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Lily-Flame Mango Fandango

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Brand: Lily-Flame / Subcategory: Home Fragrance / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      27.04.2012 14:17
      Very helpful



      Another excellent product from Lily-Flame.

      My first experience of a Lily-Flame candle was a couple of years ago now when I received one as a gift. Since then I have had more experience of these delightful candles, a couple have been given as gifts and some I have purchased myself.
      Mango Fandango was one I purchased after Christmas in an online sale from BHS, where they were reduced in price. Up until then, I hadn't realised BHS stocked these candles at all as I had only ever personally seen them online, either direct from the Lily-Flame website or Amazon, but I was aware they could be purchased from the John Lewis department store as this is where my gift had been purchased.

      I had never heard of Lily-Flame Candles prior to receiving one of their 'candles in a tin' and as I was so impressed with that first one I received a couple of years back, I looked them up online and was surprised to discover Lily-Flame offered 42 different scented tins in the range. This has now grown to around 58 I believe and each one has its own unique, attractive and luxurious-looking embossed 7.7 x 6.6cm tin.
      Lily-Flame was established in 1997 and all their products are made by hand in the heart of the Somerset countryside. They are now the UK's favourite scented candle manufacturer thanks to their eye catching designs and high quality ingredients used.
      As well as these scented tins, Lily-Flame also produce a range of scented glassware, room mist sprays and reed diffusers.

      Lily-Flame Candles state that a lot of work goes into the preparation of their scented candles. They have lots of samples made up and whittle them down to the very best ones using blind testing as well as burning tests to judge which scent gives the best 'throw' (sending the scent into your room's atmosphere).

      Whilst I did purchase this particular candle because it was reduced, there were also others to choose from, but the name 'Mango Fandango' really caught my attention as I thought it was great! Also I do like fruity scents when I purchase scented candles, so I would have chosen either a fruity scent or a woody scent as I tend to favour these over floral scents.

      Mango Fandango comes in an attractive orange tin with green embossed writing. Under the name Mango Fandango is written "Hot! Hot! Hot!" and this is another reason these charming little tins appeal to me as each one also has its own unique description inscribed underneath the name. Indeed these little touches added to the design makes these candles so appealing before you even open the tin or light the wick.

      On opening the tin I found an orange coloured wax inside, which matched the colour of the tin. The candle itself is handmade and has an unusual design, with raised wax triangles on the surface. In this case these triangles are green-coloured wax to compliment the orange. Just as these colours are used on the design of the tin, they are carried over to the wax inside.
      The scent of the candle was noticeable immediately when opening the tin and I was greeted with a strong and tangy, mango fragrance which was really nice. I also like other Mango scented candles, in particular the Mango fragrance from Yankee, but I actually like this one even better.
      Lily-Flame state this is "The worlds tangiest, most mango-ey candle" and maybe they are right as this fruity fragrance is really something special.

      Once lit, I have noticed that the scent doesn't lose any of its strength and after a couple of minutes I could detect the fruity scent beginning to appear in the room.
      Considering it is a small candle, it does give off quite a powerful throw, just like the others I have used from this range and once again I was impressed by these Lily-Flame tins. The longevity is excellent and I have also found the scent lingers on in the room for quite some time after the flame is extinguished.

      The burn time for these candles is approx 35 hours. I have found mine last around a month when lighting them for an hour or so every evening, which I think represents good value as you don't lose any of the strength of fragrance during that time either. Also the wax burns evenly down the tin which is another sign of the good quality of these candles, as you are not left with a hollow well in the centre. All the wax is used.
      Another thing I like about these candles is the fact they are in a tin and therefore you can take the candle with you when going away somewhere. I took one on a short break with me last November and although it was one I had already started burning at home, it was easy just to pop the lid on and take it with me. There was no mess.

      You can buy these candles direct from the Lily-Flame website at www.lily-flame.co.uk where they are priced at £8.50 each, but they are also available from Amazon where you can currently purchase Mango Fandango for £8.09 with free P&P. They can also be found in certain department stores as I have mentioned.

      For further info and product image go to: http://www.lily-flame.co.uk/mango-fandango-scented-candle-25


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        13.01.2009 13:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A very unique and delicious candle which will get you addicted to the lily flame range.

        I first spotted Lily Flame scented candles in Fenwicks in Newcastle and I was amazed at how powerful the smell was. They come in a little tin with a lid on, and as soon as you lift the lid, the smell just hits you! As the name suggests, this particular candle smells of mango and boy does it smell. You don't even have to light it, if you just take the lid off, the room will start to smell of mango too!

        The candle itself is orange in colour and almost fills in the tin, all lily flame candles also have 4 little blocks of different coloured candle within them (like little spikes) just to give them a unique and different look. Overall I really like the look of the tin and the candle itself, simple yet effective!

        When the candle is burning, the smell soon fills the room and it is absolutely gorgeous. After blowing the candle out, you will still be able to smell the mango for ages afterwards. I find this to be very rare with scented candles so have been very impressed with the lily flame range.

        I think the smell is the best thing about these candles, and having had a quick sniff of the other ones, they are all equally fantastic. However, another amazing thing about them is the burning time.It states on the label that these candles will burn for at least 35 hours! That is a huge amount of time considering the tin is only about two inches tall and I have to say, I have burnt mine for probably about 6 or 7 hours so far and it looks as though hardly any has gone. Obviously the wax has melted, so it doesn't look the same as it did when I got it, but in terms of how much candle is actually left - nearly all of it!

        The candles don't come cheap and will probably set you back around £7 or £8. I got mine off ebay and it was a little cheaper but not much. However, if you consider the burning time, the beautiful smell, and the cute look of this candle, it is so worth the money!


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          18.09.2008 19:50
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great vale and quality

          These candles in a tin are like no other.

          I first came across these rather special candles in John Lewis, I have occasionally seen them in gift stores but John Lewis store the best range. I don't normally go for secnted candles but these are amazing.

          When you first open the tin the aroma of each candle hits you full on. I love opening each tin to see which I like the best and it's always very difficult to choose as each are special in their own way. There are many aromas to choose from, some are seasonal, for example 'Festive Cheer' is one for Christmas which smells of choclate, nuts and gingerbread. Some are floral like rose petals and some are just plain gorgeous like chocolate truffle and summer pudding, good enough to eat!

          Lily flame candles use the skills of the best perfumers to assess their candles using blind testing burning tests (sounds painful) to judge which candles give the best scent or 'throw' - this is the term used to describe the sending of the scent into your rooms atmosphere.

          The tins are always a gold colour and have a label to suit the candle aroma, the one I'm reviewing today is 'Mango Fandango'.

          Since I went to Kenya for my honeymoon (many years ago now!) I have a liking for all things mango flavoured so it instantly appealed to me. The label says 'Hot Hot Hot' it is bright orange and has a touchly feely texture as it is embossed. The candle istelf is a bright orange colour wax and has (as all lily flame candles do) chunks of coloured wax on the surface of the tin which are green, red and orange. The wonderful aroma is released the minute you light it. It's subtle and gentle and not overpowering.

          I find that although these candles are quite expensive, they last for ages, around 35 hours, so you only need to light one for a short time to get the benefit.

          As with all candles they should be placed on a suitable surface and never left unattended, extinguishing the Lily flame candles is easy, you just pop the tin lid back on.

          Each tin measures 7.7 x 6.6 cms and is priced around £8 per tin.

          Lily-Flame Ltd
          The Long Barn
          BA6 8LF

          Tel: 01458 835577

          Email: info@lily-flame.co.uk



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        • Product Details

          Scented candle comes in a decorated tin / Burns up to 35 hours.

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