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  • useless DONT BUY IT it doesnt do ANYTHING advertised threw it away
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    4 Reviews
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      24.01.2014 00:19
      Very helpful



      A great broom worth its money

      A few years ago my Mum bought me this JML Wonderbroom after getting one herself which she raved about. I was slightly dubious to begin with as the head on this broom is made of rubber and it just looked so hard. I don't know what my mother paid at the time, but I have since seen it in the likes of Homebase for around £9, and now that I have been using it for a few years, I would agree with my mother about the product and happily pay that amount should I ever need another one.

      What makes this broom a 'wonderbroom'? - Well, it comes from the fact that it is not only a brush for indoor sweeping, but it has other uses, including for windows where there is a 'built in squeegee', for outdoor use and even in wet conditions. It claims to be 'virtually indestructible', easy to clean and will lift hair and dust with its electrostatic action.

      Well, in the time that I have had this broom I have never used it on the windows, simply because we pay to have our windows cleaned every couple of months, but I have used it both on laminate floors, carpet and tiles and I have to say it is brilliant and lifting the dust and gathering it all. The electrostatic action is very obvious, more so than any other brush I have owned. Even though I now have a steam mop, it doesn't lift the crumbs, dust and general dirt that is so obvious on my light coloured kitchen tiles, so this is where this broom still comes in very useful on a daily basis (well almost daily!). I also use it when my two steam mop heads are both in the wash and I want to give my floors a quick clean - I put a floor wipe over the bottom of this broom and it allows me to give the floor a clean without having to get the mop and bucket out. THis brush holds the wipe in place well to allow me to do so. No other brush that I have owned has been able to lift the dust and dirt like this one. In fact you can lift the trail of dust straight off it as it catches on the rubber bristles and put it straight into the bin. If I need to clean it, I can simply run it under the tap and in the couple of years I have had this broom, it looks as good as the day I was first given it. My mum first got hers when they had a dog that was a house dog which shed A LOT and she found this broom brilliant for really lifting the fine dog hairs. IN regards to carpet, I have used this on harder wearing carpet to lift obvious crumbs or dirt and it has worked great without having to get the hoover out, so it is useful when you are just trying to keep a room spick and span without having to get all your cleaning equipment out.

      All in all, some may think £9 is steep for a broom, but this is a very unique broom that puts to shame the traditional kitchen brush and once you;ve got one of these, you're highly unlikely to be going back to using a plain brush again.


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      24.06.2011 12:18
      Very helpful



      A true multitasking product.

      I needed to get a new brush as mine was getting old and had lot's most of its bristle's.
      I am a little bit of a neat freak and as I have hard flooring on the whole downstairs of our home I needed a good brush that will work well from tiles to laminate and won't scratch.
      I was in Focus DIY store buying paint and stopped at the JML stand that they have and noticed this broom. It caught my eye because it's quite a vivid Yellow and looked quite unusual as its quite slim and neat in design so I thought that I would give it a go.

      Design of the Broom -

      The broom has a long Yellow telescopic handle which can increase the length of the handle, you just need to loosen the middle of the broom, increase or decrease the length and tighten it up. This makes it great if you are small or tall and comes into its own for doing windows and your car. Windows! I hear you say. You can't use a broom on your windows? Well all will become clear later on.

      The actual sweeping part of the broom is made from a durable rubber and the bristles are all made from the same rubber which while sturdy is actually quite soft and will not scratch the surface that you are sweeping.
      As it's quite a slim design it means that you can easily store the broom away and it takes hardly any space.

      The Functions of the Broom -

      This isn't any old broom; this is a JML wonder broom (That was my Marks & Spencer Voice over there)
      One of the many great things about this broom is that you can use it on carpets. The rubber prongs are quite tightly packed which means that it's great for sweeping fluff and pet hair of the carpets. I use mine on the stairs in between hovering time and it not only gets all the fluff or hair it lifts the pile up and keeps my carpets looking great.
      I don't have any pets but my friend also has the broom.......and three dogs and two cats. It was my friend that told me to try it. She said that it's the best broom ever for removing pet hairs. She uses it on her sofa, chairs, carpets and floors and said while most people may grab personal effects and photos if their house was on fire she would grab her Wonder Broom. No, really she did. I nearly pointed out that there would be no carpets to sweep but thought better of it.

      Unlike your average broom the rubber prongs don't harbour any germs or bacteria.
      Sweeping the laminate and tiles is so fast and easy with this broom, you need to brush towards you rather than away due to the way the broom is designed as the bristles or on a slight slant.
      I was amazed at how much the brush swept up. It literally picks up everything in its path and while yes that's what a broom is for you know how it is, you've usually leave behind a few bits of fluff or something. The broom didn't scratch or harm any the laminate or the ceramic tiles.

