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Kringle Candle Blueberry Wax Pot Pourri Tart

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Brand: Kringle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      22.06.2013 21:48
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      Nice fragrance but it didn't last long enough for me

      I brought a large selection of these just before Christmas and I am slowing starting to work my way through them, this in one the fragrances I have used recently in my dining room. For anyone that doesn't know Kringle, they are very similar to Yankee candles and have a similar range, these potpourri tarts measure around two inches wide and an inch deep. All the tarts are white and have a nice smooth finish to them, they come individually wrapped in a cellophane wrapper, which has a stick to the top displaying the company brand and a picture of blueberries which makes the fragrance identifiable.

      I brought mine online, from www.kringle.co.uk, I have noticed that they seem to be becoming more widely available, I was shopping the other week and noticed them in one of the little gift shops, but they are also available on Amazon. The RRP of the tarts is around £1.40, but Kringle do have some excellent offers, especially when reducing the older fragrances and I have noticed them to be as low as 40p which I think is excellent.

      At the time I purchased, I brought a Fruit Collection which consisted of 20 tarts, 10 different flavours and cost me £12, I prefer fruit aromas when it comes to home fragrance so I was really pleased with my purchase.

      The fragrance is available is lots of different versions, prices ranging from as little as 80p up to £20, the size and burning time is reflected in the price:
      Large, Medium or Small Apothecary Jar
      Pillar Candles
      Large, Medium or Small Tumblers,
      Wax Potpourri or breakable Potpourri
      daylights and tea lights
      There are lots of different fragrances to choose from too.

      I first started to burn this a couple of days ago in my burner which is situated at the bottom of the stairs, after lighting the candle, I went upstairs to put some washing away, after about 10 minutes when I came back down the stairs, I was a little disappointed as I couldn't smell anything until I stood right in front of it. Only about 50% of the tart had melted to I went into the kitchen (which is at the other end of our house) and started to tidy up etc, whilst doing this, I started to notice fragrance. So it took about 15-20 minutes for me to notice the fragrance, which I wasn't too concerned about, especially because once evident, it was quite nice. The fragrance was really realistic, that of freshly squeezed blueberries started to drift around my house, giving it a wonderful sweet scent, but not so much so to make me feel sick.

      The fragrance of the tarts is meant to last a similar time to that of Yankee and I would say this is pretty accurate for the other tarts I have used in the range. I am currently using a bag of larger tea lights which burn for around 5 hours, I must say that this is burning now for the second time (and using the same tea light) and I am sat right next to the door into our hallway yet I cannot detect the fragrance at all which I am really disappointed with. Like I have just lit this, if I go and stand right in front of the burner, I can smell it but I prefer the fragrance to drift around the house and not stay in one place.

      Overall, the fragrance is nice, realistic and probably one of my favourites from the range yet because I haven't really got 4 hours of fragrance from it, I would only give 2 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.


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        09.01.2013 02:56
        Very helpful



        Better than Yankee Candle on longevity, scent value and mixes - fruity and freshening!

        Just before Christmas I happened to be out shopping locally for a small Christmas tree for my classroom. Out of all the things to discover were a range of scented candles from a U.S company I had read about but had not seen on the high street before. The company are called Kringle and whilst my day for shopping around for the plastic tree came to nothing; I came home with future Christmas gifts in the form of quite a few Kringle candles for friends and for myself.

        About Kringle

        If you haven't heard of the Kringle Candle Company, then rest assured let me tell you what I know! I met one of their sellers in Glasgow last year and got to sample a few scented candles from the rep concerned. Although the company hail from the United States, the Kringle company hail from the same founding members of Yankee Candle, the Kittredge family and the Kringle candle company was born in 2009 by the same founding member, Michael Kittredge who started Yankee Candle and eventually sold his 90% share to another company, retaining 10% for himself and family. The decision to form another candle company was really for the people of the area and his community who kept returning for products to their "home town," and this is how the Kringle candle company have come to be, since 2009.

        Kringle Blueberry Wax Tart

        Just like Yankee Candle and countless other candle companies who sell the tart format, the version sold by Kringle comes in a rather dainty looking plastic carrier that has four partitions on the base and the plastic at the bottom is far more flexible at the base in which the tart can slowly be pushed out of its entire plastic casing. In effect this means the tart can also be broken up into four pieces should you not want to go ahead and burn the whole wax tart in one setting. What a cost saving idea! The wax melt is round and has an average diameter of 5cm and a width/height of 3cm making it far more substantial looking than Yankee Candle's version. Regardless of the size differences, the Kringle wick-less solid wax soon melts into hot and steaming fragrant oil and unlike so many Yankee Candles and others, Kringle's Blueberry wax melt/tart is white in colour and lacks a blue or similar colour in which you could identify the flavour on offer, here. The bonus with this wax tart/melt is that it doesn't over spill with any Yankee Candle wax tart burner, making it a secondary buy for those worried about having to buy a separate burner. Just like Yankee Candle though, this wax melt doesn't have a wick and will need an additional hot oil or potpourri burner supported by a single tealight candle that heats up the entire burner, making it very hot and not suitable for homes with inquisitive pets or children. When the scent is done, all you require to do is wait for the burner to cool down and place it in a fridge or freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes, then turn over and the hard disc of wax can be disposed of, safely.

