks from shoes and trainers, floors, walls and wallpaper and paintwork. The only thing you have to be careful with is varnished surfaces. It is not recommended that you use it on these as it will cause damage and leave a mark. It is such a handy and versatile product and works very well.

          Recommended by us.

          Review also posted on Ciao as sorehead


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          16.05.2011 21:08
          Very helpful



          Don't bother

          As part of my ongoing attempt to spruce up my house ready to sell it I was advised by my brother (I really must learn that men don't understand cleaning!) to buy some of this magic sponge material, after searching in vain for an actual magic sponge I came across this JML Doktor Power Magic Eraser in Focus for £4.99. The pack is about 30 cm by 10 cm and that's all one big sponge. I bought this to wipe down doors, walls and ceilings where necessary.

          On the pack it tells us this can be used for taps, tiles, baths and sinks, pots, pans and washing up, fridges, freezers and ovens, car wheels, bikes, boats and caravans, trainers and shoes, floors, walls and "a whole lot more". So JML are basically telling us this is a wonder sponge that will clean practically anything. Warnings are to keep out of the reach of children, test on a small inconspicuous patch first, not recommended for use on dark, polished or glossy surfaces, store in a cool dry place, do not use with chlorine bleach or any other cleaning products and if using on dishes or cutlery rinse well after use. Should you try and clean your eyeballs with this by mistake wash eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes with eyelids being held open and if irritation persists after that mammoth eye washing time seek medical advice. That's all the information on the product and nowhere does it tell us what this sponge is impregnated with which I was a bit dubious about.

          To use you cut the block with a knife or scissors to the size you require and rinse it under the tap to wet it and presumably release chemicals then off you go. Magic. I decided to try this out first on the grubby bathroom door and cut a section about the size of a large scourer for the purpose. I wore rubber gloves because I have no clue what's in this and didn't want it on my skin. The sponge is a very dense type of sponge and doesn't drink water like a bathroom sponge does but merely gets slightly wet. Learn from my mistake, you cannot wring this out or it simply rips into pieces! So onto the door. Once wet I wiped over the worst area to see how well this performed, it did remove alot of the fingerprints easily but not all of them so it required some scrubbing which again makes the sponge prone to falling to pieces.

          It wasn't a massive success on the door and I resorted to diluted bleach and a cloth to get it properly clean. I thought I may as well test the sponge on a few other things though as I had plenty. Bathroom tiles. It wiped these pretty well and made them clean but if you accidentally rub it over grouting (or on purpose because you hope it can magically whiten it) the sponge again will fall to pieces and stick to the grouting like bits of furry mould. Nice. I then tried it on floor tiles and while it cleaned them quite well it didn't work as well as a mop and because I don't know what's in the sponge I got paranoid about it being near my boy's (cat) paws and went over the whole area with a mop followed by clean water afterwards so that was a waste of my time! I used it lastly on the door of the fridge near the handle where fingerprints collect and again it did work to a degree but not as well as a normal scouring sponge with diluted bleach would. I skipped the ceilings as I knew by this point it would have crumbled and clung to the paint.

          So the magic sponge wasn't a huge hit with me and couldn't outperform normal cleaning equipment despite being alot more expensive and allegedly magic. The way it falls to pieces at the slightest twist or rough surface is annoying too and a normal sponge has a lot more staying power than this. I also didn't like not knowing what's in it, it really put me off using it on most areas. So I'm not recommending this so called "magic eraser" and actually think it's worse than normal cleaning materials and methods. A lowly one star from me and just think of all the cloths, bleach and scourers you could buy for that over priced £4.99 tag too.


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