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Lenor Infusions Struck by Fuchsia

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15 Reviews

Brand: Lenor / Type: Fabric Conditioner / Category: Laundry

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    15 Reviews
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      27.10.2013 18:21
      Very helpful



      An okay fabric softener but no better than others

      Lenor Infusions Struck by Fuschia

      Recently I was , actually I still am, involved in a trial for Lenor and their new 7x stronger fragrance of Spring Awakening and part of the kit you get a full sized bottle, some samples and some vouchers. The vouchers can be used on any Lenor product so I thought I'd try some of their other flavours while I had the vouchers.

      I can't say that I am stunningly more impressed with Lenor than I am with other fabric softeners. In fact my favourites are still Tesco infusions ones. However armed with my vouchers I chose my new Lenor fabric softener by opening all the bottles and doing the sniff test.

      I cannot say that I am at all brand loyal at all and in fact I always choose my fabric softeners by sniffing and then price comparing. Lenor are expensive comparatively so I only ever buy them when they are on offer.

      The bottle is quite a bright pink and plastic so can be recycled through your usual plastic recycling scheme. The smallish bottle is supposed to do 21 washes but it depends on how generous you are and how accurately you measure you fabric softener when using it. The back does give lots more information, warnings and ingredients should you want to know more.

      I did discover that using a fabric softener does reduce the inflammability of fabric so be aware if you are concerned and maybe investigate more thoroughly. They said in the trial not to use on children's nightwear because of this.

      The contents are like pouring cream thickness and it is slightly pink. It smells floral, sweet and creamy when I sniff it. I pour a measured capful into the section of my machine and set it off.

      When I open the machine I do love the fact that my wash smells nice. It is floral, quite a feminine sort of smell but not so much so that the men in my house have objected. It just make everything smell clean and pleasant and a sort of creamy floral aroma.

      I hand wash all my scarves and woolens and do like using fabric softener to make them soft and smell nice. It also makes the clothes last longer as it gets between the fibres and lubricates them so they don't rub and wear out as quickly so that is another plus but all fabric softeners do that too.

      The clothes do feel softer than if had used no fabric softener but no more so that if had used the other brands, It is no better or worse than others but I certainly do not think it is worth paying any extra for. It is good but nothing special in my opinion.

      I like the smell of any washing better that has been hanging outside to dry but when I dry clothes inside on an airer this does smell nice and acts as a sort of room refreshener as well as smelling good on my wash.

      I haven't had any skin itching issues when using this or any other fabric softener so that is a plus as I do have sensitive skin that reacts to some products. The price of this varies from shop to shop so do like I do and shop around. I buy this if I find it on offer or in bargain shop but not at its full price which is around £2.00 for the smallish bottle. This scent is one of their more expensive range so a bit more than the others but it does the same job, you are paying for the posher aroma.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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      26.10.2013 12:13
      Very helpful



      A really nice buy!

      One of the things that I get through all too often is fabric conditioner/softener. I do a lot of washing even though I live alone as I am really fussy and tend to wear alot of my clothes for not very long and shove them in the wash!

      When it comes to fabric softener my favourite brand of them and the one that I buy most often is Lenor. I like the really strong scents that they have on offer and very often they are on offer so at the moment and almost weekly I tend to buy a different offering from this range.

      The Packaging:

      The bottle is pink in colour and made of strong plastic and it has a twist on dark blue plastic cap to the top of it. Around the front of there is a picture shown of flowers we are told that it is Lenor Struck By Fuchsia '4x longer freshness' and that it should give 21 washes then other information on the back and on the sides of the bottle include being told a bit about the product, the ingredients and dosage advice is given, the size is stated (which in this case is 750ml), there are some warnings listed and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly stated. Nice enough, informative packaging this is.

      Using It:

      The liquid itself is smooth and rather thin and light pink in colour with a really nice aroma of flowers to it. I cant say that it particularly smells of fuchsias but it is really pleasant and quite feminine and rather strong. Using it is simple enough. You can do as I do and fill your fabric conditioner dispenser on your washing machine with this or use the dosage advice that is given on the bottle. You can also use this if you want to when hand washing which is considerably less in quantity than using it in the washing machine!

      When washing you can smell this in your kitchen and when you get the washing out of the wash it feels soft and smells lovely. When dried fabrics feel soft and smooth. I hate that with some fabric softeners, usually really cheap ones fabrics can feel squeaky and a bit hard you don't get that with this at all.

      I find that not only do fabrics smell nice, even if you store them for a couple of weeks but also I do feel that fabrics are easier to iron. My clothes feel nice on my skin, smell nice and fresh and don't agitate my sensitive skin at all. My bedding is lovely to get into after using this one and the aroma is nice and soothing too! It really is all round nice this one!

