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Kringle Candle Pumpkin Spice Pot Pourri Wax Tart

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Brand: Kringle Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2012 09:48
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      Pumpkin Spice pot pourri wax tart from Kringle Candle Co

      **Pumpkin Spice Pot Pourri Wax Tart - Kringle Candle Co.**


      As mentioned in my recent review for Kringle's Blueberry wax tart I was fortunate enough to receive a few of these tarts as freebies when I placed my last order on the Yankeedoodle website. Kringle have only recently launched in the UK and are steadily growing in popularity, the website I usually buy my Yankee products from, Yankeedoodle.co.uk announced last year that they were no longer supplying any new fragrances from Yankee and instead would be switching their allegiance to Kringle. In a clever marketing move they ran a special offer where they included a free Kringle wax tart whenever customers placed a Yankee order with them and a few weeks ago they repeated the promotion and I received my Pumpkin Spice wax tart along with a couple of others.

      **Pumpkin Spice Wax Tart**

      Kringle's wax tarts are pure white in colour, they're packaged in a tight cellophane wrapper and have an illustrated sticker on their tops. They're slightly heavier than their Yankee counterparts weighing in at around 34 grams each and are designed as a wick-less candle that is melted on a tart burner by means of a lit tea light that gently heats up and melts the wax from beneath. A wax tart is made up of fragranced wax and essential oils and once in a liquid state releases its fragrance into the air surrounding a tart burner and as many regular readers of my reviews will know by now I have something of an obsession for Yankee Candles and have burned and melted my way through dozens of the different fragrances that they have produced in the time I've been buying them. Whilst I'd not heard of Kringle before Yankeedoodle sent me a free wax tart a few months ago I've quickly become impressed with them so I had high expectations for Pumpkin Spice as I unwrapped it from its cellophane confines.

      Kringle describe this scent as being "a savoury aroma of a just-baked pumpkin pie: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg - and of course - fresh, ripe pumpkin. A favourite for cool weather" and placing my wax tart into the well of my burner and lighting a tea light I waited for its fragrance to become apparent. My first impressions of this one were good, as it slowly began to gain in intensity I was surprised at just how authentically fragranced this one actually was with clearly recognisable elements of cinnamon and nutmeg. It starts off quite spicy (as it's name suggests) but soon evens off to be a rich, sweet fragrance that filled my kitchen with a delicious aroma and whilst I've never made a Pumpkin pie myself so can't tell you if it has that 'fresh baked Pumpkin pie' smell it did bring to my mind the smell of a kitchen where a batch of home baking has been done. I usually find that any fragrance that includes Clove can be a little on the sharp side for me as it's something I don't personally like but here it's inclusion gives the fragrance an almost bitter-sweet edge that stops it from becoming too sickly-sweet. I can understand why Kringle suggests that this one would be ideal for the cool weather as it is a warming aroma that would be nice to experience in the Autumn or around Christmas time and this one did put me in mind of a couple of Yankee's seasonal fragrances ("Happy Christmas" and "Christmas Eve") so anyone who is familiar and fond of those 'baking' scents that Yankee produce would find Pumpkin Spice to be a nice addition to their collection if they wanted a warm and inviting fragrance to their home. I do think that this is a fragrance that would suit either a living room or a kitchen, I had mine melting in my kitchen earlier this week when it was a very cold day outside and I had my heating on indoors and found that the fragrance travelled well round my home and added a feeling of warmth and cosiness that befitted the day outside. All in all I thought this was a lovely rich fragrance that I enjoyed immensely and once again I've been left feeling very impressed with Kringle and would definitely recommend Pumpkin Spice to my fellow candle review writers and anyone else reading this review.

      As far as its longevity goes Kringle state that you can get between 3 and 6 uses out of one of their wax tarts, I had mine melting continuously throughout the day and used 5 tea lights on mine so must have got around 10 hours of fragrance from it. By the end of the fifth tea light its fragrance had all but gone and after the first 5 or 6 hours it did begin to lose its intensity but if you were to melt this one yourself for a couple of hours on a night time then you'd easily get a good 4 or 5 days worth of fragrance from a single wax tart and that's why I always think they represent excellent value for money when you compare them to other air fresheners that you can buy for your home. Kringle's tarts cost £1.40 each which make them slightly more expensive than Yankee's but they are slightly larger and heavier and they do last a little bit longer from my experience with them. Pumpkin Spice has been my third or fourth wax tart from Kringle and I've yet to be disappointed in either their longevity or fragrance and whilst I do think that Yankee have a much wider choice of products and fragrances available I do think that once Kringle becomes better established and have a more prominent position on the high street then they will provide some serious competition to Yankee.

      Kringle's wax tarts can be bought from the Kringlecandle.co.uk website and Pumpkin Spice gets a perfect 5 star rating from me, I loved it's warming spicy fragrance and I would definitely buy this one again. Thanks for reading my review.


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