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Lenor Infusions Citrus & Spice

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lenor / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      05.05.2013 17:06
      Very helpful



      A nice fabric conditioner but just smells a bit too strong

      A while ago I received a free sample of Lenor Infusions Citrus and Spice which I had forgotten about, I discovered it in the back of my cupboard. After trying the sample I decided to buy a full size bottle. 

      Lenor Infusions Citrus and Spice is sold in a dark orange coloured plastic bottle with a lid that doubles up as a measuring cup, much the same as all fabric softener bottles. The label on the front shows the Lenor logo against a back ground of citrus fruit. All of this is done in mainly orange and red colours. The front of the label also informs the customer that this will keep your laundry fresh for 7 x longer and the 1.16 Litre bottle will give you 33 washes. 

      The back of the bottle gives all the usual information you would expect to find on a product like this such as directions for use and ingredients. Its all clearly set out and easy to read should you wish to do so. 

      Lenor Citrus and Spice is an orangy/pink liquid and is much the same consistency as most fabric softener, it has a strong fragrance which is sweet and spicy, there's not an awful lot of citrus and what there is, in my opinion, is overpowered by the spice. 

      After using this in my washing machine I find my laundry comes out feeling soft and smelling fresh, the smell isn't quite as strong as it is in the bottle but still pretty strong for a fabric softener. I do find this is better for washing that is going to be dried outside or in the tumble drier, when the heating is on I often dry washing on the radiators rather than using the tumble drier and the smell is a bit overpowering and tends to give me a headache. 

      Lenor claims this will keep your laundry smelling fresh for 7 x longer and on the whole I would agree with this as when I put clean sheets and duvet cover on the bed I can smell it all week. While this is nice I tend not to wash my bedding in this particular Lenor as once again the smell on the sheets is a bit too much to be in all night once again resulting in a headache. 

      I would agree that this size bottle gives the amount of washes that is stated and a few more, I tend not to use a full capful each time to stretch it a bit further. Lenor Citrus and Spice is dermatologically tested so should be alright for most people, I didn't have any problems with using this apart from the fragrance being too strong. 

      All in all this is a nice fabric conditioner that does what its supposed to, it leaves laundry feeling lovely and soft and smelling nice, however  in my personal opinion the fragrance is just a bit too strong, having said that I would buy it again in the future. 


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      12.11.2012 21:01
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous scented fabric conditioner by Lenor.

      ~*~*~ Lenor Infusions Citrus & Spice Scent Fusion ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is one of the many scents available in the Infusions range from Lenor, this is one of the two available in the Scent Fusions part of the range.
      It is a fabric conditioner with a long lasting freshness.

      ~ Packaging ~

      The Citrus & Spice Scent Fusion comes in a blood orange coloured bottle, the plastic has a slight sheen to it and is semi transparent. The bottle has a pale silver coloured lid which also doubles the dosage cap. The bottle is rectangular in shape and has ridged lines running along it, the label is a thin plastic sleeve which fits the bottle snugly.
      The label is coloured in red, pinks and orange and shows a fruity and leafy image. It has the Lenor name written along the front and I am also told that it offers 7x longer freshness (when compared to Lenor Pure Care).
      I like the packaging, it's really bright and stands out on the shelf. It's a nice summery looking product that looks like it should smell amazing!

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      I picked up a bottle of this in Wilkinsons last week where I paid just £1.60 for a 33 wash bottle, I have also since purchased another two as I love the scent so much!
      I am not sure how long the Wilko's offer will last so I would say that if you like Lenor products it's well worth stocking up now.

      However it is available in other stores too -

      Asda - 33 wash bottle - £2.50
      Tesco - 33 wash bottle - £3.37

      ** Prices correct - 12/11/2012 **

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      I bought it because I can't resist a bargain! I went into Wilko's looking for washing powder, Ariel to be specific, and as soon as I walked into the store there was a huge display of Ariel Gels and Lenor, Ariel was on offer at £2.00 for a 16 wash bottle and as I have already mentioned the Lenor was priced at £1.60 for a 33 wash bottle. There was a wide variety available but this stood out to me on the shelf due to it's bright coloured bottle, I unscrewed the lid and took a sniff and I quite liked it so I bought one. I have since been back and bought another two bottles as I really love the scent it has left on my laundry and the softness is great which is what I have come to expect of Lenor anyway.

      ~ Usage ~

      Even though I have a bottle of Lenor Sleep Sensations on the go I had to give this a try so when I came to do a load of washing I simply unscrewed the cap and poured the white liquid into it, I then popped this into the Fabric Conditioner slot in the washing machine drawer and let it do it's thing. I always just fill the cap 3/4 full but full dosage instructions can be found on the side of the bottle.

      ~ Results ~

      I was hoping for high things when using this, it looks like and smells like it is going to be a beautiful uplifting scent and I wasn't disappointed.
      When I took the clothes out of the washing machine I initially could only smell the Ariel however after popping the lot in the tumble dryer they came out with a nice fruity scent and were of course really soft. I then decided to strip my bed and wash that as I was so taken with the scent. After washing, drying and ironing I went up and remade my bed, it looked good enough to jump straight in but it was only just gone 11 o'clock in the morning so I decided against it but I was so looking forward to going to bed that night!!

      Later on in the day I took a load of ironing up to my room to put away and even as I walked up the stairs leading to my attic bedroom I could smell a lovely fruity fresh scent in the air, and when I walked into the room it all smelt fabulous.

      As you may imagine I pretty much ran to bed that night and I couldn't wait to snuggle under my delightfully fresh smelling bed covers.
      Not only was my bed smelling fantastic but it also felt so soft against my skin and I soon drifted off to sleep.

      ~ My thoughts ~

      As you can probably tell I really, really like this fabric conditioner.

      The scent whilst being fruity has an added spiciness to it which calms the scent and makes it simply perfect in my humble opinion.
      I have been using Lenor products for a while now and I have been taken with the other scents too but this is one I really like.

      Having used it for the past week I can also confirm that whilst not only having a lush scent it also hasn't caused any adverse reactions with my skin nor my childrens. My 9 year old has eczema and whilst his skin is fine at the moment it is him who will usually show a reaction first but he has been fine with this. I have washed his bedding, his pyjamas, his underwear and clothes with this included in the wash so it is fine. He did recently have a flair up but since calming down I have gone back to using my usual washing powder and * touch wood * all is fine so far.

      I like using a fabric conditioner as I feel that they not only make clothes smell and feel fab but they are also easier to iron which is a must when I iron for all six of us, and whilst I do enjoy doing a bit of ironing it's nice when it's made a bit easier.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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