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Lush Washing Up Fairy

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Brand: Lush / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2013 09:18
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      Wash up with the washing up fairy

      My favourite store, Lush, have made a lot of strange products in their time, but none more so than the Washing Up Fairy. For Mother's Day earlier this year, on the back of their success with the reusable bubble bar wands, they brought out a washing up wand for your dishes!

      The idea behind it wasn't that mums should have to do loads of washing up on Mother's Day - quite the opposite. It was designed to be used by the enthusiastic child doing the washing up to give Mum a rest. Quite a bizarre concept I thought! Of course, being a Lush obsessive, I had to buy one!

      The product is a pretty little pink and green fairy on the end of a stick. It is suitable for vegans, and its solid nature makes it ideal for those concerned about the environment and the amount of plastic which goes into landfill. It is made in much the same way as the bubble bar wands for bathing, and is scented with lemon oil for a refreshing citrus experience. I don't normally copy lists of ingredients into my reviews, but I have done this time, because I'm not familiar with the kinds of ingredients that go into washing up liquid and I'm not sure if something important has been left out of this (or something good added in!).

      Sodium Carbonate,Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cream of Tartar, Glycerine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Lemon Oil, *Limonene, Gardenia Extract, *Citral, Colour 45350, Colour 45350, Colour 17200,Colour 14700

      As with the wands designed for the bath, this product is designed to be held under running water in order to produce a cleansing lather. This poses problems for me, as there isn't a washing-up bowl in my house, which you really need to hold the bubbling water. Therefore, I tend to only use this to wash out saucepans and the like, when I can fill them with water.

      The product smells lovely when wet: the citrus aroma is very appealing. It produces lots of bubbles, too, and seems to be able to last for a long time disintegrating. When not in use I keep it in a glass on the side of the sink, where it looks very pretty. For everyday washing up, it seems to clean pretty well and doesn't do a worse job than other brands. It doesn't irritate or dry out my skin, either: it seems to be more gentle on my skin than 'proper' washing up liquid.

      However, the product doesn't appear to be all that great with tougher stains, such as burnt bottoms of pans or casserole dishes. For these items, standard washing up liquid seems to be much more effective. I am also unsure if the Washing Up Fairy offers an appropriate amount of disinfectant for the dishes, or if it could be unhealthy to use. I don't know enough about these things to really be able to comment either way.

      This is a good product if you are concerned about the environment and perfect for a novelty gift or concept. It isn't the best washing up product ever but does a reasonable job. Some people on the Lush forum reported that they used this in their bath instead, but I wouldn't want to bathe in something designed for cleaning crockery!

      However, I certainly wouldn't want this to replace my regular washing up liquid completely. For a start, it is much pricier at £4.95, and it is also less effective on tough dirt.

      The Washing Up Fairy is no longer available from Lush, but may be available online or on Mother's Day in the future. I don't recommend it as a regular-use product but as a one-off purchase and talking point it is great.


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