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Lenor Infusions Pink Topaz & Magnolia

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2 Reviews
  • My fabrics smell wonderful and in use so does my house!
  • Leaves fabrics soft and easy to iron
  • just that I prefer other scents in the range!
  • None for me
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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 18:43
      Very helpful


      • "My fabrics smell wonderful and in use so does my house!"
      • "Leaves fabrics soft and easy to iron"


      • " just that I prefer other scents in the range!"
      • "None for me"

      Missing Topaz in action?

      Washing my clothes and the likes is something that I do rather often cos I have to admit I am a bit of a clean freak! I love the brands Comfort and Lenor for my washing needs and depending what I see on offer when I need some I will buy it and try to avoid shops own brands and the likes as I prefer these brands and think the fragrances are not only generally better but that the fragrance lingers on my fabrics for longer.

      The Packaging;

      This comes in a pearly light pink coloured plastic oblong looking bottle with a twist on/off grey coloured cap to the top of it then on the front of the bottle we are told that it is of course Lenor 'Fresh Sheet Week' Infusions, Pink Topaz & Magnolia and that it offers 7 x longer freshness (in storage) and there is a picture shown or of a pink flower and jewels then on the back and the on the sides of the bottle we are told a bit about the product, warnings and the size is stated which in my case is 1.16L and it is meant to give us 33 washes, we are told how to use it and contact details for the manufacturer are given.

      The Fabric softener Itself:

      Well you can pop this in a machine or use it for hand washing if you prefer and the instructions for doing so involve measuring out what you need into the cap and then popping it into the machine drawer, or using less for handwashing.

      In my case I use it on a full load of washing so I use a full cap along with washing liquid to clean stuff! This is a white, runny liquid and to me simply smells of sweet but natural Magnolia. This really is simply a floral and heavy scent and whatever Topaz is meant to be (which I thought was a stone!)....well I can't smell the fragrance of that one bit but I do like it though do find it feminine, which is fine for me as I am a woman doing only her own washing!

      This leaves my fabrics soft, easy to iron and smelling fantastic. I do agree with the claim on the bottle that the fragrance of this really does stay put for 7 days, in my case I have still smelt this on things I have stored away a couple of weeks and they smell just washed still!

      I use this for all my fabrics, including my bedding and it smells wonderful when I get into it but although I like it and what it does and have no quibbles at all with it I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this floral scented one again and would simply opt for another fragrance but I would be more than happy to stick with Lenor!

      All In All:

      I bought this large bottle a while back in Wilkinson's for just £2.00 and its lasted me ages and served me very well indeed though when its not on offer, for this size your looking at around the £4.00 mark but still I think that's an ok price for what you get and that lasting fragrance it gives to us!

      Available in all supermarkets and the likes.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username,


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        10.01.2013 20:41
        Very helpful
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        A lovely fabric softener which does what it promises

        Doing the laundry for me can be quite a chore, what with my yard clothes generally covered in mud, straw and hay and then my other half's workwear consistency of football kits, tracksuits etc. The pair of us seem to supply a number of dirty items and therefore laundry isn't exactly the most pleasant of jobs! Therefore, I do try and find products which will not only clean clothing and other items well but will also inject a bit of fragrance into them.

        I can find fabric softeners a bit hit or miss. I have a few favourites which I always keep in my cupboard but I do like to try new products in case I find a fabric softener which actually does freshen up my clothes. One item I picked up several weeks ago was the Lenor Infusions Pink Topaz and Magnolia. I managed to pick it up in Wilkinsons for £2.00 for a one litre bottle and thought it was worth a try.

        == Pink Topaz and Magnolia ==

        This variety of fabric softener is part of Lenor's 'Infusions' range and has only been released in the past couple of months. It offers a glamorous fragrance with "subtle and delicate scents of magnolia and powdery rose".

        == Packaging ==

        The fabric conditioner comes in a rectangular pale pink plastic bottle with a colour matching plastic top. The label features the Lenor logo together with the product name as well as an image of a pink flower together with pink jewels which I guess are to represent the topaz. On the back there is product information together with directions on how to use it and the extensive ingredients list.

        == In Use ==

        I generally use a little more than what is suggested simply because my clothes smell of horse and my other half's tend to smell of sweat (yes not painted a good picture there have I?!). The fabric conditioner is a very pale pink and has a typical water consistency. It definitely has a gorgeous fragrance to it which has a quite strong floral smell to it.

        My clothes are always washed at 30 degrees and they tend to be air dried whether on radiators or on my clothes horse. I find that for a fabric conditioner to be useful to me it will leave my clothes soft, looking clean as well as having a nice fragrance. I find that even when wet my clothes feel soft and has a very noticeable fragrance which to me is definitely a good sign that it will stick around even when the clothes are dry.

        Once the clothes, towels or anything else washed in the fabric softener are dry they are incredibly soft almost as if they had been put in the tumble drier. I noticed that the rooms in which the clothes were drying had been filled with this lovely floral aroma which was nice as it did linger around for quite a while until. The clothes and everything else have also been left with this lovely fragrance as well as being incredibly soft.

        == Overall ==

        I really have no complaints about this fabric softener. It does exactly what it promises by giving my clothes and other items a lovely softness as well as providing a lovely fragrance which does last on the clothes for days after they have been washed, dried and put away. Definitely one item that I will be re-buying and can happily recommend. 5 stars from me.

        == Product Information ==

        Brand: Lenor
        Price: £2.00 (Wilkinsons Jan 2013)
        Availability: Discount stores, supermarkets etc


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