      Windows and Cars-

      This is where the broom comes into its own for me. I am quite little at 5 foot 2 and I always struggle to clean my car on the roof. Well not anymore thanks to the wonderbroom!
      I have to be honest and say that I was a little unsure about using the broom wet on my car as I was quite worried that it may scratch the car but I'm pleased to say that it didn't leave a mark on my car.
      The ability to use it wet is great. I just covered the car in shampoo and scrubbed away with the wonderbroom. I was able to reach all places and with the handy telescopic handle I was able to clean the roof of the car quickly and easily.
      I have a conservatory on the back of my home and it's a pain in the rear end to clean the windows and using the wonderbroom did not save me a huge amount of time but it was certainly easier and less hard work and obviously I could reach the top. (Wink) It is also brilliant for cleaning the top of the conservatory as you can give it a good scrub and this also applies to the PVC, it brought mine up lovely and much easier than doing it all with a cloth.
      I used it to clear the snow and ice of the path in the winter and it worked great and I could leave my shovel in the garage. It was also brilliant for getting the snow of the car roof and windows in the morning and left no makes or scratches at all and this also meant that I didn't have to drive to work looking like a snowman as usually I end up covered while clearing the car.

      The Garden -

      The wonder Broom is really handy for using in and around the garden. I have used it to give the decking a good clean and it got all the mud and marks off. It is great for sweeping up the grass cuttings or leaves and a general tidy up.
      The best thing about the broom for me is that it does all those jobs in and around the house. I do give it a good wash in soapy water if I have used it outside and it still looks brand new. You can also put the head in the dishwasher to clean it.

      I have recently bought the Wonder brush. This is a handheld version of the broom and I bought it to clean out the rabbit hutch and its brilliant. It gets all the mess out and then I can wet the brush and give it a good scrub clean. the brush is priced at only £2.99

      Cost and Availability -

      The Wonder Broom costs just £7.99 and is available from JML Direct and online. It can also be purchased in many stores that stock JML products including - Argos. Homebase. Wilkinson's and Asda.

      *Disclaimer* I have not tested the brooms flying abilities so I can not be held responsible for any accidents that may occur should you attempt to fly ;)


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        07.10.2009 11:53
        Very helpful



        Very hardy and versatile broom suitable for indoors as well as outdoors!!

        With the gardening season coming to a close with not so much to do out there, I have just been tidying up and sweeping seems to be what I do most with all the leaves starting to fall. Now I can't remember exactly when I got my JML Wonderbroom, but I believe it was a couple of years back. Now I don't use this for sweeping the leaves as I need a much bigger broom head than this one, but the JML broom is really remarkable with it's versatile ways of being able to use it.

        This broom has a yellow metal handle that can be moved up or down to reach the right height that you require, now when it comes to the broom head it is not like any other broom that I have ever seen before. It is made from a very durable black rubber, which doesn't look at all very big. It actually measures 11 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide by 1 inch deep. so you see it isn't that big at all, but what a beauty as it scrubs and sweeps and glides over windows. Now what am I doing putting my broom over my windows you may ask!

        Well on one side of the broom head it has a squeggee, so it is perfect for removing water from the windows or car windows after giving them a good wash. This broom sweeps perfect every time and does not hold bits in between the teeth like the bristle ones do. You can even take the head of and put in the dishwasher ( I never have but that is what the commercial say's!).

        Now this broom is suitable for all flooring like Wooden, Vinyl, Tiles and Carpets, as well as being able to use on cars, windows patio's ect... You can use this broom with or without water and also it can again be used with or without detergent. If using in the garden you can use this with some of the stronger solutions to help clear away algae from patio areas, which can be difficult to remove with a normal bristle headed broom.

        I like to use mine in my bathroom as it sweeps really well before I use it to mop the floor. With it having quite a narrow head it gets into all the tricky corners. So this is a very versatile broom which I would definatley recommend.

        Being that this broom is quite slim it is easy to store away with not needing a large cupboard to keep it in. Mine usually sits by the patio door. Having sat in the garden for a couple of years it still looks as good as new even though it has sat through all weathers. It is a very hardy broom.

        They say that this broom is so strong that you can run it over with a car and it just bounces back, I haven't tried that one yet!!!

        Thinking about it I can't remember when I last saw a JML commercial on the television, as they used to be on all the time, maybe they play through the night. I have brought several JML products and have always found then to be of the highest quality for a reasonable price. I believe this broom retails for around £7-10 pounds in different shops. I got my one from good old Woolworths which I miss since they closed down.

