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Lake Microfibre Mop

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Brand: Lake / Type: Mop / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2013 19:12
      Very helpful



      Hate the mop-love this!

      I was lucky when I moved into my current house that it wasn't very dirty. Obviously complete decorating required from top to bottom, and each room was cleaned, especially the kitchen and bathroom, but it wasn't a huge chore as the house was in pretty good condition. Fast forward afew months down the line, chairs added into living room, various new and old furniture now has a home but the big thing for me to make sure each room was comfortable was flooring. My plan was to have each room bar kitchen, toilet and bathroom to be carpeted. But I was advised to use laminated flooring for the living room, as with my son being a newborn baby at the time, he at some stage was going to create a lot of mess that maybe wasnt designed for carpet. So I went with laminated flooring ( and thank god I did! ). As a gift, I was given this product but I since have bought a replacement from my local B &M store. Price was £2.99.

      Why did I buy it?

      I hate mops! Smelly, damp and dank things that I cant see being very hygienic. Do they clean the floor or do they swirl the dirt around? Not sure on that one! When I started to live by myself and realised how much I despised this item, I swapped it for floor wipes. I liked the idea of getting down on the old hands and knees and physically seeing the dirt come off and then the wipe goes straight in the bin! When I was given this as a gift I assumed this was just a fancy looking mop, but when I realised the head could be washed I was in my element! So when I noticed that my last noodle mop head had become abit battered in regards to the area that holds onto the base of the handle, and wasn't staying put, I used this as a perfect excuse to buy another one.

      How does it look?

      This mop comes in two parts. One being the mop head which is 18 inches long and 5 inches wide. It has numerous thin strands of microfibre, which helps to remove dirt and dust from flooring. The second part of the mop is the handle, which is extendable. It stands at 40 inches long when not extended, and 50 inches when fully extended. To extend or shorten, there is a a small circular section a third down from the bottom of the handle, turn it and it can be adjusted, turn it back and it locks it. The handle has a rectangular flat base to it to attach the mop head. The mop head is attached to the handle by simply pushing in a clip that is at the base of the handle. This enables the base to completely fold into itself as its hinged, which means when you get the mop head ( it has elasticated sections at each end of the top of the mop ), you can slide the handle base into it and to make sure it remains flat and secure ready for use, just push the base down flat and make sure clip is pressed down.

      This mop and many versions are available in a variety of colours more or less everywhere e.g supermarkets, discount stores. My last one was red, my current is pink ( which is not my preference but all they had ! ).

      How does it work?

      This can be used wet or dry, so not necessary in all cases to use detergents or disinfectants although I do! I would treat this as an ordinary mop, use it on all wipeable floor surfaces such as lino, laminated flooring, tiles and wood block flooring etc.

      The mop head, due to being made out of microfibre, is very absorbent and quite hard wearing, so dries very quickly and doesn't require too much liquid if using water and detergents on flooring, but more importantly soaks up spillages easily, quickly and efficiently.

      I use this cleaning the bathroom floor, toilet, kitchen and living room floor. It currently lives in the downstairs toilet pushed at the side so isn't in the way.

      Mop head is machine washable or hand wash up to 40 degrees. Your not supposed to wash above this or expose to bleach of softener ( although Ive washed it at 60 and its been fine ). Not suitable for tumble drying.

      Would I buy this again?

      Yes I would. The main selling point for me is the washable mop head, fab! Its constantly in the wash as I don't allow it to get too damp or dirty, and I simply leave it to dry on a radiator which it does more or less instantly. Its great the handle can be adjusted according to your height and to make using it more comfortable and practical and it can be shoved in the corner without a second thought.

      The length of the mop head means that you can clean quite a large surface area very quickly, but also makes mince meat out of small areas as well.

      Negatives? Because of the shape of this it can get between certain areas such as the few inches between your cooker and a kitchen cupboard as an example, but to be better it would need to be ( the base of the handle that is ) to be alittle less wider so it really can squeeze through those awkward gaps.

      Personally, I think each one of these items should come with a spare head. So when one is in the wash or drying, you have another on the go. Also, the handle is well made, robust and made of some form of plastic and Ive never had a problem with this in the past. But as mentioned in regards to my previous mop head, I couldn't use it anymore because it wouldn't stay on the base because the stitching and the elastic where you put the base of handle into was just ragged out. Basic wear and tear. After 4/5 years on the go it did pretty well to me!

      Bin the mop and swap for this instead!


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