      All in all I have no quibbles with this at all. Expect to pay about £1.50 - £2.00 a bottle in most good supermarkets etc though I paid just 99p for my bottle as it was on offer in a local Premier store (I was right pleased with that price and stocked with a few different scents from this range).

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      06.10.2013 10:59
      Very helpful



      Smells nice and leaves clothes soft but too subtle scent

      Due to the fact I have two young sons who love getting messy and a husband who works as an engineer, my washing machine is on at least 5 out of 7 days of the week meaning I go through quite a lot of washing products. Although getting the clothes clean is obviously the key principle I also like my washing to retain that 'just washed' scent for as long as possible afterwards so use a fabric conditioner with almost every wash.

      I'm far from brand loyal and tend to opt for what is on offer, and whilst I'm certainly not a brand snob I do tend to stick to the more well known brand names as I've purchased products at half of the price in the past that smell wonderful but unfortunately the scent never transfers to my clothes. Because of this I alternate between names such as Lenor, Fairy or Comfort and a major decision is availability as I don't drive so buy from my local Supermarkets.

      I nipped into Superdrug a few weeks ago which is in close proximity to my home and was surprised to see in their household section Lenor Infusions selling at just £1.49 for a standard 750ml. I've purchased from the Infusions range in the past and although have been pleased with the results I've often found the price to be off putting as the RRP is normally way over the £2 mark. Superdrug had two different variations in fragrances at the time and I purchased one of each at that price with the Struck By Fuchsia being the one I will be discussing now.

      Presented in a generic looking, upright standing bottle Stuck By Fuchsia lives up to its name of the bottle being a bright pink in colour so is easily spottable amongst its competitors. The bottle tapers in slightly towards the neck where there is a twist off lid which doubles as a measuring cup, as is the norm with most fabric conditioners.

      Once the lid is removed there is a strong and powerful floral fragrance which escapes and my first impressions were pretty positive I have to say as I do like my clothes to smell nice once they are washed and dried, as well as being clean and soft to the touch. The liquid was thinner than I expected and whilst it looks white in the bottle once it is poured out into the cap it has a soft gentle pink hue to match its name.

      The fragrance is beautiful and dominated by a strong floral element, which given the name of Struck By Fuchsia it was no surprise.

      I wont go into details about dosage as this and other directions for use can be found on the side of the bottle, so would I recommend this product?

      Having poured the appropriate amount of liquid into the drawer of my washing machine I had high hopes for this product as I do use different Lenor products on a regular basis and am generally mollified with the brands performance.

      Once the washing cycle had finished and I went to retrieve the wet clothes I was a little disappointed by the lack of scent that greeted me when I opened the washing machine door. Once the clothes were hung out on the washing line I hoped the Lenor promise of "..gradually releasing uplifting aromas with every touch, revitalising your senses with an impulsive burst of freshness.." would start to happen as so far I was feeling a bit let down.

      Once my clothing was fully dry I noticed the scent did slightly intensify when I started to iron some of the items, but overall I was a little bit disappointed that the overall fragrance was very subtle compared to how strong the liquid came across as whilst still in the bottle. Even when I placed some items on my radiator one chillly evening I couldn't really detect anything more than a subtle scent, whereas normally washing drying would radiate a lovely scent around my home.

      My clothes felt very soft so I have no complaints there, and having since used the contents up my bedding and laundry has always felt very soft and almost crease free but unfortunately the fragrance just doesn't seem to hold which is why I can only give this a middle of the road 3/5.

      Availability wise this can be picked up from most major supermarkets and has an RRP of £2.25 depending on where you choose to shop, I have since noticed the price of this has risen to £2 in Superdrug now and whilst it is still cheap for a brand such as Lenor I think there are far more superior products.

      I will buy this if it is on offer again for its effectiveness at making my laundry soft but scent wise it is a let down and will stick to other Lenor products in the future as this Infusion range so far has not 'struck' me..


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        20.09.2013 20:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good product, trying to meet the needs of the consumer.

        This review is inspired by my son, who said to me that the; pink stuff in the cupboard made his t shirt 'brighter in colour and feel softer'. This is not the typical comment I would expect off a teenager - hey hum time to perk up and investigate what I bought that made him go 'soft and fluffy'.

        Brief Packaging Description:
        Bright fuschia bottle, with a chunky grey-silver bottle lid. It has a plastic type wrapper with product information on. Overall it has eye catching colours and key information which is easy to read. The recycle symbol is on the base. The bottle size easily fits under the sink.
        5/5 for packaging.

        The fuchsia pink bottle claims 33 applications (if I am reading the symbol correctly).
        I concur with this as it has been in the cupboard for sometime and regularly used.
        5/5 for the pink liquid quantity.

