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Method Non Toxic Clean Daily Shower

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6 Reviews

Brand: Method / Subcategory: Bathroom Care / Type: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    6 Reviews
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      08.10.2012 22:11
      Very helpful



      An effective and nice smelling shower screen cleaner

      I think Method's Daily Shower cleaner is great and that's why I have chosen to review it. As my home descends into chaos caused by the newly mobile Baby CrazyEgg, I find I take great pleasure in knowing that there is one small area that can remain pristine with ease. I genuinely feel very pleased, calm and satisfied when this job is done: it is the cleaning of the shower screen so that there are no smears, suds or streaks upon it. I don't do it every day, perhaps once every 3-4 days. It takes but a minute and I feel wonderfully calm and in control when it is done.

      Such feelings of calm are probably induced by the aroma of the Daily Shower cleaner. Ylang Ylang is widely used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety, and this product is scented with it to a very satisfying degree- enough to linger in the bathroom for a while, but not so long that it becomes sickly or overwhelming, which Ylang Ylang, as a very sweet scent could do.

      However, it cannot be denied that much of my calm comes from a job well done. This product says that no elbow grease is required, you simply 'mist wet surfaces' with it. I tried this with scepticism and was not surprised that it did not work for me. Once dry I could see where the mist had landed and I had to redo the job. Some sort of residue was clearly left behind. Anyway, I reverted to my normal method which is to use a squeegee to remove the product, using a semi-circular motion. This left a brilliant smear-free gleaming finish which was just fab. Previously I had used a multi-surface cleaner or just plain water. Neither are as good. The Method product really cuts through dried on soap very easily indeed, and smells fragrant rather than industrial.

      Housed in a clear plastic bottle with a trigger spray this product even manages to look appealing, as I find most of the Method products do. The bottle is made of recycled plastic, and can be recycled again. They are working on the trigger to be so as well. The product itself is made from a naturally derived and bidegradable formula so is a relatively good choice from an environmental perspective, though you would need to consult the Ethical Consumer website or similar for a more substantiated view on this. Certainly, Method promote themselves as an environmentally responsible company.

      The packaging has recently changed from the above, but the picture shows the product I have been using. I picked mine up in Home Bargains for a mere snip at £1.99.

      Whatever the case, this product works a treat on my shower screen, and brings a smile to my face as well.


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        27.09.2012 20:03
        Very helpful



        5 stars

        Being a bit of a clean freak with an unhealthy OCD problem to boot, I like things in my house to be just so. When I discovered the Method range a few years ago, I fell in love and I haven't looked back. I would say I'm (ashamedly) more concerned with the cleanliness of my house rather than its effect on the environment, which is why I have always shied away from natural cleaning products. I really wanted to love the Ecover range, but found that in general, while it was fab for the environment, it didn't really do anything for the cleanliness of my home. Method products just aren't like that. They are genuinely very effective, yet so natural. The ethos of the company is one they should feel proud of (and I'm sure they do), and I generally feel good about myself when I pick up their products.

        The daily shower spray is no exception to the rule, and is a great little product. The massive plus point, especially for an enclosed shower is the lack of harsh chemicals. There is nothing worse than stepping into a newly cleaned shower and feeling like you are going to gag from the chemicals in your throat with burning lungs, or pass out, and it's even worse when you are actually cleaning the shower, but you don't get any of that with Method. It also smells lovely (ylang ylang), which is such a business. You don't have to scrub or rub or anything! All you do with this amazing spray is simply spray a really fine mist onto the glass surface and that's it!

        Their Powergreen technology is what does the job. Lactic acid, and corn starched derived decyl glucoside (huh?!) dissolve the grime and prevent soap scum, lime deposits, mildew and hard water stains. Little miracle worker in my opinion!

        We don't have a hard water problem in my area, but I still see the benefits of this product, but if you do have hard water then this product is most definitely for you.

