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Marks & Spencer Sweet Bergamot Refresher Oil

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Air Fresheners / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2012 10:35
      Very helpful



      A cost effective way to keep your pot pourri smelling beautiful and extend its life considerably

      I love the aroma of bergamot and along with sweet pea it's one of my favourite aromas for scenting my home.

      Marks & Spencer seem to be one of the better sources for this aroma and I have had varying levels of success with their scented candles with some being rather good and others not deserving the word "scented" in their titles at all.

      However I also love pot pourri and have purchased several packs from Marks & Spencer which are scented with bergamot. Unfortunately pot pourri doesn't hold fragrance forever and after a short time I invariably find I have to top up the aroma. Fortunately for me, Marks & Spencer sell just the product for this - their Refresher and Burner Oil.

      ~~The Product~~

      The oil comes in a small clear plastic bottle with a child proof cap. The packaging has changed recently and now the label has pink lettering and decoration instead of the old green. Each bottle contains 10ml of oil. When you open the bottle you are met with a "dropper" system to ensure you don't pour too much oil out in use.

      The oil can be used not just to refresh pot pourri but also as a fragrance in an oil burner.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      I have used this predominantly as a pot pourri refresher and have to say I am rather pleased with the results.

      To refresh your pot pourri you should place it in a plastic bag first. I usually use large size Ziploc bags as I can easily seal and unseal them. I then add several drops of oil into the bag (usually about ten), shaking all the time. I then seal the bag up and shake more vigorously to ensure the oil is covering as much of the pot pourri as possible.

      The aroma of this oil neat is very sweet and I have to say I find it a little overpowering and as a result I tend to let my pot pourri "rest" in the bag for an hour which enables the oil to absorb into the pot pourri better.

      I generally find it takes a few hours for the aroma to settle down on the pot pourri once I have returned it to the pot pourri bowl so I tend to do this job in the evening just before I go to bed as it means the aroma isn't so strong by the time morning comes round.

      The fragrance lingers on the pot pourri for a couple of weeks before I need to refresh it again. I have been using this oil to refresh pot pourri I bought at Christmas 2010, which gives you an idea of how good this is at extending the life of a pot pourri product.

      The oil can also be used in an oil burner in conjunction with water. I have yet to use the oil this way as I don't currently own a burner but I have one on order following a candle party and will try it then. The bottle suggests you add three drops of oil to 15 ml of water in a burner and also cautions you to ensure you don't let it burn dry.

      There are a couple of further warnings on the bottle - you should ensure the bottle is kept out of reach of children and you should avoid eye or skin contact due to dipentine mix which can produce an allergic reaction, and you should avoid using this on a wicked oil burner. If you spill the oil you should clean it immediately as it can react with some polished, plastic and painted surfaces.

      A bottle of this oil costs just £2 and a little goes a long way to refreshing pot pourri and as such I find it a very cost effective way of scenting my home and can heartily recommend it.


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