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Lily-Flame Silent Night Candle

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lily-Flame / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      13.03.2015 20:56
      Very helpful



      Holy night...la.la.la all is quiet.

      This is a gorgeous scented candle from the beautiful range of LILY CANDLES. As mentioned before I discovered this range in a store in Ealing called RUMBLES.

      This is a wonderful scent for the winter months to warm the room up with comfort and joy.

      Although the range on the website does not clealry tell you what the scent is, it is calming and relaxing and a little sweet but not overwhelming.

      The wax is a bright blue colour and looks fabulous on the coffee table. Within the wax are four pieces of thicker and darker blue pieces sticking up, these eventually melt and blend in with the candle.
      The tins I have begun to keep because the scent is long lasting even when not lit. I love opening the tin with a bit of candle wax in and leaving it by a heater or where a window is opened because of the extra use you can get out of it.

      The tin is also quite nice in the branding with is very reflective of the candle and the atmosphere or scent they are trying to acheive.

      This does not only come in a tin but is available in:

      The website is the best place to get these as they are not easily available everywhere.
      I purchased mine for £11.95 and it lasted more than a week and this was used on a regular basis in the afternoon and evenings.

      I would highly recommend this brand x


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      29.12.2013 00:18
      Very helpful



      A new favourite brand.

      As the days get shorter and the evenings darker in the later months of the year, I find myself relying more and more on candles to bring a little cheer and warmth into my living room, and as a result have quite a collection. With Christmas approaching, I decided it was time to burn something that would get me in the mood, and having purchased a pack of three festive Lily Flame scents (Ho Ho Ho, Festive Cheer, and Silent Night) I had just the things sitting on my mantel.This little set cost me £17.99, with each of the candle tins having 20 hours burn time, and measuring at 5cm high x 6.2cm in diameter. The tins all have lids, and (as stated on the back of the packet) this makes them quite compact and easy to take with you on your travels.

      Silent Night comes in a silvery gold tin with a deep blue label, with silver moons and stars embossed into it. The candle itself is a lovely blue colour - not as dark as the label, but still fairly deep in colour. A sniff unlit provides me with a rich yet sweet scent.

      According to the packet, the scent changes when lit to 'The scent of the evening fields at harvest time.'. Now, whilst the scent does change and stop being quite so sweet, I've no idea what an evening field smells like, being a city girl. What the candle smells like when lit however is a sort of musky earthy scent, something a little grassy, but with sweet vanilla and warm spice scents mixed in. I wouldn't say it's overtly christmassy (in fact, I think this could be happily lit at any time of year) , but there is a hint of cinnamon in the smell, which fits with the festive theme.

      The candle burns clear and bright, and doesn't need to be lit for long to fill a room with scent - about 15 minutes did the trick in my living room, with the scent pervading the entire ground floor of the house. After extinguishing, the scent lasted in the air for a couple of hours, and was particularly noticable upon exiting and reentering the room.

      I love the fact that these tins come with lids, as it helps to keep the scent fresh when the candle isn't lit. It also means there is no mess to drip onto surfaces, and the fact that the base of the tin sits on a ridge means that, when the candle gets low, the hot base of the tin won't come into contact with my furniture, which is always a reassurance.

      I hadn't tried any of the Lily Flame brand candles prior to purchasing this pack of three, but I have to say that so far, I've been very impressed with this scent, and the others in the pack, which I shall review separately. If you didn't want to buy the gift set, you can purchase a larger version of this candle individually for £8.50, which has 35 hours of burn time.

      Overall, so far I'm very impressed with this brand - the candles have plenty of burn time and a strong fragrance, and burn cleanly. I think they've come to rival Yankee in my affections, and this scent in particular is certainly worthy of the full five stars.

      Available from Amazon, John Lewis, and other retailers.


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      07.07.2010 23:52
      Very helpful



      Luxurious candles in a tin.

      I love soft lights, lamps and candles and have quite a few of each around my house, so if ever anyone buys me a candle as a gift it is always appreciated.

      I had never heard of Lily-Flame Candles prior to receiving one of their 'candles in a tin' as a gift and I was quite impressed by the attractive and luxurious design of my scented tin.

      Lily-Flame Candles state that a lot of work goes into the preparation of their scented candles. They have lots of samples made up and whittle them down to the very best ones using blind testing as well as burning tests to judge which scent gives the best 'throw' (sending the scent into your room's atmosphere).
      Most of the candles in the scented tin range have an attractive label made with an embossed pattern to give it that luxurious look and feel.

      Speaking of the range, I was surprised to discover Lily-Flame offer 42 different scented tins in this range. Each one in its own unique 7.7 x 6.6cm tin.
      As well as these, Lily-Flame also produce an aromatherapy range of scented candles in tins.

      The candle I was given is 'Silent Night'. It comes in an attractive navy blue embossed tin scattered with moons and stars. Underneath the Silent Night writing is inscribed 'Sweet Dreams!' I was already impressed before I even opened the tin, as its design is really appealing to me.

      On opening the tin I found a royal blue coloured candle inside. The candle itself is handmade and has an unusual design, with raised wax triangles.
      The scent of the candle was noticeable immediately when opening the tin : A sweet musky and spicy smell with also a hint of fruitiness!
      It is meant to resemble the scent of evening fields at harvest time. Now whilst I cannot say that is indeed the scent, its spicy musk aroma does remind you of evening time if nothing else.

      The scent is said to help you relax and get a good night's sleep. As I find candles relaxing anyway and have no problems sleeping, I cannot say it helps me in this way.

      Once lit, I have noticed that the scent seems to change and becomes a little stronger, losing that hint of fruit I could smell initially. It is a lovely musky scent, however and I could smell it as soon as I entered the my living room after being in the kitchen.
      Considering it is a small candle, it does give off quite a powerful scent, which I also found lingered in the room for quite some time after it was extinguished.

      The burn time for these candles is approx 35 hours. I have had mine for around a month now and it will last a while yet. I don't light it every night, but have used it for around an hour maybe four nights a week. To be honest I like it so much I don't want to use it all up!

      I am not sure where my candle was purchased as it was a gift, but they are available from John Lewis and Amazon where they seem to be priced at around £8, which is expensive for a candle, but they are really lovely and make an ideal gift.

      You can also buy these candles direct from their website at www.lily-flame.co.uk where they are priced at £7.95 each and there is also an additional £2.00 p&p charge.

      After looking at all the different scents available on the Lily-Flame website, I quite fancy some of the other scents available such as Jack Frost, Mango Fandango, Morning Dewberry or White Lily. The tins are all really attractive to look at and if you are a candle lover like me I am sure you will agree. I think I will be treating myself in the near future!


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