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Kringle Candle Company Sugar Plum Wax Tart

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Brand: Kringle Candle Company / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      09.06.2013 22:06
      Very helpful



      Nice, good price and realistic fragrance

      According to my other half, since discovering Yankee Candles I have become a little obsessed with them and constantly on the look out for bargains. Just before Christmas last year, somebody recommended Kringle Candles to me, saying she actually found them better than Yankee and that the company was owned by the people who started up Yankee.

      ===The tart===

      The tarts themselves measure two inches wide and an inch deep, they are white in colour and come wrapped in a hard plastic covering. To the top of the tart is a white sticker with the picture of the plum, with the product and company name written in black writing, unlike similar products, all the candles are white.


      The products can be ordered from their website, but I have now noticed that they are starting to pop up more frequently on Amazon, and I even spotted in a gift shop whilst out shopping at the weekend.

      Delivery is charged at £2.50 for order up to £30 and free after that, I find this is quite reasonable when you compare to similar delivery charges. What I do like is that on the website, there is functionality to search for local stores by postcode so you can always try before you buy or avoid delivery charges.


      The individual tarts have an RRP of around £1.40, quite often they are in offer, some fragrances being reduced to as little as 40p which is excellent.

      I brought mine as part of a set, my mum is also a fan of candles so we clubbed together a brought a couple of Wax Potpourri Collections; this consisted of around 20 tarts, of which had 10 different fragrances and at the time was on offer at £12, we both agreed that this was a reasonable price, so if the fragrances weren't as strong as we liked we wouldn't be too disappointed.

      ===The range===

      The fragrance is available is lots of different versions, prices ranging from as little as 80p up to £20, the size and burning time is reflected in the price:

      Large, Medium or Small Apothecary Jar
      Pillar Candles
      Large, Medium or Small Tumblers,
      Wax Potpourri or breakable Potpourri
      daylights and tealights

      There are lots of different fragrances to choose from too.

      ===The fragrance===

      As soon as they arrived, myself and my mum sat there for about half an hour having a good sniff, because I have several different fragrances together, initially there was a mix of aroma's but soon it was easy to identify what the tarts were supposed to smell like, without having to look at the picture.

      I would say that the fragrance through the cellophane is not very strong, so I thought I would be disappointed however not long after lighting, the aroma started to drift around the room. The fragrance was quite sweet, but not so much so that it was too sickly or fake, and again, without looking at the packaging, I couldn't fail to notice that this was supposed to be plum. Kringle have managed to emulate the fragrance quite well and in my opinion, have captured the main essence of the sugared plums excellently.

      Kringle state that the fragrance will last 3 - 6 hours, I actually think that they have undersold themselves slightly here, I am on my fifth time of lighting now and the tart is still going good, admittedly, it isn't as strong as when I first used and doesn't feel the house like before, but is certainly did for the first 10 hours of burning.

      ===My thoughts===

      When it comes to melting my tarts, I prefer to break them in half so that I can get double the usage from them, but because the tart is quite thick, I cannot break into pieces. To combat this, I know Kringle do sell a tart which is especially designed for this but the RRP is a little more at around £2.15.

      I do like the fragrance and the range but my heart still lies with Yankee for now and for that reason, I would only give it 4 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.

      Certain product information taken from www.kringlecandle.co.uk.


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        10.08.2011 10:01
        Very helpful



        Had Yankee better watch out?

        Kringle? They're new aren't they?

        By now it should be clear from the amount of reviews I have written that I have a 'thing' for the fragranced candles and wax tarts that Yankee Candles produce. I first discovered the range of products a couple of years ago and since then have burned and melted my way through dozens of candles and tarts and have always stayed loyal to Yankee finding them to be the most authentic producer of real-life scents on the market. I buy a lot of my candles from the online store yankeedoodle who specialise in selling Yankee products often at reduced prices and anyone who is a frequent visitor to their website will be aware that they have recently switched their allegiance away from Yankee and are now supporting a new player in the world of fragranced wax products, Kringle Candle Company.

        Kringle Candles launched in the USA in 2010 and have only recently begun to sell their products to UK consumers, its founder is Mike Kettredge who just so happens to be the son of the man who created Yankee Candles. Mikes father (also called Mike himself) sold Yankee Candles back in 1998 and retired from candle making and Kringle is the brainchild of both of these men. Mike jr decided to set up a business using his fathers knowledge of the industry and together they now operate Kringle Candle company.

        Yankeedoodle are heavily promoting Kringle on their website and have recently started to sell off the Yankee products they have in clearance sales and will not be stocking any new releases in the Yankee range in the future. Included in every order of Yankee products at the moment is a free Kringle pot pourri wax tart and as I have placed a few orders recently I have ended up with a couple of these and of course given the fact that I am a fan of scented wax products it's a clever and shrewd marketing strategy to introduce new customers to the world of Kringle.

        I received a "Sugar Plum" pot pourri tart with my last Yankee order and having been disappointed with the last Yankee tart I melted (Fruit Punch) I quickly removed the wax from the well of my tart burner and replaced it with this one. Kringle have a lot to live up to in my eyes and I wondered if they would even compare with Yankee, so what did I think of Sugar Plum? would it meet or even exceed my expectations?. Here's what I thought...

        Sugar Plum Wax Pot Pourri

        Sharing similiarites with Yankee's wax tarts the Kringle pot pourri version comes packaged as shown in my supplied picture. There are differences in design though between the two companies, the most obvious one is that unlike Yankee who produce coloured wax products Kringle's are pure white in appearance. The wax tart is tightly wrapped in plastic and has a illustrative sticker on its top, it looks rather classy in my opinion and is tastefully done and as with any wax tart the idea behind these is that they are placed into the well of a tart burner and then melted from underneath by a lit tea light.

