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Marks & Spencer Sweet Bergamot Candle

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2011 13:36
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      A poor effort from Marks & Spencer

      I recently reviewed the Marks & Spencer Sweet Bergamot Inclusion candle and was a bit disappointed with it, despite the fact I love the smell of bergamot. When I bought it, I also picked up a selection of other products in the Sweet Bergamot range, including the filled candles.

      ~~What's a Filled Candle?~~

      A filled candle is a candle in a jar - and this is similar in size to the Yankee Candle small jars - except the Marks & Spencer scented candle sits in a green glass container and has no lid. The Sweet Bergamot range is getting a makeover and the green candle wax and glass are being replaced by pink but the green candles are still available in stores. As such it's the green filled candle I am reviewing.

      I have used filled candles a lot and am especially fond of the IKEA Tindra range which I find burn well and emit a lovely fragrance.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      The Marks & Spencer Sweet Bergamot filled candle comes with minimal packaging - just a paper cover over the top of the wax with the wick protruding. The glass holder can be reused as a tealight holder or recycled.

      The candle is meant to burn for 40 hours. The scent of bergamot is fairly evident before you light the candle, but it doesn't scent your room until you have lit it and had it burning for at least an hour.

      The scent is a little more obvious from the filled candle than it was from the inclusion candle but it's really just a very faint whiff.

      I had the candle burning when my daughter's friend came to visit and he asked why I was burning a candle. I told him it was scented and asked him if he could smell it and his response was no, he couldn't!

      Even when I have had this candle burning for several hours it's hard to detect the aroma - even when I leave the room and come back in. You literally have to put your nose over the filled candle to get any real sense of what the aroma is meant to be like.

      The candle doesn't even burn particularly evenly either. I've had two and both have left a huge swathe of unmelted wax at the top of the jar on one side while the other side has a large empty space. Now I know that's just aesthetics but it makes the burning candle look really messy and also cuts the burning time. Worse, it makes relighting the wick rather difficult - and I use longer length matches to do this job. I frequently find myself getting through two or three matches just to light it when the candle has burned down more than halfway.

      I am unsure if this uneven burning affects the fragrance which comes from the candle - if anyone knows, please tell me - but by the time the candle is about three quarters burned the scent seems to rapidly diminish - which might explain my daughter's friend not being able to pick up any fragrance in the room at all.

      The wick also releases a lot of smoke and stinks when you extinguish the candle - so even if it did actually work well in scenting a room the effect is ruined when the candle goes out.

      I have purchased tealights from this range too and have found them to be the best of the bunch but I think I am going to have to call time on this range because it just doesn't offer enough fragrance to make spending £5 on a candle worth it. When I think of the IKEA candles which cost about a quarter of the Marks and Spencer ones and how effective they are at filling a room with fragrance I realise that Marks & Spencer just cannot compete.

      So in conclusion I would say this is best avoided due to irregular burning and limited fragrance and unlike the inclusion candle it isn't even particularly pretty to look at.


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