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Kringle Candle Company Vanilla Mint Wax Tart

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Brand: Kringle Candle Company / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2011 12:32
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      A Cool and Uplifting Fragrance


      Kringle Candle Company have recently launched their product range in the UK and Europe after successfully catering for the demands of their American customers and in my recent review of their "Sugar Plum" wax tart I mentioned that the online Yankee Candle stockist I buy from - Yankeedoodle - have started to heavily promote the company and are ceasing to stock any new Yankee products on their website. Kringle was created by the son of Yankee Candles founder, Mike Kittredge, and he with the help and insight of his father as co-founder have combined their knowledge of the scented candle industry to create a brand which, potentially, could become serious competition to Yankee.

      Kringle offer a similar selection of formats to Yankee and as an introduction to the brand and range on offer yankeedoodle have been giving away a Kringle wax tart with every order placed on their website. I received Sugar Plum as a freebie with one order and in my second recent order with them they sent me the subject of this review, Vanilla Mint.

      Kringle's Wax Tarts

      If you have read any of my Yankee wax tart reviews you will know that unlike candles which have a wick running through their centres a wax tart is a solid piece of fragrance-infused wax which is designed to be melted in the well of a tart burner by a tea light which is lit and sat underneath it. Once the wax of the tart starts to melt the essential oils and fragrances that have been infused into them become noticeable and I use these as a means to fragrance my home without having to resort to using proprietry air freshners.

      Yankee have a wide range of scents available in their collection and their wax tarts come in an array of colours, Kringle wax tarts are different to Yankee's, they're pure white in colour, don't have fluted edges and are slightly bigger and weigh more. My supplied picture gives an idea of what they look like and how they come packaged and whilst they are different in design the similarities they share come down to how authentic and aromatic their fragrances are. Kringle's wax tarts are more expensive than Yankee's and currently cost £1.40 each as opposed to £1.10 however they are 12 grams heavier in weight (34g as compared to Yankee's 22g) and are longer-lasting with Kringle claiming that they can be melted up to six times while providing fragrance.

      I was very impressed with the Sugar Plum pot pourri wax tart as my recent review explains and eager to try the second wax tart I was given I unwrapped Vanilla Mint from its wrapper and placed it into the well of my tart burner. After a couple of minutes of the tea light being lit and noticing the wax begin to melt I soon became aware of the fragrance contained in this little wax tart and once again was very impressed.

      Vanilla Mint

      Vanilla forms the foundation for a lot of Yankee's scents so it was no surprise really to see Kringle using this ingredient too, I like Vanilla anyway as a fragrance finding it to be sweet and usually quite strong and there have been times with a lot of Yankees Vanilla based fragrances where I have found them to offer the greatest longevity in their range. It's an aroma which I find fills a room with ease and is included in a lot of the Home Baking candles that Yankee produce and as I'm usually drawn to the sweeter scents available I knew I was going to be onto a winner with this one. Interestingly the Vanilla isn't the most dominant scent in this wax tart though, that comes from the mint which was the first aroma I noticed and was immediately put in mind of Kendal Mint Cake.

      The mint in 'Vanilla Mint' is cool and uplifting and the Vanilla supports it in being a rounded scent which is prevents it from becoming too sweet and light. It's an interesting combination I think and two fragrances I wouldn't have thought would work well together as both in their own right can be strong and aren't necessarily fragrances that would be associated with one another. I do think the combination of both in this wax tart though works well and whilst there's no denying that this is a fresh 'minty' fragrance it has a deep heart which comes from the warming inclusion of the vanilla and rather than clashing I think that together they work rather well.

      My only problem with this fragrance is knowing the best place to have it in my home as it isn't one that suits a living room in my opinion. I had this melting on and off throughout the course of yesterday in my living room and I just don't think it suits a 'living' area, it is perhaps better suited to a kitchen or bedroom or maybe even a hallway to allow it to permeate its way into other rooms but for somewhere where you sit and watch TV I don't think its 'right'. It's longevity is impressive once again though, I'm onto my second day of having this melting and whilst it has lost a lot of its intensity I can still detect the vanilla undertones and mint top notes in this one so as far as its value for money is concerned it is excellent at just £1.40 and certainly rivals Yankee in terms of how long lasting Kringles wax tarts in general are.


      Personally I preferred the fragrance of Sugar Plum to Vanilla Mint but that's down to my own preferences anyway and shouldn't be a reason for anyone not to buy this one. Vanilla Mint is strong, long lasting and definitely fragrances a room with a fresh minty aroma with sweet vanilla notes. For the right person and melted in the right room in a home I can see this holding great appeal but for me it's just down to where I think it's best suited. Mine is still melting in my living room and I still don't think it quite fits but I am used to heavier, deeper scents so I think this comes down to my own tastes more than anything else.

      Kringle have produced another authentic and true-to-life fragrance with Vanilla Mint and at just £1.40 in wax tart format I think it offers fantastic value for money. I can't see me buying this one again in all honesty but would still recommend it to anyone else especially if you're fond of fresh, uplifting fragrances. Four stars as a rating, I'm deducting a star as it's not one I would buy again but there's no faulting this one it terms of how long it lasts or how it smells and for the right person I could definitely see this being a firm favourite.

      Kringle's candles, wax tarts and other products are only available to buy from their website at the moment as far as I am aware, I haven't seen any of the range available to buy on the high street yet but it wouldn't surprise me to see more of them in the future given how well they have been received. Prices start from around 80p for a single tea light all the way up to £18.00 for a large wax candle which makes them comparable to Yankee as far as their prices go, Vanilla Mint has been the second wax tart I have had from Kringle and once again I have been very impressed. For more details or to see the full range of fragrances available the address of the Kringle website is provided below, they're a company to keep an eye on if you're a fan of scented candles and I can see them becoming just as popular as Yankee in time.

      Thanks for reading my review, please note that this also appears on ciao under my username.



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      Type: Kringle Candle Company / Type: Candle

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