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Kringle Candle Bakers Vanilla Wax Tart

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kringle Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      28.09.2012 09:02
      Very helpful



      Vanilla fragranced Pot Pourri tart from Kringle. Good try but needs a little more I think...

      Kringle Candle's Baker's Vanilla was a 'try me' purchase I made during a recent shopping trip in House of Fraser a couple of months ago where a range of fragrances were offered at a reduced price. I've bought and used Kringle candles before and have always been impressed with both their longevity and authentic fragrances but still tend to stick to Yankee when it comes to buying scented candles and wax tarts for the home as I find they offer a wider range of fragrances and work out to be cheaper than Kringle. Still, at 70p for a wax tart instead of the usual £1.40 it retails for I snapped up the chance to buy something new especially as I like the smell of vanilla when its used in home fragrancing.

      Although called 'Wax Potpourri' by Kringle they are essentially they same as Yankee's wax tarts in that they are a solid piece of wax that is designed to be melted. They don't have wicks so are unlike traditional candles and if you're thinking of buying any you're going to need some sort of tart or oil burner and a tea light to melt them with. The essential oils and fragrances are added to the wax composition and are released into the air when the wax is in its molten state and on average, especially for a Kringle wax pot-pourri, you can expect to receive a good 10-12 hours worth of fragrance from a single tart. All of Kringle's pot-pourri's are white in colour and all have nicely designed illustrative stickers which I always think look quite classy and as the range is slowly becoming more popular new fragrances are being added all the time.

      Baker's Vanilla is described by Kringle as being "derived from the oils of the natural bean, these rich, dark undertones and bright, sweet top notes blend together in perfect harmony" and after allowing mine to melt for a few minutes I could begin to detect the always-recognisible scent of vanilla. It's quite a common addition to many of Yankee's fragrances so I'm very familiar with it as it forms the basis of a lot of the tarts I use from the other company, here stripped back with no other additions it proved itself to be a warming fragrance with bright, sweet highlights and a deep 'home-baked' smell that really filled my living room with a delicious aroma. I do like vanilla anyway, it's included in a lot of Christmas fragrances that I buy and I think that Kringle have done a very good job in replicating it in wax form. I wouldn't say it was a terribly exciting fragrance though and after a while it does plateau out once it blends but I did find that it managed to provide enough aroma to be noticeable for a good few nights when I had mine melting for 4 hours at time.

      I used mine over the course of 3 nights and by the end of the third I had managed to squeeze every last bit of fragrance from it so as far as longevity goes there is little to criticise. I do think that it is perhaps a little on the boring side though once it reaches the 5 or 6 hour mark as the sweeter highlights do dampen down and perhaps it would have been a little bit better had there been other inclusions just to give it a little more interest. That said, it is what it is; a vanilla wax pot-pourri tart so I shouldn't expect it to be anything other than what Kringle says it is and on that basis again I can't really criticise it as it is vanilla-fragranced.

      All in all I'm glad I bought mine but can't say I'd be in a rush to purchase it again, I do think that vanilla works better when it's combined with something else and for me this one from Kringle lacked the interest I've come to expect, probably because I've become too accustomed to Yankee's range of similar smelling products. If you happen to like the smell of vanilla on its own though then you should find this one to be an excellent choice and I would still recommend it to other people even if I wouldn't buy it again.

      Kringle are becoming a more widely-available brand now with a presence in some House of Fraser and Debenhams stores, their website is excellent should anyone want to purchase online and they do offer a good selection of fragrances in varying formats and prices. I do like the Kringle brand but it still hasn't replaced Yankee as being my first choice when it comes to buying scented candles and wax tarts and Baker's Vanilla wouldn't fully convert me either.

      It's not a five star fragrance I don't think although I can't fault its longevity or authentic aroma and even though I wouldn't buy it again I'd still award 4 stars here as I do think that for many it could well appeal.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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      12.09.2012 17:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great wax tart but I wish it was easier to remove them!

      Kringle Candle Bakers Vanilla Wax Tart

      I bought this, along with the maple sugar wax tart, in a set of 15 from the Kringle candle website. I bought the food/spice version of wax tarts as they are my favourite candle scents - and the scents sound gorgeous such as: hot chocolate scented candle, pancake breakfast, frosted cake!

      - Product description (from the Kringle candle website)

      "Carefully derived from the oils of the natural bean, these rich, dark undertones and bright, sweet top notes blend together in perfect harmony."

      - About the product

      I have many of the food and spice wax tarts from Kringle Candle and each one has an image of the scent on the front (as Yankee candle product do). This scent is 'bakers vanilla' and it has an image of flour, vanilla pods and baking tools. The image and the text on the product makes this wax tart look a bit expensive, in my opinion and I think they would make great presents/stocking fillers. The wax tarts are 34g each and you are supposed to be able to get 3-6 uses out of each wax tart/potpourri. There is also a sticker on the bottom of the wax potpourri that has safety information and symbols on such as: keep within sight, keep away from children and keep away from things that can catch fire etc.

      - Using the product

      First to use this product you need a wax tart/potpourri burner; I bought one from the Kringle Candle website for £4. You have to place the tea light in the burner and place the wax tart in the concave section on the top of the ceramic burner. Light the tea light and the wax tart will slowly start to melt, this melt started to melt at about the same rate as the 'maple sugar' wax tart.

      - Scent while melting

      You cannot smell the scent of this wax tart through the packaging and I don't have a Kringle Candle store/stockist near me so I didn't know what this wax tart would smell like. But it smells gorgeous; it smells like vanilla (it is not an artificial vanilla scent, it smells really authentic/real) and it also smells like flour and baking. The scent is really nice and it is nice to have a vanilla scented candle that actually smells like real vanilla - as all of the other vanilla candles I have tried (including Primark, Ikea, Yankee candle) have been artificial vanilla scents. Overall, I adore the scent and the scent is not flat or one dimensional as it has flour, baking, sugar (but it is not overly sweet) scents in this wax tart as well as an authentic vanilla scent.

      - Longevity

      The longevity of these wax tarts are supposed to be around 7 to eight hours I think and from this wax tart I managed to get about seven hours of scent. The scent from the beginning of melting was strong (but definitely not overly strong) and it has been consistent. The scent dispersion is good with this wax tart, the scent travelled around most of the second floor and it remained so for an hour or so. The scent with this wax tart was a little bit more consistent, when compared to the 'maple sugar' scent. When there is not more of the scent released you then have to remove the wax from the top of the burner which can be quite difficult - this is the only major negative point about this product, in my opinion.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this again as part of a set of 15 wax tarts/potpourri therefore the wax tarts are £1 in this set. Initially the wax tarts are £1.80 each £1.40 each - so the set is a good saving if you want to buy a few of the scents. This scent comes in various forms such as: care air freshener, daylights, tea lights, tea light tube, tumblers, classic apothecary jars, pillar candles and sampler candles.


      *Easy to use
      *Gorgeous scent
      *Good scent strength and good scent dispersion

      *Difficult to remove from the burner

      Thank you for reading my review


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