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Lotus Freshness Toilet Tissue

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Brand: Lotus / Type: Tissue / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    2 Reviews
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      28.06.2008 22:53
      Very helpful



      Some very decent bathroom tissues.

      What is it?
      A roll of bathroom tissue.

      Special features?
      This bathroom tissue claims to have a gentle cleansing balm fortified within its sheets. It has three plies to give it sufficient strength and absorbency. The tissue also has an added subtle fragrance to complete the experience of clean and fresh skin.

      I love this bathroom tissue and it's a shame that very few places sell this around where I live. A tissue that has a cleansing balm is a major bonus in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The tissue is not overloaded with the balm so it doesn't have the feel of wet tissues and having to wait for drying time. It is very subtle and also contributes to the softness of the paper.

      The tissue itself is 3-ply so feels quite thick, strong and smooth. I mention smoothness as some tissue can be quite thick but only because of the type material used - this is often some kind of inflated fibre and often feel quite furry to the touch and can be quite annoying as you get some fluff bits that come off and litter the bathroom floor.

      Each roll contains approx. 200 sheets which is about the same as many other rolls - it is nice to see that they haven't reduced the quantity like a few other brands that claim thicker tissues but have reduced the number of sheets and then inflate and puff the roll out with embossed designs on the paper.

      I managed to get this from Wilkinson's for £1.99 for a packet of four rolls. I am assuming that it will be a little more expensive elsewhere. Compared to many of the leading brands, this is slightly more expensive, however, there doesn't seem to be anything else like I on the market and for what it does and it's effectiveness - I'm very willing to pay a little extra for this quality.

      I really recommend this tissue. Personally, I think it is one of the best on the market - even with the cleansing balm aside, the softness, quality and thickness of the tissue is very good - compared to the tissues of many other leading brands I feel even at times their quality fails to be reach the same standard.

      Thanks for reading, xx

      ©Leighsa 2008


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        31.07.2006 19:18
        Very helpful



        Soft and balmy and prettily patterned. Smell a bit much so not so good for blowing your nose on!

        It's a bit hot for yoga in this heatwave. Never mind, I can't assume the lotus anyway. Can you?

        Cheeky Tissue
        'Soft as a babys' bottom', a well known phrase in everyday use. But what of bigger bottoms? As bottoms grow, they still need caring for. Bottoms of course come in all shapes and sizes but their function is extremely important. So, let's not get anal about bottoms or make them the butt of all jokes, let us appreciate our bums. Have you noticed that bottoms are becoming more noticed through the likes of adverts for cars, "I see ya baby, shakin that ass", as well as the 'Love your bum' campaign by Double Velvet? Incidentally, Double Velvet has now turned a new leaf and become Triple Velvet. How did that happen?

        When it comes to bums, I consider myself somewhat of a rare breed; reason one, I am a woman and reason two, I've always liked my bum. Perhaps this stems back to the day when two young male studs walked behind me and discussed my backside. I overheard them say, 'she's got a beautiful bottom', 'yeah and it's not one of those cases of nice bum shame about the face either'. I was secretly chuffed and I share this important proud moment with you now years later so that my memory of this isn't lost forever.

        Bottoms are sometimes under appreciated but they can be one of the most attractive parts of the body. But ask yourself, when did you last pamper your bottom? Well the other day as it happens…

        For years I have bought Double / Triple Velvet for its strength and softness and been happy with it. Then I made the mistake of purchasing a packet of Sainsbury's Super Soft luxury toilet tissue, thinking it was probably just as good. False economy, as you need more sheets to get the job done. So, I promised myself I would stick to buying Triple Velvet from them on. I then spotted new Lotus with Freshness at 99p for 4 rolls (on offer) at Sainsbury's, so went against my better judgement and stuck a pack in my (virtual) basket.

        For the purpose of this review I will test out the Lotus against Triple Velvet and Sainsbury's Super Soft which are in use in our house at the moment.

        Number of rolls in a pack & current price at Sainsbury's:
        Triple Velvet: 4 rolls (£1.89)
        Lotus: 4 rolls 95p (usually £1.89)
        Sainsburys SuperSoft: 4 rolls (£1.56)

        Number of sheets on roll:
        Triple Velvet: 200 sheets, average roll length 24m
        Lotus: 200 sheets, average roll length 25m
        Sainsbury's Super Soft: 240 sheets.

        Size of sheet (OK this is a bit geeky):
        Triple Velvet: 120mm x 109mm, total area 10.46sqm.
        Lotus: 125mm x 110mm, total area 11sqm.
        Sainsbury's Super Soft: 125mm x 110mm, total area 13.2sqm.

        Patterns on the sheet?
        Triple Velvet: Embossed with side squiggle patterns joining the 3 ply sheets together.
        Lotus: diamond pattern with lotus flowers and dimples, 3 ply.
        Sainsbury's Super Soft: 2 ply. Straight lines along the edges.

        Softness (Brushed against the cheek test):
        Triple Velvet: Lovely ***
        Lotus: Very soft ***
        Sainsbury's Super Soft: Not bad **

        Strength (Two sheets tugged at both ends)
        Triple Velvet 3 ply Strong. ***
        Lotus 3 ply: Soft and strong. ***
        Sainsbury's Super Soft 2 ply: Snapped into two pieces within a second. *

        The Lotus difference
        Lotus toilet tissue with 'Freshness' is a 3 ply tissue with added cleansing balm. The balmy stuff comprises a couple of types of alcohol, cetearyl laurate and paraffinium liquidum.

        The cardboard roll inner tube is also slightly fragranced. It's not really noticeable when you get it out of the pack but when you've had it sat on your lap for a while (for reviewing purposes), it does get up your nose a bit. Dont go locking yourself in the laundry cupboard if there's no window.

        So what is the bottom view on this?
        In our household we get through loads of toilet rolls. Nobody seems to comment on any of my recent purchases which probably goes to show that they take little notice as long as there is a roll to hand. On the other hand, I KNOW there would be comments should I decide to replace the white rolls with value cheapies or Izal tracing paper. This tells me as the chief loo roll buyer that soft toilet tissue is fine. My personal view is that the 3 ply Triple Velvet and Lotus are both equally as good, whilst other 2 ply tissues pretending to be quality alternatives are false economy. They may have more sheets per roll but you need more to get the job done.

        My little peaches think Lotus is great. The balm makes the tissue really smooth and soft but there is plenty of strength, two sheets do not disintegrate when in use. The cost is the same as Triple Velvet normally and I would say both are equally as good. At the current special offer price of 99p, I'm going to be buying some stocks of Lotus in. So, it's Bottoms Up to Lotus.

        Thanks for reading.


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        With a gentle cleansing balm.

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