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Lily Flame Fresh Linen Candle

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Brand: Lily Flame / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2012 19:20
      Very helpful



      A lovely fresh linen smelling fragrance in a tin

      One good thing about it being dark as I leave work is that I get to come home, close the rest of the world out, draw the curtains and light some candles and let the memories of the day fade away (wine helps too).

      I have always been a big fan of candles, I find them relaxing. I perfect evening for me, is a nice hot bath full of lovely Lush bubbles, a chilled glass of wine, some music playing in the background, my Kindle and some candles lit around the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere.

      Yankee candles are usually my product of choice; I simply love them and think they are great value for money, though I am quite picky about which fragrance I like. I don't like fragrances that are too sickly like Vanilla, they make me feel quite queasy, but I do love Lavender and Jasmine fragrances. More recently I've grown to love Baby Powder and Clean Cotton smelling candles usually have four or five Yankee candles dotted throughout the house with a single aroma to create a lovely smell throughout my home and this can get quite expensive, so I decided that when my last batch of candles ran out, I would opt for something new.

      Lily flame candles are a product I have read a lot about here on Dooyoo and I was intrigued enough having read those reviews in trying them for myself. Being one of those awful people who would prefer to shop online than go to a shop, I quickly hopped onto Amazon and ordered three Lily-Flame candles all called 'Fresh Linen', deciding that if I was going to try a new brand, I should at least stick to a scent I am familiar with before I get a little more brave and try others.

      So who are Lily-flame? Well I have to be honest and admit that until I had read those reviews on Dooyoo, I had never heard of them, when it comes to candles my mind is solely for Yankee Candles and nothing else. As it happens Lily-Flame have been around since 1997 and originate in Somerset where all of the products are made. Their product base is mainly Candles, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays and scented glassware, by that I mean a candle in a glass pot. Having read a little bit about them on their website I have since ordered two room sprays, a reed diffuser and another 2 candles, but those are for later reviews.

      Settling for a scented tin as my first ever Lily-Flame product and opting for a scent I was familiar with -Clean Linen, which reading from the blurbs, should smell similar to Clean Cotton from Yankee Candle. I was slightly impressed when my order arrived that the tin was slightly bigger than I was expecting it to be, it hosts 299g of product, I was expecting it to mirror those Glade Candles you can buy in your local supermarket which are really quite small and last a few hours if you are lucky, but as it happens, it is just a little smaller from the Yankee Candle tumblers that you can buy. This candle states that the burning time is around 35 hours, so depending on how long you have it lit, will depend on how many days it will last you, like most candles to be honest. The tin within which the candle is set is also quite lovely, the tin itself is silver and made of tin and around the middle of the tin and upon the lid in a lovely pastel, almost ice blue colour are the words "Fresh Linen) and then in much smaller writing is "Morning Sun, Mountain Air". Then once the lid is removed in a simply twisting action to loosen it and then if you grip it and remove it, inside is the candle. The candle itself is white coloured but surrounding it are 4 oddly shaped blobs, for want of a better description, two which are an ice blue colour and two which are a much deeper shade of blue. The wick is also present and sit's a few cm off the candle to allow the opportunity to burn quickly.

      Whenever I have candles, I always ensure they have something to stand on, because once they have been burning for a few hours they become quite hot. Thankfully a few years ago I was given some mats upon which to place my Yankee Candles so they were not either on the floor directly on my carpet or directly on my glass table. So once lit this candle becomes very fragrant and it is truly lovely. The reason why this is one of my favourite scents is because it reminds me of being a child and helping my Mum bring in the washing off the line, usually when the heavens had just opened and she had two lines of washing out, as I am grabbing for the sheets and the pegs are flying everywhere there is that aroma which you notice of clean washing, washing that has been washed and left out to dry and now, whilst almost dry, needs a few minutes on the radiator to be totally dry ready for ironing or putting away. That is the smell this candle reminds me off and it is very similar to the Yankee Candle version, not quite identical but similar.

      As well as creating a relaxing atmosphere as the flames dance about, the aroma is also relaxing and with these candles you only need to burn them for an hour or two maximum to get the full delight of the aroma which lingers, with ease, around your home and lasts for quite a while after you distinguish the flame.

      For a product like this you can expect to pay around £8.50, though if you look around online, prices do vary quite a lot. I have been using my candle, every night for around 2 hours for the last 3 weeks and looking at it I think I will get another 3-4 weeks usage out of it if I continue like I am doing. If you use it more it will last longer, if you use it less it won't last that long, 35 hours is quite a good estimation as to the total burning time you will get from this candle. Having purchased this candle and looking online, I was surprised to see how readily available they are. You can buy them from places like Amazon, john Lewis and Ocado to name just a few, though do look at the difference in price before purchasing.

      I am now glad that I have tried these candles, especially because I love the fragrance and it is a good, cheaper alternative to Yankee, even if you want to try something new for a change, two of these candles are the price of one medium Yankee Jar, which is how I justified trying and purchasing the first time and have now made my second purchase of a completely new fragrance, so watch out for the review.


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