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Lily-Flame Over The Moon Scented Tin

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lily-Flame / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2013 21:45
      Very helpful



      Great candle in a nice tin

      Item: Lily Flame Scented Candle Tin
      Scent: Over The Moon
      Price: £7.99
      Bought in: Tickety Boo ( a local gift shop but you can buy them online easily now, watch out for deals too)

      I love scented candles and after having seen and sniffed a few of these candles in our local gift shop I decided to hand over my cash and took this little treat home.

      Packaging and design:
      The candle comes in a bronze tin with a paper wrapper. If I saw this online I wouldn't be that bothered about it. It doesn't look staggeringly beautiful but as I saw it in a shop and was able to touch it I saw that it is actually a really nice wee tin. The paper around the tin and on the lid is really high quality and thick and feels nice to the touch. The name "Over The Moon" is written across the lid and the front of the tin and under this it also says "Now's the happiest time of your life" which is a nice little phrase. The back of the tin explains that these candles are hand made in the heart of Sommerset and should last 30-35 burning hours. All text is written in a "hand writing font" which is also a nice touch. It does say on the tin to maximise its length of use you should burn it for around 3 hours at a time to minimise wax left on the sides and that "it's normal for some wax to be left over". When you look at the candle its self it is white with 4 little square blocks of wax sitting on the top, 2 are white, 2 are blue which tie in with the colour of the paper wrapper on the tin.

      Scent and lasting aroma:
      This candle smells of a combination of aftershave, talcum powder, baby lotion and that "all spice" mix that you use for baking. All combined these make for a really fresh and relaxing scent. When I light the candle I can smell it straight away and the room is filled with the scent within 10 minutes. The scent is strong enough to combat other outside scents such as BBQ's on a summers day or freshly manure'd fields from the farms behind us. If I feel like those smells are soaking in to the house, I put the windows on to the first latch (they don't need to be all the way closed) and light the candle. This will return the house to smelling like our home! If we are cooking with onions or spices I light the candle in the kitchen and this stops the kitchen from having any lingering odours. As it recommends that the candle is burned for 3 hours, I either light it in the morning on a day off to fill the house with a lovely scent or light it at tea time (about 6.30pm) when dinner is started then take the candle from the kitchen to the living room after I finish cooking. I don't use the candle every day but around every other day as some days not in the house for that long to get full benefits of it but it has lasted nearly 3 weeks now and still looks to have enough left for a few more lights.

      Also worth a mention:
      This candle tends to burn down the centre of the wax creating a wide void but leaving wax around the edges of the tin. I have been cutting these away as the candle burns down and have popped one lot of wax in the top of the oil burner we have in the bathroom. I just melted it in to the top of the oil burner the same way I would with a new wax melt as the scent is in the wax so I get extra use out of it. Looks like I will get another lot out of the remnants of the rest of the tin too, no waste and extra lovely scent filling my house.
      ALSO when I am not burning this, I sit it in the hall with the lid off and I get a lovely waft of scent each time I walk past.

      I will buy this one again and other scents in the range too.


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      21.05.2012 19:40
      Very helpful



      Another excellent quality candle from Lily-Flame.

      A couple of years ago I was given one of these delightful scented candles in a tin as a gift. The company who make these candles go by the name of Lily-Flame and shortly after being given the candle I looked up their website www.lily-flame.co.uk for more information and details on their products.
      I was surprised to discover they had a large number of different scented candle tins for sale as well as other candle products and I purchased another candle tin directly from them as I had enjoyed my gift so much.
      I have returned to the website a couple of times since and thought this was the only place you could purchase Lily-Flame products from, but just before Christmas I was in my local Bhs store in town and noticed a selection of these candles on sale amongst their Christmas gift ideas and bought myself one.
      After Christmas, there were a number of these candles reduced in price in the sale on the Bhs website and I was able to buy more, but most had sold out very quickly.
      One I was able to buy before they all sold out was this 'Over The Moon' scented candle tin. These candles usual selling price is around £8.50 each and I paid £4.50 for this one so it was quite a bargain.

      What I love about these candles is that they are quite unique compared to anything else I have seen and they are really attractive before you even come to use them.
      Each tin measures 7.7 x 6.6cm tin and although there are around 58 different tins to choose from, each one is individually designed and handmade. The lettering on the tins is embossed to give off a touch of luxury and also each tin has an individual description or slogan underneath the name of the candle, which is also embossed.

      My Over The Moon candle was packaged in an attractive teal and gold tin and underneath the embossed name was the wording "Now is the Happiest Time of your Life!"
      It is not just the lettering and tin design which is unique, inside the tin you will find it filled with coloured wax, but they also have what is usually triangular shaped pieces of wax on the surface of the candle.
      The wax here was white coloured with pale blue triangular pieces and the wax itself had what I would describe as a vibrant fresh scent which was also slightly spicy. It is meant to be an uplifting scent to compliment the label and I think Lily-Flame have got this spot-on here.

      Lily-Flame Candles state that a lot of work goes into the preparation of their scented candles. They have many samples made up and whittle them down to the very best ones, using blind testing as well as burning tests to judge which scent gives the best 'throw' (sending the scent into your room's atmosphere).
      Every candle I have had from the Lily-Flame range have been excellent quality and produce a good throw to match. Indeed, a great amount of fragrance is produced from these small tins.

      The burn time for these candles is approx 35 hours. I have found all my candles from this range have lasted around a month when lighting them for an hour or so every evening, which I think represents good value for money as you don't lose any of the strength of fragrance during that time either.
      Another sign of the qaulity here is that the wax burns evenly down the tin and therefore you are not left with a hollow well in the centre as all the wax is used.
      Being in a tin like this means you can simply replace the lid after extinguishing the flame and the wax has set and take it with you, meaning these are ideal to take away on holiday with you which is something I have done myself.

      On lighting this candle in the tin, it was only a few minutes before I began to notice a spicy fragrance begin to appear and then a fresher fragrance appeared and the two blended together really well to produce a very appealing fragrance, which reminded me of Spring flowers but with a twist of spice. It is really difficult to descirbe, but it is a really lovely fragrance, which hung in the air for quite some time after the flame was extinguished too. The throw from the candle was once again excellent and the longevity of the scent I couldn't fault, as the strength of fragrance did not weaken at all during the entire life of the candle.

      Overall, these Lily-Flame candles are a favourite of mine. They make ideal gifts as they are such good quality and look so unique and attractive. You can buy these candles direct from the Lily-Flame website at www.lily-flame.co.uk where they are priced at £8.50 each, but a number of them are also available from Amazon. It is also worth checking department stores too as I spotted these in Bhs and have been told that John Lewis have also stocked these candles. As well as these scented tins, Lily-Flame also produce a range of scented glassware, room mist sprays and reed diffusers.


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