        You don't have to worry about the product getting on your skin as there are no harsh chemicals or toxins included. The smell is fresh, and does last too. Next on the list to review is the eucalyptus scented Tub and Tile cleaner, which is equally a favourite in our house!

        Price and availability may be a sticking point for some. This isn't going to set you back a fortune, but the £3 price tag in comparison to well-known brands may be off putting for some. In reaction to this I would say that the time you will save actually cleaning (remember you spray - that's it!), the smell, and the lack of harsh chemicals make it worth it every time for me. It is available in our larger supermarkets, but in smaller stores you will struggle.


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          21.05.2011 18:06
          Very helpful



          Cannot rate this product enough; if that wasn't already obvious.

          -- My Initial Experience: Non-bathroom stain removal --
          I had never heard of Method products before. At least not until I was at a friends house and she was raving about the Daily Shower Cleaner. Not only was it great for cleaning the shower but it also removed blue paint from her cream carpet! The paint just disappeared and you cannot tell that paint had been spilled at all.

          Not only that, but later that evening I spilled red wine on my light denim jeans. Now, I'm sure your first thought would be to waste white wine by pouring that on (and risking walking home smelling like an alcoholic) but she grabbed the shower spray and started spraying it on my jeans (I just looked like I had wet myself instead - step up?). As if by magic the red wine completely disappeared. There was not a single trace that red wine had ever touched my jeans. And anyone who drinks red wine will know how much of a pain it can be to remove. Method themselves didn't even know about this!

          -- The Brand --
          So after this I had to buy it. Not only are Method products environmentally friendly but they are also not tested on animals which is a big plus. Method try to be as sustainable as they can and the packaging is recycled. They have a range of products that I am now keen to seek out! Not only for the brands ethos but also the great experience noted above.

          -- The Product --
          The Daily Shower cleaner is made with ylang-ylang which leaves your bathroom (or in some cases your leg!) smelling fresh. It doesn't smell like you've drowned your bathroom in chemicals, just nice and fresh which is definitely preferable. The Method website has the list of ingredients and reasons why each ingredient is used. There are no harsh chemicals and all the ingredients are safe to humans, which may be especially important to those with skin conditions. You feel safe using this product around the home!

          On using it in the shower it is left sparkling clean, even when it isn't used everyday. You just spray it in the bath/ shower after you have used it and you're done. You are left with a nice, clean and fresh smelling shower. I often use it as a normal cleaner for various things around the home, including sinks and other surfaces and have always been impressed by its cleaning ability. It works better than chemical cleaners; a lot more safer as well!

          -- Price --
          This product is priced £3 for 828ml. To me, it is definitely worth this price. It lasts quite a while as you don't need to use too much to see an effect.

          -- Overall --
          I can't recommend this product enough. Not only is it non-toxic and completely safe to humans, from an ethical company that cares for the environment and doesn't test on animals it is also a great cleaning product, surpassing chemical cleaners. It leaves your bathroom fresh and clean and as it appears, removes paint and red wine spills!

          It would take a lot to convince me to use something else now!


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            27.09.2010 16:33
            Very helpful



            A great product, thoroughly recommended

            Since having my son, who is now 2, I have been concerned about the amount of chemicals used in cleaning my house, recently I became more concerned after reading about the environmental damage they can do so went to Waitrose to check out the 'green' cleaners with a view to phasing them in as my old ones ran out. They stock the Method range which came recommended by a colleague and I couldn't resist getting a couple of products straight away, one was this ylang ylang fragranced shower cleaner and the other was an almond fragranced wood polish.

            I put the shower cleaner in the bathroom where it looks contemporary and fairly inconspicuous. I have always struggled with getting my shower screen clean and free of water marks and have tried glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner without much success. The fact that the screen wasn't very clean to start with combined with the fact that I only remembered to use the 'daily' spray about once a week meant that it didn't have much chance to prove its worth.

