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Kringle Wax Potpourri Cortland Apple

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Brand: Kringle Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2013 20:52
      Very helpful



      fresh and crisp apples

      ~Cortland Apple~

      Kringle Candle offer a range of scented candle products including jars and breakable melts. Today, I will be discussing the wax potpourri format of 'Cortland Apple'. This particular scent is available in various other formats which vary in price.

      'Here is a wonderfully authentic balance of tart and sweet, the very essence of perfectly ripe Autumn fruit' - www.kringlecandle.co.uk.

      The wax potpourri is a thick disc of solid, scented wax which is white in colour. The wax is wrapped in a clear, plastic wrapper and features a label illustrating delicious looking apples. This wax should be melted in a tart burner and Kringle claim that you should get 3-6 uses from each 34g tart. This will vary depending on how long you melt the tart for an which type of burner you use.

      ~Where To Buy~

      A 34g wax potpourri can be bought from www.kringlecandle.co.uk priced at just 90p.

      ~My Thoughts~

      When it comes to fragrancing my home with candles, I normally opt for Yankee Candle products. A friend presented me with a few Kringle Candle wax potpourri tarts a few weeks ago and I have enjoyed sampling them and alternating them with Yankee wax tarts. My friend knows me well and knew of my love of sweet and fruity scents so Cortland Apple was a fine choice and well appreciated gift. These tarts are a little different to Yankee Candle but should be melted in the same way. I chose to melt this tart in my electric tart burner.

      The solid wax smelled gorgeous and there was no mistaking that the scent was apple. I couldn't wait to try it out and opted to place the full tart in my tart burner bowl. Within 20 minutes, the tart had melted in to a clear pool of hot wax. I was quite impressed by the pleasant aroma that begin to filter around my living room and further in to my hallway and kitchen area. Cortland Apple is quite a strong scent but in no way overpowering. It swiftly eliminates any cooking odours and leaves the air smelling very clean and refreshed which I like.

      This is definitely a scent to try if you love the smell of apples. It is such a natural scent which smells absolutely lush in my opinion. It is perfect for melting during the day for a burst of sweet, apple freshness around my home. The apple scent is authentic - very crisp, sweet and deliciously juicy. I noticed a slight tart kick to the scent and I found the overall scent to be very balanced and never sickly or too heavy. It simply makes me think of juicy, flavoursome aroma noticeable when slicing in to a ripe apple. I find the scent to be highly refreshing, moreish and packed full of flavour. It gives my home a clean feel with its fresh sweetness and I love it. It is a simple and favourable scent which doesn't have to try too hard to deliver something appealing in my opinion.

      I melted this tart for a few hours per day over the course of a week. I have found that with Cortland Apple and the other Kringle scents that the scent is quite strong for a few hours and then starts to weaken to the point where I can barely smell it. At this point, I switch my burner off, let it go hard and then remove it or leave it there for the next day. Once the burner heats up again, the tart melts and the scent comes alive again. It suits being melted for a few hours over a longer period of time in my opinion. I can highly recommend Cortland Apple. It is a gorgeous scent and the tart delivers quite a lot of scent when melted over the course of a week or so. At 90p, it is a bargain too!

      Thanks for reading :)


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