        So what does Kringle Blueberry smell like? Well it's a fresh one but the scent that comes out of this candle is very natural smelling and not unlike freshly rinsed blueberries. Of course one can expect a little sweetness, and there's plenty of it in so far as the natural fruit is concerned and I'm pleased that for once unlike Yankee Candle, no vanilla has been added here that would dull the fresh and juicy promise that this candle gives off! The first and second tones of blueberries and strawberries are very apparent here, contrasting with a slight hint of pineapple and a floral rosy base tone that I believe gives this candle the sweet freshness it promises. The florals however seem to die out and return with shades of black cherry ice cream scents, contrasting each tone well here and so unlike Yankee Candle with its staple level of 3 or 4 scents in one tart, Kringle has surprised me on the grounds of the potent and explosive mix of scents just from one wax melt!

        Crucially placed either in a living room, bedroom, study or bathroom, I've so far found that Kringle Blueberry by its very flavour is suitable and acts as a versatile freshener as well as being pleasingly natural to the nose without any paraffin overtones once the candle dies down after use. The scent alone makes me marvel in the way Kringle have conjured up the scent, as it cooks up a juicy and mouth-watering scent each time I burn the candle, reminding me of Slush Puppy drinks or fun icicle pops as a child. The scent is far from synthetic though and seems to travel with twice as much strength as standard Yankee Candle tarts. Thus I am delighted that the scent of Blueberry floats all through the home, able to detect it from four rooms away as opposed to two rooms thanks to YC's not as strong scent recipes with their current 2012 and 2013 ranges.

        Therefore, value for money is where Kringle seems to do better than Yankee Candle though and here is why! Unlike Yankee Candle, I find that once I have burnt the wax melt for a couple of hours and then blow out the tealight candle underneath, the room in which the melt is placed in is fragrant for 24 hours! I was really taken away by this aspect! I thought Yankee Candle were strong on delivery, but Kringle's effort here is astounding on freshness and the ability to sustain its scent well after the tealight candle has been extinguished, regardless of whether it finishes itself off or not. This is more apparent if I just leave the candle in the room without being lit and shut the door over with no windows open, the room seems to smell fresh, sweet and inviting and dankness doesn't get a chance to settle in the air due to the very presence of the candle.

        As for longevity, and since buying more of the Blueberry wax melts, I've found ONE wax melt can last on average between 2 weeks to 2 and half weeks maximum! Mind you, I use an electric burner, so I make a great saving of not having to buy tealight candles!

        Downsides & Ranges

        For the average pricing of £1-80 to £2-00 for this 40g wax melt, Kringle Wax tarts are a force to be reckoned with where its secondary cousins, Yankee Candle are concerned and for the moment one of its biggest downsides is that unless you shop online, it's a bit of pot luck with independent gift shops on the high street. If you are prepared to shop online, Kringle UK do offer a purchasing service for any number of their scented candle products and though on a par with Yankee Candle, I'm very pleased with the general quality and thought that has gone into what I have bought and sampled. Another downside is of course, Blueberry by its scent alone may not be for everyone!

        The following range and prices are given on average:

        * Wax Melt Tart (40g, 3 to 6 hours burn time £1-80/£2)
        * Daylight Single wick small candle (52g, 12 hours burn time, £2/£3).
        * Votive candle (60g, 15 hours burn time £1-80/£2).
        * Small tumbler candle (141g, 20-25 burn time, £9-50/£10).
        * Medium tumbler candle (240g, 50-60 hrs burn time, £14-00/£15).
        * Crystal pillar 2-wick candle (640g, 55-75 hrs burn time, £17-50/£18).
        * Crystal pillar large 2-wick candle (1.25kg, 100-130 hrs burn time, £20/£21).
        * Large classic Apothecary glass candle (1.35kg, 90-130 hrs burn time, £18 to £20).
        * Medium classic Apothecary glass candle (240g, 50 to 70 hrs burn time, £14/£15).
        * Single wick scented tealight (18g, 6 hours burn time, £0-80/£1).
        * 6 Piece tealight set - available soon.
        * Small and large pillar candles (£8 to £11) - available soon.
        * Summer Lights Large Tumbler (885g, 85-100 hours burn time, £19/£20).
        * Summer Light Medium Tumbler (680g, 65-80 hours burn time, £16).
        * Air freshener hanging card (25g, 4 to 6 weeks, £2-35/£3).

        So, if you are looking for something alternative from Yankee Candle and love the economical value and process of using wax melts tarts, I strongly recommend Kringle Blueberry wax candle. Fresh, sweet, strong and yet quite appealing, its lack of artificial synthetics and added value of being able to be broken up means it is both long lasting on use and scent value. I haven't changed my allegiance to Kringle just yet, but at the same time, where the recession is concerned, its good to see a company who can produce just as good a product as Yankee Candle and yet sustains the scent far longer per product. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2013.



