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Magnum 5 in 1 Complete Dishwasher Tablets

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Brand: Magnum / Type: Dishwasher Tablets / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2012 15:41
      Very helpful
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      Great dishwasher tablet

      You may have heard on the news recently that Aldi's profits have soared in the last year by about 200%. The media are quick to point out that we are living in cash-strapped times and Aldi is of course a discount store. The thing that is so often overlooked is that Aldi' products are not only generally cheaper than elsewhere, they are also chuffin marvellous. One day, I may tell you about their chocolate, but today it is their dishwasher tablets.

      You get a pack of 40 for £3.99 which means you are paying fractionally less than10p per dishwasher cycle. There are cheaper tablets available on the market, but the majority of these require you to buy salt and rinse aid as separate items. (An exception is the Daisy range from Tesco which appear to be the cheapest all-in-one tablet, working out to 5.9p per wash, but I have yet to try these). The Aldi Magnum Tablets are most definitely 'all-in-one' tablets, promising: 'built in salt action, stainless steel shine, power boost action, glass protection agent, soaking action and rinse agent'.

      Their performance is outstanding. Plates and dishes emerge clean, sparkling and smelling fresh, but not overpoweringly so. I have not noticed any scratches appear on glassware as has occurred when using value tablets. But you don't have to take my word for it: this product received the Which? Best Buy Award for dishwasher detergents in March 2011 for the second year running and was approved by that bastion of high domestic standards, the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2012.

      Each tablet is wrapped in a foil pack. I consider this a downside as they are a bit fiddley to open and then the pack has to go in the general waste. The box however is cardboard and therefore fully recyclable. For performance and price these remain my dishwasher tablet of choice. I'll let you know how Daisy compare in a week or so!


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        19.09.2008 11:14
        Very helpful



        Credit Crunch Beating Dishwasher Tablets

        We recently had an extension built and our new, bigger kitchen now has something I have never had before - a DISHWASHER. (Probably my very most favourite thing in the world now!)

        Anyway, uncharacteristically for me, I decided to read the instruction booklet rather than plunging straight in and trying to operate it blind, as it were.

        Eeekk!!! Salt, water hardness, detergents, rinse aid??? I didn't think it would be this complicated. Hmmm, I know, I'll phone my sister, she's got a dishwasher, she'll be able to keep me right. (Instruction booklets are SO over-rated anyway.....)

        And so I was advised to buy a "Complete" 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 dishwasher tablet-type product, thus dispensing with the need for separate salt, rinse aid and detergent.

        Now I am very partial to a weekly zip round our local Aldi for all my basics and staples as far as shopping is concerned, so when I spotted their "Magnum" 5-in1 Complete Dishwasher tablets, I thought "That's the job!" and off I toddled home, eager to try out my new toy and consign the Marigolds to the wheelie bin.

        The Product

        A cardboard box containing 40 wrapped rectangular tablets. The blurb on the box advises that the "5 in 1" that these tablets are the "ideal solution" for cleaning your dishes and that they combine:
        * Cleaning (well, I should bloomin' well hope so)
        * Rinse agent
        * Built-in salt action
        * Glass protection agent
        * Stainless steel shine

        The ingredients (for you science -type people) - <5% phosphonates, non ionic surfactants 5-15%:Polycarboxylates, Oxygen based bleaching agents >30%: phosphates Contains Enzymes, perfume

        How to Use

        Simply unwrap ONE tablet and pop it into your dishwasher dispenser. The instructions emphasise that you should try to avoid skin contact with the unwrapped tablet and that you should NOT place the tablet in the cutlery basket. Set the appropriate programme and enjoy a large glass of wine while it does the hard work (ok, it doesn't actually say that, but it should...)

        Even if your dishwasher annoyingly blinks the salt or rinse aid indicator light at you, the instructions advise that they are NOT required in the vast majority of cases. Only in areas with VERY hard water (>26*e) do they recommend the use of additional salt and rinse aid.

        Do They Work??

        In a word, yes! The dishes are squeaky clean, the glasses pristine and far more sparkly than I ever achieved washing by hand, even the pots and pans come out without a trace of their original contents (always a bonus). There is no trace of any residual cleaning agent or odour on the dishes, I really don't know what more I could want. Even the dreaded scrambled egg pan is clean!


        Now this is the really good bit so if you have been speed-reading this review thus far - PAY ATTENTION!!! 40 tablets - £2.99....and at the moment they are on special so only £2.49. So less than 7p a wash! For comparison I have just checked the Tesco.com website and the Finish products all price out at between 16p and 20p per tablet and the Tesco own brand 5-in-1 tablets price out at between 11p and 21p per tablet.


        Specially produced for Aldi so only available there! (See www.aldi.com for your nearest store)


        They work for me so how can I not recommend them? My sister uses the more expensive brand-name dishwasher tablets (well she did until I told her about these) and I honestly cannot discern any difference in the effectiveness of their cleaning. They even left one of my Spag Bol storing Tupperwares completely orange-free (so there, Ainsley Harriot!) Now I know that results may vary depending on your dishwasher itself and your water but at that price they have got to be worth a try!!

        This review has been posted on Ciao previously under the same member name carcraig.


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