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Marks & Spencer Highly Scented Infusion Sticks

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Incense Sticks & Cones / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2011 18:41
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to normal air fresheners - shame you can't get refills

      Whilst browsing my local Marks & Spencer's store I came across their 'Grapefruit & Ginger Infusion Sticks' which were on sale for £15.00. I am not a great fan of the traditional air freshener so I thought this may be a good alternative, I decided to buy one to put in my bathroom.


      The infusion sticks come in a clear plastic box with a black and cream border, the packaging has been designed so you can clearly see what is inside. On the back of the packaging are very clear instructions telling you how to use the product.

      **The Product**

      The product itself comes in three pieces;

      - A large modern looking square shaped chunky glass jar which measures approx 6.8cm x 6.8cm x 6.8cm. This jar is filled about two thirds full with the grapefruit and ginger fragrance.
      - A white pot screw top which is approx 3.8cm high and has a hole right through centre.
      - 14 Wooden infusion sticks which are approx 24cm in length

      **How To Use**

      To use the product you need to unscrew the pot lid and remove the plastic stopper from the glass jar and replace the lid. Once back in place slide between 5 and 7 of the infusion sticks into the hole lid. The sticks will then drop down into the glass jar where the ends be immersed in the fragrance. The fragrance is then absorbed into the sticks and the scent released into the room. The more sticks you use - the higher the intensity of the fragrance. The fragrance itself evaporates overtime and the packaging states that the fragrance should last up to 8 weeks depending on location and temperature. You are advised to flip the sticks over occasionally in order to refresh the fragrance.


      The product comes with a few safety warnings printed on the packaging;

      - The product should be kept in a secure place out of reach and sight of children and pets
      - Avoid any eye and skin contact
      - Wipe up any spillages immediately as they could damage surfaces
      - Do not light sticks

      When I looked this product up on the M&S website I was surprised to see a safety warning for this product which reads - Never leave a lit infusion stick unattended. I guess this must be a misprint as these sticks are not intended to be lit and there are clear instructions on the packaging saying not to do so. My advise would be heed the warning and do not attempt to light.

      **My Experience With The Product**

      I set up the product as directed on the packaging, the directions said to use between 5 and 7 infusion sticks at a time so I opted to use 7. My thinking here was as there were 14 sticks in the pack I would use half and replace with the remaining sticks at 4 weeks half way through the products expected life.

      I placed the product on a shelf in the bathroom where it did look quite nice, certainly more attractive and decorative than some of the air fresheners you come across. The fragrance developed quite quickly and in less than an hour the room was very heavily fragranced. I could not make out the ginger in the fragrance more a strong grapefruit citrus type of smell. I have to admit the fragrance was very very strong at first and I did not like it one bit. I was very tempted to throw the product away but decided against this mainly because it had cost me £15 and I hate waste. In reflection I am pleased I didn't throw it away because after a few days the fragrance calmed down a lot and developed into a much nicer smell, still the same grapefruit citrus smell but at a much nicer level, I did in the end quite like the smell.

      I turned the sticks every few days and replaced with new ones after 4 weeks. I was quite surprised to find the fragrance lasted almost 10 weeks, 2 weeks longer than its expected life. Through out this time (after the first couple of days) my bathroom smelt lovely, a nice fresh clean grapefruity smell.

      **Would I Buy Again**

      I did attempt to buy a refill of fragrance after mine had run out and was a bit disappointed to find that M&S do not sell refills. It seems so wasteful to have to replace the whole thing each time when the glass jar and pot lid are still as good as new and could easily be used for many years. So for this reason I would not buy again, had refills been available I would not have hesitated to continue using this product.


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