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L'Occitane The Vert Green Tea Scented Candle

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Brand: L'Occitane / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2012 11:39
      Very helpful



      I adore L'Occitane products and this is no different! :)

      L'Occitane The Vert Green Tea Scented Candle

      I bought this candle in the L'Occitane sale after Christmas as at the time I think it was reduced in price and this candle is fairly expensive when it isn't on offer. I bought this candle in particular as I have the L'Occitane green tea perfume which smells gorgeous, in my opinion.

      - Product description (from L'Occitane UK) and about the product

      "A fresh and sparkling blend of citrus fruit, with green tea at its heart, to recreate the convivial atmosphere of Mediterranean homes."

      The candle comes in a tin which is gorgeously decorated in my opinion and the tin contains 100g or 3.5 oz of candle wax. The wax is a white colour and I don't actually know if it is soy wax or paraffin. The candle is made in France and it is supposed to burn for 20 hours, which I don't think mine will reach. The ingredients are as follows: Waxes, Fragrance, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal and Coumarin - the last three ingredients are stated to be allergens.

      - Packaging

      The packaging, as well as the scent, is just gorgeous! The packaging is cream and fairly bright mint green in colour. The text on the candle is dark green in colour and fairly easy to read, except for the list of ingredients on the sticker on the base of the candle. The design/pattern on the tin of the candle is really nice and because of the divine presentation of this candle I think it would make a gorgeous gift - well, it is L'Occitane and as my auntie says "you can never have too much L'Occitane!" The pattern is really quite delicate and it looks like a filigree or fleur de lys pattern which I love. The tin itself looks and feels really strong and durable and I will definitely be re-using this tin after the candle has burned fully (maybe for bobby pins, bobbles or a lush shampoo bar) as it looks fantastic, as most L'Occitane packaging does, in my opinion. I would definitely rate the packaging, in terms of design and re-usability at 4/5!

      - Scent

      When the candle is not burning the scent is just gorgeous and the scent when the tin lid is removed from the container is fairly strong, which was promising. The scent is really fresh, light (but not subtle) refreshing and definitely spring/summer appropriate. When I compared the scent of this candle with its perfume (eau de toilette) counterpart I did find some differences. Firstly, the scent in perfume form was stronger and more 'bam!' than the candle scent. Secondly the scent of the perfume has far more citrusy notes in it when compared to the candle version. The scent of the candle, in my opinion, it just that of green tea and there are only slight citrusy notes in the candle. Whereas there are quite a lot more citrus notes that I detected in the 'the vert green tea perfume' when compared to the candle. Overall, I like the scent in perfume form but I do prefer the scent of the candle a bit more, as it is a lot less citrusy, in my opinion.

      - Using the candle (scent, dispersion, strength)

      Firstly I trim the wick of the candle and I cut off about 3 millimetres as I do with all candles. I then light the candle with my new lighter, instead of matches, as I just find it quicker and more convenient (obviously caution must be taken when using candles, matches and lighters). Once the candle is lit it takes about ten to fifteen minutes before the scent is really quite noticeable but when the scent fills the room it is just gorgeous and it does not really take long until the scent is well dispersed within the office/study in which it is in most of the time (too many university essays). The scent of the candle when it is being burned/melted is just like the scent when it was not lit - a gorgeous, incredibly fresh and spring time fragrance. The strength of the scent when the candle is not lit is really quite strong, so strong in fact that I can just have the candle unlit next to me and I will be able to smell it really, really well. Although in terms of scent dispersion and strength, the scent does disperse fairly well and the scent is fairly strong but it is not as strong as I would like it to be - which is a little strange considering how strong the scent of the candle is when it is not lit. The scent is so nice and I wanted it to at least fill a few of rooms with scent and it does but in other rooms the scent is not very strong unfortunately. Overall, I adore the scent and the scent disperses fairly well and the strength is good (but not the best strength and not as strong as I would have liked it to be).

      The only problem I have with this candle is that when the wax melts it does not reach the edges of the tin so some of the candle wax will not end up being melted, which is obviously a waste and less scent dispersed. So after I have extinguished the flame I then use a ruler (or something like that) to carefully push down the wax around the edges of the tin into the still hot/warm wax so it will melt as well, so there is no waste and the wax will all be melted fairly evenly. Once the candle is extinguished and cooling down the scent of the candle is still noticeable for about 30-45 minutes after the candle has been extinguished, which is great. I have burnt/melted nearly half of the candle now and I do love this candle and I find that the burn time is good but I don't think it will last 20 hours (as stated on the tin). Overall, I really like the candle and I think the scent, the dispersion and the packaging are really great. There are a couple of negatives about this product, including the wax not reaching the edges of the tin and also the price. I think I will only buy this candle or others from L'Occitane again, if they are on sale/offer as when they are not, they are quite expensive in my opinion.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this candle (as well as the perfume with the same scent) from uk.loccitane.com (official L'Occitane site) for £13, which is really quite expensive in my opinion especially as the scent is not as strong as I would have liked it to be. Although you can buy candles that are far more expensive than this, although in comparison to Yankee candles or bomb cosmetics candles this is a bit expensive. This candle can also be purchased from L'Occitane stores and eBay too.



      *The packaging is divine and re-useable, in my opinion

      *The scent is also divine - it is fresh, soft, relaxing and spring/summer appropriate

      *The strength of the scent is really good (when burning and not burning)

      *The scent dispersion is good as is the longevity after the candle has been extinguished

      *Scent does not give me a headache and it is a scent that is loved by everyone in the house!

      *Would make a gorgeous present - and you can never have too much L'Occitane!


      *I personally would like the scent to be a bit stronger when the candle is burning/melting

      *May not be suitable for some people (allergens)

      *The price - £13

      Thank you for reading my review - this review will also be posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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