        5-15% Cationic surfactants;

        **Alpha-isomethyl ionone,
        **Benzyl salicylate,
        **Butylphenyl methylpropional

        More natural Perfumes:
        Citronellol, Geraniol, Hexyl cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool.

        For those of you who are very 'eco' minded the Benzisothiazolinone is something you may wish to research more. I believe it to be relatively harmless/acceptable in the water system and does biodegrade within reason. However it is an interesting antimicrobial and preservative and is (surprisingly) in many of our household and other products.

        ***I believe these to be common synthetic fragrances in a wide range of common products.

        Geraniol, as the name implies comes from geraniums. Hexyl Cinnamal is derived from chamomile oil. Limonene is found in many citrus plants, while linalool can come from lavender, mint and some other plants.

        I am not claiming to be an expert in the ingredients so please feel free to do your own research in this area, however many reviews list ingredients which generally raise the question of = what are they in laymans terms? Well it does with me! So, perhaps this is something that interests you / or not.
        4/5 for the ingredients... just because I would like to see more natural ingredients -

        Kind to Your Skin?
        The bottle and their website state:
        Lenor range is dermatologically tested and declared to be safe for skin....

        This product has not caused any irritation with my family and the smell is very fresh and lasts for a long time on our clothes.

        My view:
        I feel the laundry detergent and fabric softner market is a competitive market that is emerging to meet the consumer needs. The growth of new 'aromas' in this area is inventive! I feel that the companies are consumer savvy and that on the whole this product is scoring highly in my opinion.

        What I like:
        I like my son is commenting on it in a positive way!
        I like the fact that it is concentrated and not in those huge bottles.
        I like the ingredients baring in mind that environmental issues and being greener is a factor for today's society.
        I like the fragrance.

        How I use it:
        Well, I just pour a bit in and voila it is making my family happy. I am pleased with the product and feel the claims on the packaging are valid. There is a website for Lenor with some interesting links.

        Would I recommend it?

        Is it value for money?
        Hmmm - it is one of those products I do not buy a lot. Price wise I would say there are cheaper brands. This brand I think it does make clothes feel better on. My son said 'whiter, brighter and softer' . So, if he feels that his designer Tee looks smarter hopefully he will get more wear out of it.

        I would like to thank my son for this review, I know more about my own product now! I am struck with Lenor - Fuschia!


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          23.06.2011 08:45
          Very helpful




          I chop and change the Fabric Softener that I use. There isn't 1 that I would keep using all the time, but there is plenty of nice ones out there and I just go where the offers are.

          I got this from Poundland a few weeks ago. There is some good buys to find in Poundland, but also this range can sometimes be found in Asda on offer for £1. Not sure the right price of this when it isn't on offer, but I think it is close to the £2 mark. The Infusions range is a bit more expensive than the standard Lenor range.

          This comes in a 750ml bottle. This is a Concentrate and on the bottle it says that on average this will do 21 washes. This is based on a full capful which is used for a full load of washing or for extra softness. You just measure the liquid in the cap which is common anyway.

          The bottle looks alright. A plastic bottle with a wrap around label. This looks bright enough with the nice red colour on it. Certainly stands out on the shelf.

          When you open this bottle you get the smell from this straight away. It is a nice rich scent and although I wouldn't say that I like Fuchsia all that much, well it's just a heavier scented Floral scent that I don't tend to go for. I think this has a touch of a Jasmine scent to it as well, but it's hard to smell much else. It is nice though.

          After washing and drying your clothes you can still smell this on your clothes. The smell lingers well and although it ends up a lighter scent it is a nice smell and worth a try.

          If you like Softeners which have a bit more of a heavier scent to them then I would recommend a go of this 1. This is the kind of scent that although I can't say would be my favourite but I would buy this now and again for a change.


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            05.12.2010 08:35
            Very helpful



            Nice quality liquid.

            I love it when clothes smell nice and fresh, especially bedding and towels as some can smell not so fresh with some brands of fabric conditioners. I love getting into a freshly made bed with the sheets smelling nice.

            It comes in a Pink plastic bottle and it has a screw off grey top, the texture of the liquid is very thick and a really pale pink coloured liquid, it has a really nice fragrance and I would describe the smell as a scented one, I do think it is pleasant and a good quality, it is fine for a male as it is not just a feminine one as some can be, this one I would say is suitable for all the family clothes.

            This liquid has 4 times longer lasting freshness than some other brands of fabric conditioners and this one is actually a concentrated rich liquid, only half the amount is needed to soften clothing and fabrics, so it can actually save money too because for the price it lasts far longer..

            It is recommend to use 2/3 of a capful for lightly soiled fabrics and for very heavily soiled it is advised to use 1 capful. My wife often soaks fabrics in this liquid and she just uses 1/3 of a capful for hand washing. My towels are soft and fluffy, they feel nice on the skin and I hate it when towels feel rough on the skin, this conditioner has not left my towels feeling that way, which is just how I like them to feel because that is the reason why a conditioner is added to the wash and this one works well for towels as well as clothing.

