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Range of adhesives for various surfaces - It sticks anything!

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2002 21:37
      Very helpful



      I have used No More Nails by Unibond for some time now and found that it was the most amazing adhesive, not least because it actually lived up to it's advertising. Now I've found another one, this time it's called Liquid Nails, and it's made by a company called Vallance. No, I'd never heard of them before either. As with my original encounter with No More Nails I won this tube of Liquid Nails in some competition or other, or maybe it was just a freebie, I don't actually remember where it came from, but there it was in my shed when I needed something to stick stuff with! It comes in a heavy-duty tube, which is a cross between a light metal and thick foil - anyone who remembers the old-fashioned toothpaste tubes will know what I mean. They haven't always been plastic you know! There I go again, showing my age! The top of the tube is sealed when you buy it and to break the seal you just unscrew the top from the tube, invert it and screw it back on again. There is a point set inside the top, which then pierces the seal if you see what I mean. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to put a simple action into words to include it in your opinion? Or is it just me? Anyway back to the sticky stuff. The adhesive is in the form of a white cream and it is solvent free, so it's no use trying to sniff it. The job for which I found it out of the shed was the handle on my front door. The screws had worked loose and I had tried screwing them back in with a screwdriver but the holes in the wood had been worn and the screws kept working their way out. All I did was to remove the four screws, dip each one in turn into the Liquid Nails and then replace them in their original holes. The adhesive dried almost immediately and you could now swing off the door handle if you had a mind to! We had also had to remove the wood panelling from the side of the bath to locate a leak a
      nd, after nailing the horizontal panels back into place, I used Liquid Nails to stick the fancy vertical pieces of wood on that cover the edges of the panels and the nail heads. Obviously I needed adhesive for this as I didn't want to use nails the heads of which would be visible when I had finished. Again it dried quickly and it is stuck fast. In my new house I wanted to use one of the combi wardrobes for some extra storage in my makeshift kitchen but the part of the plastic door catch on the inside of the wardrobe came off - enter Liquid Nails. Yes, it did the job quickly, cleanly and very efficiently! On the back of the tube it claims to instantly stick carpet, paper, polystyrene, fabric, wood, plastic, brick, metal, glass, ceramics and plaster in any combination, and I have no reason to doubt it. You just have to clean the surface that needs bonding, apply the Liquid Nails and let it dry. You may need to hold it in place in some way if you're trying to bond something heavy or something with an uneven surface. If you get some of the adhesive on your clothing it will wash out easily if you do so before it dries. The adhesive works equally as well as No More Nails, in fact it looks exactly the same when it comes out of the tube so it does make me wonder?.. To be honest I would recommend this product to anyone. I know I have no idea how much it costs since it was free to me, but whatever it is believe me it's worth it! This is brilliant stuff!


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