        There are a lot of fake JML products out there so be careful and be sure that it is the real thing before buying anything. I'll give the Wonderbroom 5 stars as it is so versatile!!!


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          12.05.2009 20:05
          Very helpful



          Less effort than getting the Dyson out, and with better results

          While browsing through the latest Kleeneze catalogue, the JML Rubber Wonder Broom caught my eye. I often need to do some not intensive exactly, but a little more thorough cleaning than a dustpan and brush or a mop would do, and I hate getting the vacuum cleaner out - so, the claims of this multi-purpose rubber broom seemed to fit my ideal of reluctance I experience regarding housework.

          I ordered the broom, which cost £9 from Kleeneze, and it was delivered to me a couple of days later.

          The broom is wrapped mostly in clear polythene, with a cardboard stabiliser, on which is printed many different uses for the broom, together with JML's quality claim, their one-year guarantee on the product and their contact details (by the way, the company is John Mills Limited, trading under the name of JML).

          The broom is self-assembly, and very easy to screw together - yes, even I managed it without any swearing, ripping my hair out, wall-climbing or fervent praying. The handle is telescopic, and you can adjust it to whatever length you like. There are instructions on how to lock the yellow handle at your desired length, and it did take me a few minutes to work out how to do this - but I managed it eventually. The head of the broom is made of quite tightly packed black rubber bristles, which appear to be very strong.

          JML claims that the broom can be used either wet or dry, on all types of flooring, carpets, and outside on concrete paving - say, to sweep up garden debris such as leaves, moss etc. If you turn the broom around, you can also clean windows with it and there is a rubber squeegee action blade which is operated using the broom handle.

          After use, the broom bristles can then simply be rinsed under the tap (turn the tap first of course lol), and left to dry before using again.

          I have now used the broom a few times, testing all the recommended functions, and give my opinion below.


          I found the broom didn't work so well when simply sweeping day to day dust and other ordinary particles from my laminate floors (kitchen and bathroom), but it performed extremely well when used with soapy water to wash the floors once they'd been swept over first with a traditional broom.


          This is where I personally feel the broom works at its best. Using a little pressure, the rubber bristles dig gently, yet deeply into the carpet fibres and I have to honestly say, it cleaned my carpet in my living room and bedroom even better than my Dyson does! It's harder work, but balancing that little extra effort out with the hassle of setting up the hoover, I'd say that the broom wins hands down over the Dyson.


          This was where I had a problem, although I accept that it could be me rather than any lack of efficiency on the broom's part. I found the rubber blade behind the bristles rather difficult to manipulate against the windows, as the broom has to be held at a strange angle - but, I've never been very good with squeegees anyway, and other people may find it works fine for them on windows. I had better luck with the inside of the windows, but when I tried to do the outside, I found that the telescopic handle wouldn't extend far enough to reach most of the window pane areas. This could be due to me living in a mobile home, and as it's built on a brick base, the windows are higher up than they would be say on a ground floor flat, or the ground floor of a house. If I'd have put more effort into trying to clean my outside windows, I'd have had to stand on a small step ladder to reach the tops, but due to my arthritis I'm unable to climb ladders - so, I'll have to employ a window cleaner or get someone else to do the job for me using the rubber broom.


          The broom performed wonderfully outside. I live in a semi-rural area that's largely woodland, and I get a lot of dead leaves - all year round - blowing over into my little garden. Exerting a little pressure onto the handle of the broom, it sweeps all those leaves up nicely. I also get a lot of moss forming on the concrete surface of part of my garden, and I was amazed to see how the rubber broom bristles really attacked and lifted the moss clean away from the concrete, which pleased me greatly, as I have tried lots of different moss-slaying preparations that haven't cured the problem at all (moss can get very slippery in damp weather, and I need to keep its growth down as much as possible). After having done a bit of weeding and cutting some grass, the rubber broom did the trick in that with very little effort from me, it quickly swept up all the green stuff and I was able to fill three green waste bags!


          My overall opinion on the JML Rubber Wonder Broom is that it's quite likely the best £9 I've spent in my life, despite it not performing too well on dry wood laminate flooring. It's easy to assemble, and so far seems very durable. The rubber is tough, and I have a feeling this broom is going to last me a long, long time. It's also lightweight, and requires only a little effort to manipulate around various surfaces. As far as the windows are concerned, I feel that it would perform well if I could get the knack of holding the rubber blade part at the correct angle, but I think that's a problem with me (plus my windows being high up) rather than the broom itself.

          As for the price of £9, it's advertised more cheaply on some websites, and it could be that what I paid is Kleeneze's own price, rather than JML's or that of other stockists.

          Well done JML! This is a superb addition to my household cleaning bits & bobs.

          Thanks for reading!


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