            After the clothing has dried it just smells lovely and because of the quality it is easy to run an iron over my shirts, my cotton shirts are very easy to iron and I often do the ironing in my home and I do find the creases are a little less and much easier to iron with a better quality conditioner and I think this one does the job nicely for my clothing.

            The aroma this product leaves on the clothing is absolutely a beautiful one, and it lasts for a very long time and it can be used for all the families clothing and bed linen.

            The bottle size is 750ml bottle it only cost me only a £1 from Tesco, they often have conditioner on offer for this price and when they do I try to buy as much as I can because it then saves me money and since this one is usually priced almost more near to the £2 mark, I think it is a huge saving for my personal budget.

            On average there are 21 wash loads that this liquid can easily provide and I have not actually counted if it actually does do this amount, I do find it would not be far off and it all depends how much you prefer to use for your washing and if you are using it in the machine of just for the hand washing method.

            I recommend this for anyone to give it a go as I just think it is well worth the money for most budgets and extremely good to buy when you see it on offer.

            I give it 5 stars.


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              23.10.2010 13:17
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Buy some

              I am always one for using fabric conditioner when I wash my clothes and I am always trying to find one which leaves a lingering fragrance, I think its lovely when you clothes smell fresh when you put them on and not all fabric conditioners do that.

              My bottle of Lenor fabric conditioner cost me £2 on offer in my local supermarket so I thought it was worth ago. The back of the bottle states ' Lenor Struck by Fushia gradually releases uplifting aromas with every touch, revitalising your senses with and impulsive burst of freshness' That sounded good to me as it is the effect I am after.

              My bottle contains 1.2L of the fabric conditioner and should last 34 washes. Looking now at the guidelines your not suppost to use it on garments made of fluffier fabrics don't know why this is and I use it on everything my work fleece, my velour tracksuit bottoms and I have never had a problem. It also states it increases fabric flammability so don't get standing to close to fires lol. It's amazing what you find out when reviewing isn't it!? It also is not to be used on children's sleep wear I don't have children so not a problem there I can only assume this is incase of allergic reaction which is a more sensible reason for not using it. Also it reduces the flame resistance of some clothes as well so its not for use on flame resistant clothing.

              Anyway I have never read these guidelines until today and have not had a problem with bursting into flames or with it ruining my clothes so don't need to worry about that. The liquid itself is a baby pink colour and is quite runny and has a strong smell to it which I assume is what fushia smell like. I usually use half a cap full when doing my washing thats for a full wash on 30 degrees.

              The results of this are great smelling clothes my clothes don't smell as strong as the liquid itself but there is definatley a floral smell to them which is pleasant. Some of my clothes I dry in the tumble dryer and others on a drying rack living in a flat I do not have the luxury of air drying my clothes. When my clothes come out of the tumble dryer they feel lovely and soft and smell great. When they are drying on the airer they fill my living room with the scent and again dry soft and smell great.

              The fragrance isn't one I would say that is released throughout the day but it still makes your clothes smell lovely and lasts a couple of days which is really all you need.

              I can't say I have actually counted how many washes this conditioner lasts for but I have had it a good few months so I would say 34 is pretty accurate.

              5 stars for me for the fresh smell and nice soft clothes.


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                16.10.2010 07:42
                Very helpful



                See review.

                I am always on the lookout for bargains when shopping, so when I saw that this particular product was being sold for ½ it's normal price, but also advertised as with every sale so much gets donated to a breast cancer charity, I could save and get a glow at the same time!

                The product in question is - "Lenor infusions - supporting Asda's tickled pink campaign".

                The reason that this is supporting breast cancer and one of the reasons it caught my eye in the first place is due to it's colour, with the bottle being a bright pink colour, this I assume is to indicate the "fuchsia" coloured and scented liquid inside.

                There is a whole load of "bumf" on the bottle, dosing amounts, cautions and information on the breast cancer charities themselves, but the only information I really take any notice of myself, is the scent which we have established is fuchsia, and the amounts of washes I can get from each bottle, with this stating it should be approx 34 washes, though this of course depends entirely on how much you use per wash.

                There is a finally a section stating how the conditioner releases it's fragrance, saying how with every touch to the fabric a "burst of freshness" is set free, hhhmmm, we will see!

                As usual I put a load of washing in my machine (I have a new machine recently so half of my obsession with fabric softener is the fact that part of the draw actually works in this machine!), I read that for a normal sized load of washing a capful of softener is sufficient, but I use quite scented washing powders/liquids too, so I find only ¾ of a capful is perfect.