            Then one day when trying to clean the shower screen I decided to use the spray as a cleaner, sprayed it liberally and gave the screen a bit of a scrub with a cloth and I could instantly feel that it was making a huge difference. The screen is now the cleanest it has been since I bought it thanks to the cleaning power of this environmentally friendly spray that has succeeded where various chemicals have failed! A huge added bonus is the ylang ylang fragrance which is lovely, as Method say 'we love it when (your bathrooms) smell like spa'.

            The bottle is recyclable and the ingredients are:

            Potassium Citrate, Alcohol (from Beets), <5% Non-Ionic Surfactant (Biodegradeable from Coconut/Corn), Baking Soda, Fragrance Oil Blend (Perfumes), Emulsifier, Preservative (under 0.1% - Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone), Purified Water.
            Biodegradability based on international standard OECD 301D.

            This doesn't mean much to me but I trust Method (and my work colleague) to have done their research and created a 'kind' product.

            I've checked Ocado and this is listed as £3 although I thought I remembered paying more in Waitrose, maybe it just seemed like a lot cause its more than 99p! I am now determined to have a proper clean of the shower and get all traces of mould and scum off, then remember to use this every day so that my shower can sparkle forever more!


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              01.03.2010 14:57
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              I will be looking out for more method products.

              Over a year ago we had a new bathroom fitted and for the first time ever, we got a shower (yay! Don't know how we managed without it!).
              The shower is an over the bath type, with a clear shower screen at the side. For a while, me and the shower got on great. Then the black mould started, sneakily at first, in the corners of the bath, on the shower screen seal, and on the shower head. Ick. Suddenly the novelty was wearing off.

              There are loads of products out there for cleaning showers and bathrooms, and I tried a lot of them, but the persistent black mould kept coming back. That, coupled with the fact that it was really hard to keep the shower screen looking like new, meant I needed to change tactics.

              Shower sprays work a little differently to bathroom cleaners. they are a preventative product, to be sprayed in the shower area after each shower to prevent build up of mould, limescale and soap scum. I bought the cheapest I could find, tesco's own for 99p and although it did the job, I was concerned about the amount of chemicals i was fogging the bathroom up with eveytime I'd had a shower. I suffer from asthma and eczema and generally try to buy eco products if I can, but I hadn't seen anything eco in this category....

              ....until I discovered Method daily shower! Priced a bit higher than the shops own brand at about £3, this product jumped off the shelf and seemed to ooze quality. I'd never heard of Method before, but the main supermarkets seem to be stocking it now.

              Daily shower comes in a 828ml size bottle, which is made from 100% recycled plastic. The bottle is transparent, so you can see the product inside, which is clear and tinged pale blue/green. there is a blue label on the bottle that tells you that the product is natural and biodegradeable. Pictures on the back explain how to use it and the benefits of the product.

              The product is non toxic and I like the fact you are not breathing in chemicals when you spray it, or sitting in a soup of toxins when you use the bath, especially when I'm an allergic type with young kids in the house. I like the fact that this is a lazy peoples product, and all you need to do is spray it rather than scrub. The bottle is recycleable. The ingredients are derived from nature. Things like beets, corn, baking soda and coconut, so you feel safe using it and dont need to use rubber gloves, or protective gear!

              Daily shower is easy to use. Just spray. End of. It really works, and since I have used it I haven't had a problem with mould and my shower screen sparkes. It leaves a lovely fragrance of ylang ylang which leaves the whole bathroom smelling fresh. I also spray my tiles with it to reduce watermarks. My current bottle has lasted a couple of months,and I think that would be about average. the bottle looks smart enough to be on display in the bathroom, as it looks premium and not tacky.

              This stuff acually works better than chemicals, and smells like heaven.


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                14.01.2009 16:03
                Very helpful



                A brilliant product from an ethically minded company.

                I must admit I never thought that I would ever be writing a review for a shower cleaner - but here I am!

