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Lakeland Hagerty Dry Cleaning Kit

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Brand: Lakeland / Type: Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      23.03.2011 00:58



      The Dry cleaning kit is really easy to use and the results are great. We have found it on www.hagerty.at and using it now since about a year. It takes the smell out of the clothes. I can really recommend it.


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      22.04.2010 11:10
      Very helpful



      A good way to keep clothes clean and fresh between dry cleaning visits.

      Dry cleaning is somewhat of a novelty to me as I live in casual clothing, which to be honest never sees an iron, -no give me jeans and tops any time rather than suits and smart things. However, occasions do require an outfit which requires dry cleaning. My husband on some of his assignments has to wear very smart things, and given that many of his jobs take him into central London, they certainly require attention on a regular basis.

      I do know a person, who owns a dry cleaning business, and she explained to me recently that since the recession people are ditching dry clean only garments for hand wash, and furthermore they are postponing jobs such as dry cleaning curtains. This has had a catastrophic affect on her profits.

      I must admit that taking items to the dry cleaners is awkward and time consuming, and I have never really grasped the idea of using chemicals to clean clothes without water. However suits do return from there looking immaculate, and you can request a supreme service which will provide extra perks including sewing on buttons, adding permanent creases and so on. Everything comes back expertly pressed and ready for wear. However it can't be done weekly, I haven't the time or the interest, so this is where I find the item I am reviewing a little wonder! The Hagerty Dry Cleaning kit is a system which allows you to clean garments within your tumble dryer, and it is now a regular in my kitchen!

      Hagerty isn't a new company. It goes back to 1895 and specialises in many cleaning products, not just those for dry cleaning. They also do kits for cleaning jewellery, silver, wood and other household items. I purchased my kit for dry cleaning in my local Lakeland store where it retails for £9.99.

      Inside the box you will find 1 reusable dryer-safe bag and 4 sheets which have been pre-moistened with the cleaning solution. The purpose of the dryer-safe-bag is to protect the clothes from the excessive heat in the dryer. This ensures that they don't shrink or wear.

      The kit also contains a full instruction booklet, which I feel it is important to read because it contains some salient points. Dry clean only clothes are often really expensive, and so caring for them with this product does need a little thought before rushing in.

      To use you treat any stains first by firmly pressing a hidden test area with the sheet. As long as no dye leaks onto the sheet it is safe to use and you can spot treat the stain before placing the garment into the bag. To be honest it does say not to treat silk or viscose in this way, as being so delicate I think you would be asking for trouble here. To me, being able to spot treat any stains is imperative, as purely a freshen up could be achieved with a fabric refresher spray, and a few minutes on the line on a windy day. I don't own silk clothing and really buy this for my husband's suits, so for me this isn't an issue, but if you wear a lot of delicate evening wear which is prone to staining I would seek professional advice.

      Recently my husband had a small stain on one of his suits which appeared to be a food stain of some sort, possibly from a train seat. To remove I simply pressed a sheet against it. Having places several sheets of paper towel beneath I dabbed gently and as instructed I worked gently from the outside in. It removed easily and I made sure I replaced the paper towel several times to avoid water marks. The instructions do say that stains must not be allowed to get old, or they will be difficult to remove, but for stains such as perspiration and everyday food stains prompt action will remove them. I have certainly found this to be the case. Spot treating also works well if there are any odours under the arms for instance.

      After spot treating you simply put the garment into the dryer-safe bag, add a sheet and fold over the top of the bag twice. The bag will hold one suit but smaller items can be treated in larger numbers. So to dry clean a suit will cost £2.50, not bad for a home treatment in my opinion.

      Whatever you do make sure you clean out the filter of your dryer first to remove any lint or fluff, and remember to button up garments and do up zips first. Then all you do is put the machine on low for 20 minutes. You can't go out and forget them, as it is critical that you remove them straight away and hang them as they will be slightly damp.

      When I remove mine I am always really impressed by the lovely fragrance they have, and the stain removal is effective on all the stains I have so far had, though something like red wine or tomato sauce I wouldn't even try to remove myself. To me the purpose of these sheets is one of keeping your garments clean and fresh between professional treatments. They don't come out superbly pressed as they do from a dry cleaning outlet, but you can be confident that you are wearing clothes which are fresh and free from odours. My husband's suits, as long as I remove them immediately and hang them, come out crease free, and he enjoys the fresh feeling they have. It has been perfect too for other garments, including my eldest son's school blazer many years ago before washable ones came available.

      I used it last summer after my daughter's graduation ball. I had purchased a dress, worn once and it just needed a freshen up. Having just checked it now it still has a lovely fresh scent and is ready to wear.

      There are a few further points which are worth mentioning. Some woollen garments which are dry clean only will transfer lint and fluff so must be done separately. Some fabrics may also need a light iron afterwards however quickly you remove them.

      If you have a washer-dryer you can still use this in the drying cycle.

      Before purchasing this product for the first time, many years ago, I tried to gauge customer feeling by reading as much as I could online about experiences people were having with the product. £9.99 is a very expensive outlay for 4 fresh-up sheets, if the stain removal is not to an acceptable standard. Recent customer feeling on the Lakeland website is generally mixed. A lady who owns a gown hire business uses this to service her garments between hirings. I have to also say however that several customers feel this is nothing more than an expensive set of fresh-up sheets. Those with negative opinions do have the comfort of knowing though, that if they purchased the product through Lakeland that they will always refund if not entirely satisfied. This is one of the best websites on-line in my opinion, as it allows customers to post reviews- warts and all, allowing others to benefit from their experiences- using this as a basis to consider or decline to purchase.

      In my opinion this product is not a substitute for the dry cleaners, nor does it claim to be. It is a product designed to freshen up garments between professional visits, and to spot treat light or newly acquired stains. This is does to perfection-more than that would be expecting too much. I am pleased with it and will continue to use it going forward. It has saved money over the years and time too, and as long as you accept it's limitations it is a product I would recommend.

      My only criticism is that a refill kit comprising just the fresh up sheets would be better value, as the bag can be used 20 times, but if you clean 4 suits you use all the sheets up. I think this would reduce the running costs substantially. The refill kit could simply have the sheets and a simple version of the instructions; as customers who had purchased the starter kit would know the routine and would already have the booklet provided within. This would also be more environmentally friendly,which I feel is very important, as it would create less waste.



      This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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