                The liquid looks like pink milkshake, an smells really florally but with a slightly sweet undertone, quite girly with a freshness too, though of course I know it is highly unlikely this will smell the same one the washing is done.

                Once my washing is done I was right about the scent, with it being much more subtle but still noticeable enough to smell on the wet washing.

                Once dried the smell is still there (but more noticeable on certain fabric, my bed sheets are quite delicious, and I find myself obsessively changing my sheets twice a week!), and I notice it really helps with the drying times, again of certain fabrics, but any little helps!

                As for the "burst of freshness" theory, I didn't notice any discernable difference when walking, but my washing was nice enough without it.

                The softness of the fabric is very noticeable though, I am not one of those people who likes drying with line dried towels, finding them a bit too rough for my skin, but after a dose of this stuff and a quick tumble dry, I could literally spend the day in my towel!

                My husband has quite dry skin, but at no time has his skin been affected by the strong scent in this product, but of course be careful depending on your skin condition.

                Price wise this cost me £2.00 for a 1.2l bottle, though at full price this is likely to be around the £4.00 mark.

                For more information visit - www.lenor.co.uk

                Thanks for reading x


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                  20.09.2010 14:17
                  Very helpful



                  wait for them to be reduced and stock up!

                  I normally find the Infusions range rather more expensive then the other fabric conditioners so I only tend to buy them when they are on offer and when I bought the 'Struck By Fuchsia' fragrance the other day I was really impressed.

                  It comes in a plastic bottle which can be recycled with a screw top lid to measure out how much you want to use. I bought a 1.2 l bottle which is approximately 34 washes but I have found that even though it says to use a full cap for the best softness I only use half a cap and the scent is still very noticable and not too over powering. I also found that the scent tends to stick to my laundry for longer, especially my bed sheets which is lovely when you climb into bed and you can smell it every night!

                  I think the general Lenor brand is very good but the 'Infusions' range just brings that extra special scent which always seems stronger and longer lasting then other fabric conditioners I have used before.

                  I would recommend this product but I am always reluctant to pay the full price and will only buy when it's reduced.


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                  15.09.2010 14:41
                  Very helpful



                  One of the best fabric conditioners ive tried.

                  I recently sent my fiancé to get some fabric conditioner. He came back with Lenor Infusions , struck by fuchsia. He chose it because its pink and I love the colour pink.

                  *The Bottle*
                  Well as I said its pink, a lovely deep fuchsia pink actually with a silver screw top lid that doubles up as a measuring cup. The label is also pink With Lenor written in silver There's also a sticker on the bottle that says its new and improved but as I've not tried it before I cant compare.
                  It cost £2.00 for a 750ml bottle from Tesco and claims to last for 21 washes. This sounds average for this size but I always get a few more washes because I never do a full load so always put slightly less in.
                  You will find the instructions on the side of the bottle and its recommended that you use 2/3 of a cap.

                  *The Product*
                  The Lenor is a lovely pale pink colour. It has a strong smell but its lovely. A real floral fresh summery smell. I cant particularly smell fuchsia but it is very flowery. I was very impressed with the smell in the bottle.

                  I used the Lenor to do my laundry and although the recommended amount is 2/3 of a cap I only put half in.
                  As soon as I opened the washing machine door I could smell the fabric conditioner. It was so fresh. Everything was soft and felt nice. The fragrance isn't as strong on the laundry as it is in the bottle but its still very evident.

                  When I put clean sheets on the bed a few days later I could smell the Lenor when I got into bed that night. I was really pleased ,it was lovely to get in sheets that were not only clean but smelt really fresh and flowery too.

                  I love the Lenor struck by fuchsia fabric softener. Its definitely one I will use again. I'm not too sure Mark was so keen though. He did say when he got a shirt out for work it smelt a bit "girly" so I think in future I shall have to use this for towels and sheets and my things.

                  If you like flowery fresh smells then I recommend you give this one a try. It really does have long lasting freshness!


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                  25.08.2010 12:37
                  Very helpful



                  This smells so good, I don't care if it makes no difference to the softness of my clothes!

                  Fabric conditioner is one of those products which has always slightly confused me. My mum always told me to use it to keep my clothes soft. While working in the homewares department of Debenhams I learnt not to use it too often on towels as it coats the pile and makes them hard. But does the stuff actually work?

                  I always use fabric conditioner because my mum told me to. But I must admit, on the occasions when I've run out of it and just used detergent, I've noticed no difference.

                  I started using Lenor Infusions Struck by Fuchsia several months ago after receiving a sample sachet through the post. Since then, I've bought no other fabric conditioner.

                  Struck by Fuchsia costs around £2 per bottle. It is concentrated so you don't have to use too much and it reduces packaging. The bottle is a hot pink colour, although the liquid itself is a softer pink.

