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Kringle Candle Nantucket Rose Wax Pot Pourri Tart

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Brand: Kringle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2012 14:55
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      Kringle Nantucket Rose Pot Pourri Tart

      Nantucket Rose Pot Pourri Wax Tart from Kringle Candle Co.


      Many regular readers of my reviews will know that I have a bit of an obsession with keeping my home smelling fresh and fragrant and to achieve this I use scented candles to create a nice environment to live in. Yankee candles have been my preferred choice when buying scented candles in the past and have been for the past few years now, I've found that they have a wide selection of fragrances to choose from and I've burned and melted my way though dozens of the different fragrances available as my reviews here will show. I've mentioned in a couple of past reviews that Yankee isn't the only company that produces scented wax products but I tend to use them the most as I've found them to be the most authentic-smelling and their products really do replicate the aroma they are supposed to represent and until Kringle came along I rarely bought from anywhere else. The online website where I buy my Yankee fragrances from has been promoting this new company, Kringle, and have occasionally given away a few tester products as freebies when customers placed an order with them and I was fortunate enough a couple of months ago to receive a few Kringle wax tarts and Nantucket Rose which I'm going to cover here was one of the selection I received.

      Nantucket Rose Wax Tart

      Kringle wax tarts are pure white in colour and like the Yankee equivalents they are fragrance-infused solid pieces of wax which are designed to be melted in the well of a tart burner by means of a lit tea light. Each wax tart weighs around 40 grams and has enough fragrance to last between 3-6 uses when melted, realistically you can expect to get up to 10 hours worth of consistent aroma from a single wax tart but this can vary depending on which fragrance you choose. In my experience with Kringle candles I've found them to last slightly longer than Yankee's but they do weigh a little more and are slightly more expensive but still represent fantastic value for money for the little they cost for the amount of fragrance they produce.

      Nantucket Rose wouldn't have been my first choice of fragrances if I'm being honest, I don't usually care for 'floral' scents as they can often be quite heavy and cloying so I was in no rush to melt this one until I'd used up the others in my stash, I decided that I was going to have this one burning in my hallway as I didn't fancy it for my living room and suspected that it would make for a pleasant fragrance to walk in from outside to and hoped that it would release just enough aroma to make its way round my home into my other rooms without it being too overpowering or domineering. Out of its wrapper there was no real discernable smell from the wax in its solid state, it was vaguely 'flower-y' but nothing too pungent and after allowing it to melt for around 15 minutes I could begin to detect the different notes that go into its composition and rather than bombard me with a thick, floral fragrance instead Nantucket Rose was quite gentle and subtle.

      I don't know my Roses from my Rhododendrons so can't say for certain that this actually smelled of the flower it was supposed to represent however what I did notice was that it was light and airy and did put me in mind of a fresh bouquet of flowers that had just been picked. I'm always reluctant to buy floral fragrances as a rule as I've tried a few of Yankee's and found them to be too heady for me personally, they're not the most 'masculine' at the best of times and I don't really like my home smelling like a flower show so I tend to stick to more fruity or sweeter fragrances that are available to buy. Whilst there's nothing wrong with Nantucket Rose it's not really one for me and whilst it's not as pungent or as strong as some other floral fragrances I've had before it just didn't suit my own tastes. I found that the fragrance did travel round my home nicely and because I had it in my hallway and walked passed my burner on a few occasions during its burn time the fragrance did travel well and for anyone who does like their floral's I would imagine that this would definitely appeal. It's an ideal Spring/Summer fragrance, perfect for this time of the year and whilst I wouldn't buy this one again myself I do think that it would appeal to anyone who likes the smell of fresh flowers in their home. It's not as heavy as some others and it's not an artificial smell either, Kringle have managed to get this one to smell nothing like generic air fresheners which can be too cloying and hang thickly in the air so credit should be given to them for producing something that is fresh and flowery and I can definitely see how it would appeal to others.

      I used 5 tea lights on my Nantucket Rose so got around 10-11 hours worth of fragrance from my single wax tart, I burned mine over the course of a few days as I found it travelled well and I didn't want to overpower my home by having this one constantly on the go. For the £1.80 the wax tart costs to buy I think it represents excellent value for money and even though I won't buy this particular fragrance again myself I've yet to be disappointed with a product from Kringle and I do think their range is well worth checking out. They've started to make an appearance on the high street now and Kringle can be found in some Debenhams and House of Fraser stores, online they're available from the Kringle website and should definitely be a company to consider if you're a fan of Yankee candles and like any sort of smelly candles.

      As far as a rating goes I can't award a perfect score for Nantucket Rose although for the right person I can see it being a winner, it was a little too floral for my own personal tastes but I was expecting that anyway when I started to burn it. I can't complain about the lifespan of the wax tart nor the amount of fragrance it produces so 4 stars from me seems fair basing this on everything mentioned in this review. Thanks for reading.


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