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Kringle Candle French Lavender Tea Lights

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Brand: Kringle Candle / Type: Tea Lights

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 15:20
      Very helpful



      I will not be buying these tea light again! :(

      Kringle candle - French Lavender Tea Lights

      I have had these tea lights for a couple of weeks and I was a little bit too excited when they arrived in the post, as I think this company is owned by the same people who created Yankee Candle - although these candles from Kringle are said to be highly scented and better than Yankee candle.

      - About the product

      I bought this scent in tea light form, as the Yankee candle tea lights that I have are really quite scented and I thought these would be as well - also as I didn't know whether this brand was very good or not, I didn't want to spend too much money on a larger candle if it wasn't very good. The tea lights are just a normal size and they are approximately four centimetres in diameter. The wicks are quite long so they need to be trimmed slightly and the wax itself is white. There are six tea lights in each tube.

      - Packaging

      The packaging is one of the best things about this product for me, as the tea lights do not come in a box like the Yankee candle ones do, but they come in a clear plastic tube which I really like as in my opinion it is a great way to store them - and it would look a lot nicer as a present when compared to the boxes of tea lights. The tube has the scent depicted on it in the form of a picture; this scent obviously has an image of lavender on it. The text on the tube is easy to read and the text is in a really gorgeous calligraphy style, for some of the text. Overall, I love the packaging and I think I will be re-using the packaging for my other tea lights or little bits of things, like bobby pins maybe.

      - Scent, burn time, longevity and scent dispersion

      The scent when the tea lights are not burning is really nice, it is a gorgeous authentic lavender scent which does not smell artificial at all in my opinion. This scent is just lavender, floral; it does not contain any other scent, which I like. The scent when the tea lights are in the tube is really quite strong which I like, as I hate scents that are subtle and weak. As the tea lights in the tube smell really quite strong I thought that they would be fairly strongly scented when they were burning, but I was very wrong! To burn these tea lights I first cut off a couple of millimetres off the top of the wick and then I light them with normal cooking matches (obviously caution must be taken when using matches and candles). Once lit I place them on a small tray on my window sill, in the office/study, or before I light them I place them in a large sampler holder and then light them carefully.

      Once lit they obviously look really nice and I love the aesthetic of candles burning as to me it just looks really homely and cosy. The scent when these tea lights are burning is so weak and subtle that even when they have been burning for an hour and I walk back into the room where they are I can hardly smell them at all! I am very disappointed by the strength, or lack of, with these tea lights and I don't think I will buy the tea lights again. I would write about the scent and scent dispersion at this point in the review but I cannot as the scent when these tea lights are burning is so incredibly subtle and weak unfortunately. The scent is hardly noticeable in the office in which they are located, never mind the rest of the house! As I am writing this I currently have two of the tea lights burning together to try and get some scent out of them but again there is hardly any scent coming from them - unless you get really quite close to them which is obviously dangerous and not recommended. The burn time for these tea lights, for me is about five hours, which is good as they are only tea lights.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this set of six tea lights from an eBay store and they were priced at £3.99 with free postage so I think it was quite a good deal - well if the tea lights were good it would have been. They can also be bought from the Kringle candle Europe website for a similar price.



      *I love the packaging as it looks really nice, it would make a good present in my opinion and it could be re-used for other tea lights
      *Not too expensive


      *Everything - the scent in the tube is good but the scent when burning is very subtle and weak and it is not really noticeable
      *They do not burn for very long but they are tea lights - they probably burn for about five hours for me
      *Not as widely available or as widely known as Yankee candle

      Thank you for reading my review


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