                  I use Struck by Fuchsia in every wash, except most towel washes. I even use it if I have bought a 2 in 1 detergent and fabric conditioner. There is one reason I choose Struck by Fuchsia over everything else, and why I use it when I don't really need to with 2 in 1 detergent: the scent. It has a lovely, strong flowery smell - but it is not sickly or over-floral. It is just perfect. As soon as I open my washing machine, I can smell it on the wet clothes. My bedroom smells of fuchsia once I hang up the wet laundry. When it is dry, my wardrobe smells nice. When I wear the clothes, I can smell it for a while after putting them on, and then when I adjust or scratch my clothes, I smell it again. I love getting into bed with clean sheets as they smell of fuchsia. Even the cat picks up the nice smell when he has a nap on the clean sheets.

                  As for the softening effect of the fabric conditioner...as I say, I don't know what fabric conditioner actually does. I noticed no difference in the softness of my clothes using this Lenor instead of Tesco own brand fabric conditioner. They weren't any worse, but I can't say they were better. I think fabric conditioner is a conspiracy to get us to spend more money...which I'm happy to do if my clothes smell of fuchsia!

                  I really recommend Lenor Infusions Struck by Fuchsia, I love it. I keep thinking I should branch out and try the other fragrances in the range, but what if they're not as good??


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                    29.06.2010 23:20
                    Very helpful



                    PREFER THE OTHERS

                    Lenor is owned by Procter and Gamble. They offer us various scented fabric softeners designed to soften our clothes and leave them fresh and delicately scented.


                    This is the Lenor Infusions Concentrate in scent Struck by Fuchsia.

                    As this has been concentrated, you only need a small amount for maximum impact. This therefore reduces the packaging required and is helping the environment.

                    The Infusions range promotes itself as having 4x longer freshness compared with Lenor Classic.

                    Lenor state "Lenor Struck by Fuchsia gradually releases uplifting aromas with every touch, revitalizing your senses with an impulsive burst of freshness".

                    The concentrate has been dermatologically tested so is suitable for all skin types.


                    The concentrate comes in a small plastic bottle. The bottle is rectangular with rounded edges and is a fuchsia pink shade. The lid is silver and doubles up as the measuring cup.

                    The label runs around the middle of the bottle and provides us with all the neccessary information including the brand, product name, how to use, ingredients and contact details for the company.

                    The label is also fuchsia pink with a blend of purple which contrasts well. The delicate flower images set off the design perfectly.

                    The bottle can be recycled after using.


                    The concentrate is designed to be pour into the relevant compartment of your washing machine drawer and should never be poured directly onto fabrics.

                    It is recommended that you use the handy measuring cap on top and measure out the following doses :

                    For handwashing use approx 1/3 of cap (18ml)
                    For normal softness use approx 2/3 of cap (35ml)
                    For double softness use a full cap (55ml)


                    5-15% Cationic Surfactants , Benzisothiazolinone , Perfumes , Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone , Butylphenyl Methylpropional , Cinnamyl Alcohol , Citronellol , Geraniol , Hexyl Cinnamal , Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde , Linalool .

                    *Availability and Price*

                    The concentrate comes in a standard 750ml size which is designed to last 21washes. It is available in supermarkets and stores such as Wilkinsons. It will cost approx £2.00 but can sometimes be found on offer.

                    *My Opinion*

                    Last week, I was feeling rather stressed and I think hubby picked up on this. He came home from work and announced he had a pressie to cheer me up. Spotting the Wilko bag, I got excited at the prospect of my favourite box of chocolates. It was not to be..he had bought me a bottle of Lenor Infusions.

                    Now I know what you may be thinking..what is he playing at? I couldn't have been more thrilled as I love my fabric conditioners and I hadn't tried this particular scent yet. I personally wouldn't have picked it as when I think fuchsia, I think overly floral and thats just now me at all! I happily accepted my gift and thanked him with a hug before getting to work on the latest load of laundry.

                    He incidently left the receipt in the bag and it was 98p on offer in Wilkos. Thank goodness he didn't pay full price as I never do! This bottle is pink overload and it can be a bit bright on the eyes. It is pretty though and dinky so fits nicely in my over flowing laundry cupboard. The measuring cap is handy though I personally just pour from the bottle into my drawer. This may be why I only get about 18washes out the bottle..I am overly generous to my laundry.

                    Opening the bottle, you realise just how concentrated this really is. The strong fuchsia smell instantly hits you and I wasn't initially over keen on it. From experience, I am aware that the scent dilutes in the wash though so I sat in hope. In went the laundry with my liquid tabs on a 30wash and I went about doing any other housework that needed done.

                    Opening the machine door once my wash had finished, I was somewhat confused as to where the strong floral scent had vanished too. It wasn't jumping out at me like others have in the past. Removing the laundry from the machine, I held a towel to my nose and breathed in looking for some hint of a scent. And there it was...