        Kringle claim that these provide enough fragrance for 3 to 6 uses in a warmer, which by my understanding means that they're strong enough to withstand being melted up to six times so I placed mine in my tart burner this morning, lit a tea light and waited.

        The white wax of the pot pourri tart soon began to melt and in liquid form the wax is transparent. Sugar Plum is, as its name suggests, a fruit based fragrance which has been sweetened and within a few minutes of being melted I could detect a delicious aroma emanating from my tart burner. The plum notes are obvious, it is remarkably authentic and like Yankee I would say that Kringle have managed to accurately recreate this here. It's not too sweet that it becomes sickly or artificial but Sugar Plum is mouthwateringly noticeable and I have to say that my first impressions were very positive. Like Yankee's own products this wax tart produced wave after wave of fragrance and whilst it isn't a complicated scent it remained consistently aromatic throughout the life of a single tea light.

        I allowed the wax to solidify slightly before lighting a second tea light and soon after became aware of the fragrance once more and second time round the scent was just as strong as before. The amount of fragrance this one little wax tart is impressive I have to admit and throughout the course of today I have been experiencing the fruity and sweet aromatic delights of "Sugar Plum" and am really impressed with this product from Kringle Candle. It shares a lot of similarities with a Yankee wax tart, both are authentic in their aroma, Sugar Plum in particular is incredibly long lasting and had I not known I would have said that this was a Yankee product, that's how impressive it actually is.

        I'm onto my fourth tea light of the day now whilst writing this review and can still detect the aroma of Sugar Plum and can completely understand why these products have taken America by storm. Yankee do have stiff competition on their hands with Kringle and this has only been the only product away from Yankee that has produced anywhere near the amount of fragrance or longevity I have come to expect and whilst I do think that the way I was introduced to them was rather sneaky I have to admit that this more than exceeded my expectations.

        I had mine melting in my living room but could easily see this being suitable for anywhere in the home. It would make a good deodoriser for kitchen smells or placed in a bedroom would create a warming and welcoming atmosphere. This single wax tart flooded my living space with aroma and did manage to permeate its way into other rooms and today has been all about Sugar Plum as far as I'm concerned. It's fragrance is delicious, authentic and incredibly long lasting and as my enthusiastic review shows I'm very impressed with this product from Kringle Candle Company.

        As far as the fragrance goes Kringle have got it spot on with this pot pourri tart and whilst I think I would remain loyal to Yankee it doesn't hurt to have a change every now and again and even better when it's a freebie!. At the moment Kringle only have a small selection of products available in different fragrances but it wouldn't surprise me if the company doesn't begin to grow and having Yankeedoodle's customer base in the UK as a start I can only see the range expanding as time goes on.

        Formats and Burning Times

        Kringle do offer various products in different scents and at the end of this review is their website address, it's worth pointing out here that Kringle use food grade paraffin wax in their products which means that the containers they come in are re-usable and they use naturaly derived scents in all of their candles and pot pourri tarts. They favour white as a colour as they claim it has 'understated elegance' and will fit in with every decor scheme and whilst there's no denying that white looks crisp and clean I do quite like the coloured products from Yankee so there's a little difference in opinion from me about that point.

        Like Yankee there are various formats available and to give an idea of the products on offer Sugar Plum can be bought as:

        Large Apothecary Jar - burning time 90-130 hours
        Medium Apothecary Jar - burning time 50-70 hours
        Small Apothecary Jar - burning time 15 hours
        Single Votive - 15 hours
        Wax Pot Pourri - 3-6 uses in a warmer
        6 x 3 Pillar - 80 - 90 hours
        3 x 3 Pillar - 50 - 60 hours
        6 piece tea light tube, 6 hours each
        single tea light at 6 hours burning time

        Prices start from 80p for a single tea light all the way up to £18.00 for a large Apothecary Jar so are comparable to Yankee and the pot pourri wax tart as covered in this review costs £1.40, this is slightly higher than the same product in Yankee's range but is a lot longer lasting so definitely worth the money.


        Am I a Kringle convert? In some ways I probably am, I can't deny that the longevity of my pot pourri wax tart is impressive and did exceed Yankee's and the fragrance on offer was just as authentic as the ones I have used in the past. As Kringle are a relatively new venture in the UK their product range is not as wide as Yankee's and their prices are a little higher but once they have established themselves a little more and offers become available on their website I can definitely see me becoming a regular customer.

        For now I'll stick with Yankee though, their products are widely available both online and off and I do like the wide range of scents that they produce, they'll have to up their game though as there is a new kid in town and given how positively Kringle have been received I do think that competition between the two companies could end up getting pretty fierce and as a consumer of their products that can only be a good thing.

        In conclusion then I can't award anything less than five stars for the Sugar Plum pot pourri wax tart. It's fragrance is strong, long lasting and incredibly authentic, the packaging is classy and understated and the white wax is inoffensive to the eye. Massively recommended by me, Kringle are a company to watch out for if this is an example of the products they produce and I am hugely impressed.

        Sugar Plum and other products in the Kringle range can be purchased directly from the Kringle website (link at the end of the review) but as of yet I haven't seen them to buy in any high street shops, it's only a matter of time though before they are more widely known and this review should hopefully go some small way in drawing a little more attention to them.

        Kringle's company motto is "See the Light!" and I certainly have.

        Thanks for reading my review, please note that this also appears on ciao under my username.



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