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          25.02.2012 09:44
          Very helpful



          Blueberry wax tart from Kringle candle company


          The Kringle Candle Company are a relative newcomer to the scented candle industry having only launched in the UK within the last 12 months. The man behind the company, Mike Kitteredge is the son of Yankee Candle's creator and with help and input from his father he launched the Kringle brand in the US to great success. I've been a big fan of Yankee Candles for a few years now and it's only because the website I make the majority of my purchases from - Yankeedoodle - announced last year that they will soon be switching their allegiance to Kringle and are promoting their products that I became familiar with them after being sent a few free samples with a Yankee order I placed a few months ago.

          I buy regularly from Yankeedoodle and another recent promotion saw them giving away a number of free Kringle wax tarts once a certain amount had been spent and having qualified for the offer with my last order I received 3 Kringle tarts, one of them being the Blueberry one under review here.

          Kringle Wax Tarts

          Unlike Yankee's wax tarts which are coloured and have fluted edges Kringle ones are pure white in colour and are smooth to the touch. They weigh more than Yankee's at 34 grams and are slightly larger but share the same characteristics of being a fragrance and essential-oil infused 'cake' of wax which has no wick. They are designed to be melted in a tart burner (Kringle's wax tarts fit nicely onto Yankee burners, conveniently enough (!)) and as they begin to melt the wax releases its fragrance into the air surrounding the tart burner.

          Depending on which fragrance you choose will determine how strong or subtle the scent actually is and although my own personal experience with Kringle's wax tarts is limited to only a few I've found them to be just as authentic and true to life as Yankee's when it comes down to the fragrances they have to offer. Blueberry would have been a fragrance I would have chosen to buy if I saw it in a shop or online as I imagined that it would be sweet and fruity and packed with a mouth-wateringly delicious aroma so I was eager to give this one a try when I saw it included amongst my Yankee products. As shown in my picture the wax tart is simply presented with a tight cellophane wrapper and illustrative sticker on the top and once removed from its confines and sat in place in the well of my tart burner I lit a tea light, placed it under the wax tart and waited...


          Allowing some time for the wax to start melting, probably around 20 minutes or so, I soon became aware of the fragrance that seemed to be packed into this small wax tart and my initial reaction was very good. Blueberry is quite a recognisable scent and flavour anyway I think and I wasn't that surprised given my experience with Yankee and Kringle Candles to find it replicated almost identically here. In wax tart form Kringle have managed to get this fragrance spot on and my kitchen was flooded with a bittersweet aroma of fresh Blueberries, I was reminded of freshly squeezed Blueberry juice whilst my wax tart was melting - bright, light and fruity with a not-too-sweet undercurrent of fragrance and leaving my kitchen door open allowed the aroma to slowly drift its way throughout my home. Similar products from Yankee tend to feature Vanilla in the mix to give the fragrance a sweet edge whereas in this one from Kringle it was much more authentically fruity without the sweet addition and instead of smelling like a Blueberry Muffin as I first thought it could resemble it had had more of a mix of sweet and bitter notes which were noticeable in wave after wave of fragrance.

          Kringle state that you can get between 3 and 6 uses from a single wax tart and unlike Yankee they don't specify a burning time, presumably a 'use' is the length of time a tea light remains lit for and given that these can vary in quality depending on where you buy them from and which ones you use I do think that this is quite an ambiguous statement to make. My tea lights seem to last around 3 to 3 and half hours and over the course of a couple of days I used 4 tea lights on my Blueberry wax tart and towards the end of the fourth tea light the fragrance had all about gone. By my workings out this meant that I got around 12 - 14 hours of fragrance from my single wax tart which made this exceptionally good value for money I thought, I usually allow a single tea light to burn to the end and then allow the wax to solidify before melting again and this seems to extend the life span of the wax tarts I use, given that the strength of Blueberry is good and its a fragrance that really permeates around a room I do think that you get plenty for your money with this one and once again I have been left very impressed with Kringle.

          Kringle's wax tarts are priced at £1.40 on the kringlecandle.co.uk website which do make them slightly more expensive than the Yankee equivalents but they are bigger and do seem to last a little longer, I'm still not fully converted to Kringle though as at the moment their range isn't as large as Yankee's and I can't say that I'm a big fan of the plain white wax tarts, they look a little to basic to me and whilst I understand that they're wanting to portray a classy, timeless image I do prefer the lightheardedness of Yankee's products. That said, the authenticity of their scents cannot be faulted though and with Blueberry Kringle have managed to perfectly replicate the aroma of this freshly picked fruit and it's definitely one to check out if you like natural scents that are bursting with flavour.

          I've got to award 5 stars for this wax tart, it's another high quality product from what could end up being Yankee's main competition in the UK and I do recommend this one to anyone who fancies a change away from Yankee Candles and wants to try something new.

          Thanks for reading my review.


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