                    The strong fuchsia scent had certainly diluted and had been replaced my a mild and slightly floral scent which had some sort of sweet undertone. It took me a while to place the scent but it reminded me of the Parma Violet sweets. Very pleasant but not very strong.

                    I hung my clothes up over the clothes horse and the towels over the doors. They were perfectly soft and remained this way even when dried but there was no delightful smell engulfing the flat..I am not used to that. The scent was only noticable close up. It wasn't that strong when I placed my clothes into the drawers so unlike the last one in the range that I tried..it doesn't live up to the 4x more freshness claim.

                    Both my son and I have sensitive skin and did not have any reactions and I was comfortable washing my partners clothes in this concentrate due to the lack of scent. If it had been more floral, he would have been complaining that he smelt like a big girl.

                    Despite not being as strongly scented when washed, this is still a good conditioner though I much preffered the Ruby and Jasmine scent. I am looking forward to trying the Breath of Fresh Air variety if Wilkos get them back in stock before the offer ends as it seems very popular! The Infusions range also includes a Gold Orchid and Black Diamond and Lotus Flower variety.

                    21washes for 98p is a bargain!

                    Thanks for reading!


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                      28.04.2010 08:23
                      Very helpful



                      Good value price for good quality product

                      I love fresh smelling clothes and bedding and I think whenever you open the wardrobe and smell the clothes it is a nice feeling, and the softness when you wear the clothing or get into bed at nice and the sheets and duvet covers smell lovely and fresh.

                      It comes in a large pretty pink plastic bottle with a screw off grey lid, inside it is a very rich baby pink liquid which smells absolutely beautiful, it has a very fresh perfumy fragrance.

                      It has 4 times longer lasting freshness than some other conditioners and it is a concentrated liquid and so half the amount of the usual conditioners is needed,.

                      For heavily soiled fabrics it is recommended that 1 capful is required, and for lightly soiled 2/3 of a capful and it can be used for hand washing and only 1/3 of a capful is needed.

                      The clothing is so much easier to iron as the fabric is nice and soft and does not have so many creases and is nice and soft.

                      The aroma this product leaves on the clothing is absolutely a beautiful one, and it lasts for a very long time and it can be used for all the families clothing and bed linen.

                      It is a nice size to store in a laundry cupboard or utility room.

                      For a 750ml bottle it was priced at only £1 from Tesco and it was on special offer and it is usually priced at around £1.87 and so it was a good saving and so I bought 2 at the time. It can be purchased from any good supermarket.

                      It is designed to do 21 washes but that depends on how much you use for which type of soiled fabric.

                      I recommend this for anyone to try as you will not be disappointed.

                      I give it 5 stars.

                      Thank you for reading my review.


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                        13.04.2010 16:49
                        Very helpful



                        Try it - be seduced!

                        I always want my clothes to smell good. Especially now when I have a baby because I don't use perfumes that much. So I was looking for a fabric softener with a lovely, long lasting scent. I used to buy different brand softeners but none was good enough for me.

                        A few months ago I registered online for a Lenor fabric softener sample. After about a week I got a sample of Lenor Struck by Fuchsia fabric softener by post. Was curious to try it because package was attractive - bright, pink colours, liked the title - Struck by Fuchsia. But of course I didn't expect too much....

                        So being sceptical about this softener after a few days I started doing the laundry. When I opened the washing machine door, I was surprised by such a lovely floral scent! It was quite strong actually. All clothes and all room were I have hung clothes to dry, smelled so lovely.

                        I was surprised when after a week I was emailed a £1 voucher for any Lenor fabric softener. Without thinking bought a bottle of the same Lenor Struck by Fuchsia fabric softener.

                        4x Longer Lasting Freshness
                        21 washes (750 ml) - £1.75-2 or 42 washes (1,5 l) - £3.69-4
                        Dermatologically tested
                        Not to be poured directly onto fabrics
                        How to use: 2/3 cap - softness, 1 cap - extra softness, 1/3 cap for handwash
                        Ingredients: 5-15% Cationic Surfactants, Benzisothiazolinone, Perfumes, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Eugenol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool.

                        Available scents:
                        Lenor Struck by Fuchsia (A strikingly seductive new scent) - gradually releases uplifting aromas with every touch, revitalizing your senses with an impulsive burst of freshness.
                        Lenor Breath of Fresh Air (Time for a refreshing change) - be uplifted by the scents of the great outdoors. Blending violet with the floral bouquet of rose, ylang ylang and geranium as well as a hint of exotic spices, this variant exudes a crisp, sparkling freshness
                        Lenor Barefoot in the Grass (Put a spring in your step) - the smell of freshly cut grass on a summer's day. Crammed with a complex mix of delicate green leaves and a hint of citrus, it will revitalise your senses with a splash of dewdrop freshness.
                        Lenor Burst of Sunshine (Break out your summer wardrobe) - add a touch of sunshine to a winter's day. The fresh jasmine and green leaves with a hint of cassis will revitalise your senses with a bright, invigorating freshness.

