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Kringle Candle Maple Sugar Wax Tart

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Brand: Kringle Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      27.09.2012 17:03
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      A good product from Kringle Candle - recommended :)

      Kringle Candle Maple Sugar Wax Tart

      I bought this wax tart/potpourri from the kringle candle uk website and I bought it as part of a set which there are 15 wax tarts - I bought the food/spice set. This is one of the fifteen wax tarts I received as part of the set.

      - Product description (from the kringle candle website)

      "The maple sap rises as New England winter retreats, and rustic sugarhouses boil the watery liquid into a sweet ambrosia of distinctive regional character. This fragrance is like being there."

      - About the product

      I have many of the food and spice wax tarts from Kringle Candle now and each one has an image of the scent on the front (like Yankee candle products). This scent is 'maple sugar' so it has an image of maple syrup and maple leaves. The image on the front of the packaging and the font make the product wax potpourri look quite nice and expensive, in my opinion. The sticker on the bottom of the wax potpourri has safety information and symbols on such as: keep within sight, keep away from children and keep away from things that can catch fire. This product/company is based in Bernardston, Massachusetts.

      - Using the product

      First to use this product you need a wax tart/potpourri burner; I bought one from the Kringle Candle website for £4. You have to place the tea light in the burner and place the wax tart in the concave section on the top of the burner. Light the tea light and the wax tart will slowly start to melt. This wax tart melted a lot quicker than I thought it would. It takes about ten minutes or so to be able to smell the maple syrup scent. The scent is just that of maple syrup, it smells just gorgeous. I love the scent of maple sugar, I have a bottle of maple syrup and this wax tart smells exactly like it. The scent is fairly strong which I did not expect as I am used to candles and this is the first wax tart I have used - so I didn't really know what to except but so far I think they are great (apart from scraping the wax out of the burner). The scent is fairly strong and it stays fairly strong for quite a while. The scent dispersion is also really good - the scent travels around the whole second floor of the house - some candles don't usually work that well!

      The scent does decrease over time - I find that after five hours the scent is not as strong as it was to begin with. After about seven hours the scent is subtle and after eight hours the scent is hardly noticeable. You are supposed to get between three to six uses out of the wax tart before all of the scent is used up - I managed to get about five uses out of this single wax tart. The scent remains for an hour or two after the wax has hardened again. Once the scent has been used up and cannot be detected anymore then you need to wait until the wax tart is cold and solid, and then scrape it out. This takes ages and it is the only negative point really about this product and it does put me off buying anymore wax tarts. Overall, the product is easy to use, the scent is gorgeous, the scent is actually quite strong and it disperses well.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this as part of a set of 15 wax tarts/potpourri and the set on the whole was £15, which means that the wax tarts are £1 each. This wax tart when purchased individually is priced at £1.80. This scent comes in various other forms such as: tumblers, daylights, classic apothecary jars, single tea lights, tea light tube, pillar candles and samplers.


      *Gorgeous scent - exactly like maple syrup, sweet but not overly sweet
      *Easy to use
      *Scent is quite strong and the scent disperses well
      *Good scent longevity

      *Difficult to remove from the burner

      Thank you for reading my review


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