                        Why these softeners are so special:
                        The whole Lenor range now features Perfume Micro Capsules (PMC) with longer lasting freshness technology. These diffuse through your clothes in the wash, remaining intact until you next wear them. That's when the PMCs start gradually releasing their uplifting aromas, letting you be yourself all day long.

                        My experience:
                        So, I bought a 750 ml bottle of Lenor Infusions Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Struck by Fuchsia for £1 from Tesco (was lucky - had a £1 off voucher). As this softener is concentrated it should last for 21 wash - a real bargain. Of course, it depends how much of it You are gonna pour into your washing machine. I pour 2/3 of a cap and all clothes are really soft and smell great. There's no need to use full cap (as it is stated on a label - for extra softness). Though if you wish - go ahead!
                        A few times it wasn't raining so I hung clothes outside to dry. It was windy but the smell stayed in clothes anyway. I still enjoy the aroma of this Lenor fabric softener very much. I like being in a room where clothes are hung to dry - it's really perfect scent for me. Though next time I'll try different Lenor Infusions aroma and see if they are good as this one.

                        OK, freshly laundered clothes smelled well but I wondered how long the scent is gonna stay in clothes that are kept in a wardrobe????? That was the biggest surprise - doesn't matter how long you keep washed clothes they still smell just as fresh as after the laundry.

                        I finally found a wonderful fabric softener:
                        - clothes are soft,
                        - they smell great,
                        - scent is long lasting,
                        - it's a concentrate - so very economic and much better for the environment.

                        I'm so glad that this Lenor technology with Perfume Micro Capsules has been invented. It's really effective cause now I feel like I'm wearing perfume or deodorant all the time. I have a small baby so usually forget to use perfume.... But now I don't have to worry about that. I just feel fresh!

                        Just as the description of this aroma says that it's seductive, I can conclude -
                        I was definitely seduced by this Lenor Struck by Fuchsia scent!!!

                        Also posted on ciao.co.uk under the same name.


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                          11.03.2010 08:51
                          Very helpful



                          It does what it says on the bottle!

                          I usually use the pure fabric conditioners as my husband has sensitive skin, bless him! He suffers from eczema which flares up if anything irritates his skin so I do try to be careful on his behalf and I always buy the non bio washing liquid and pure conditioners.

                          Not long ago I had a voucher for a bottle of one of the new Lenor Infusions fragrances so I decided to try one - I could always use it while hubby is working away and I am just washing my clothes. The one that I chose was one called Struck by Fuchsia (750ml) and the others available were Gold, Fresh Air Blue, Black Diamond and Ruby Jasmine.

                          The 750ml bottles of concentrated conditioner are currently £2 and the 1.5l bottles £3.69 in Tesco's, so you can see that they are not the cheapest fabric conditioner on the shelf!

                          This particular fragrance comes in a bright pink plastic bottle which is an extended oblong shape and thus fits on my shelf more easily than the strange shaped bottles that some of these products come in! The other fragrances in the range are in equally sticking bottles of black, blue, gold and red.

                          The front of the bottle has a pink label with the words '4 x Longer Lasting Freshness Lenor Concentrate' together with an abstract pink design. We are also told that this will last for 21 washes although I confess that I have never counted to check this fact! Even I am not that sad!

                          On the back of the bottle the wording says 'New Lenor Struck by Fuchsia gradually releases uplifting aromas with every touch, revitalizing your senses with an impulsive burst of freshness'.

                          The instructions on the side of the bottle say that we should use one capful of this liquid for a standard load and half a capful for hand washing. A capful of the liquid measures 36ml. I must say that I don't actually measure the amount that I use - I just pour what looks the right amount into the dispenser drawer and this seems to work.

                          I really like the smell of this conditioner - it's sweet and flowery but fresh and light at the same time. The fragrance wafts around the house as the washing dries and the washing does feel nice and soft when it is dry and aired.

                          So far this fabric conditioner hadn't been anything unusual but then a strange thing happened.

                          A couple of days after doing the washing I put on my sweatshirt (which had been washed). After a while I noticed a lovely fragrance and wondered what it was. Every so often I kept smelling the same smell but still couldn't work out where it was coming from. Eventually the penny dropped and I realised that the lovely smell was in fact me - well it was my sweatshirt to be exact. I was very impressed that the fresh smell did keep wafting from my clothes and it was really nice that they smelled so nice as well and being soft and comfortable.

                          In conclusion this is an effective fabric softener that softens the washing and the fragrance does last just like it says on the bottle!


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