                At the beginning of December we were very lucky to be able to have our en-suit refitted. This little shower room in our bedroom was formerly a dump! The shower cubical was collapsing around us (literally) - the sliding door wouldn't open and for the last two months of its life me and 'him' had to squeeze into the shower through quite a small gap, hoping the door wouldn't drop off completely. It was not a pretty sight, I can tell you!! Anyway to cut a long story short we now have a fabulous new en-suit. It is clean and fresh and I want it to stay that way. I don't want to go back to a lime scale streaked shower cubical with black mould on the grout between the tiles.

                When the room was finished I hot footed it down to Sainsburys to get some Mr Muscle Shower Shine. This is the product that I have used for years, even though my shower still looked filthy (actually I don't think that was Mr Muscles fault!). When I found the shower cleaners I was drawn to a bottle on the shelf next to my usual product. Over night I had become shower room snob! The bottle of Mr Muscle suddenly looked a bit tacky, the colouring on the label was just a bit too brash for my new haven of tranquillity, calm and cleanliness. However my eyes rested upon a pretty shaped bottle with a minimalist style label and a greenish haze to it, so I picked it up for closer inspection.

                Non-Toxic Daily Clean Shower by Method (a company that I had never heard of).

                ~The bottle~

                The design of this shower cleaner bottle is easy on the eye and I think, quite contemporary. The clear plastic bottle has a squarish base before narrowing into a more traditional, rounded bottle shape. Screwed onto the top is the usual spray gun attachment.

                The label is a lovely shade of sage green and contains all the vital information about the product.

                ~The Product~

                This is a non-toxic 'natural born shower cleaner' that is kind to people. It contains natural products not harmful ingredients like ammonia, so there is less danger of irritation to your lungs and skin. Method claims that 'Daily shower prevents soap scum and dissolves mildew, hard water and lime stains.' It is also supposed to make your shower smell like a spa?!

                There is a list of what the cleaner contains, but I must admit due to the subtle shading of the label I found this quite hard to read so I have copied this from the website. (www.methodproducts.co.uk)

                scale removers
                plant derived soap scum dissolver
                corn derived and biodegradable surfactant blend
                performance enhancer (natural minerals)
                fragrance oils
                preservative (less than 0.1%)

                Bottle friendly - 'Recycle for good Karma'! The shower clean bottle is 100% recyclable but NOT the sprayer. However the company are working on it (It says so on the label!) they are experimenting with new technology in this area, which is great.

                The label also has some lovely little symbols with information about 'Methods' ideologies or as they like to put it - Method's Humanifesto!

                ~The Company~

                "We embrace the golden ylang-ylang rule: Do unto your home as you would do unto you.(Your shower doesn't want to have morning breath any more than you do!)" Method Humanifesto.
                After doing a little research I was surprised to find that 'Method' is a US based company owned by two old school friends Adam and Eric who call themselves 'People against Dirty'. Eric and Adam's kitchen was 'method's' first "lab". They wanted to transform typical household cleaners from toxic objects that hid under the sink to non-toxic, naturally-derived, biodegradable, and stylish counter-top accessories.
                In 2006, Method was ranked the largest eco-friendly cleaning brand and the seventh fastest growing company in the US. As the company grew Adam and Eric appointed a new CEO - Alistair, a native Scotsman. It was only natural then that Method would eventually cross the pond to the UK. This is what they have to say about their UK expansion ...
                "After testing the water with John Lewis and Waitrose in 2006, we set up shop in Richmond in April 2007 and began spreading the method gospel with launches at Tesco, Sainsbury, Boots, Ocado, and a number of other nice retailers. We started with three on the ground (Phil, Tom, and David - here on the way to a sampling event where we had to bring our own table) and our extended people against dirty family back in the US. We're now seven strong, and counting (including a few women, we promise)."

                They currently manufacture 75% of their line in the UK.

                ~Easy to Use~

                And it is - Mist wet surfaces daily after use. No elbow grease is required! It's as simple as that. The spray delivers a good mist over a wide area. It does suggest that you should start using this on a clean shower.


                Now I'm in a very good position as my shower is brand new, I might even go so far as to say it's sparkling, and Method is helping it stay that way. All the family have been instructed to spray the shower - walls and cubical doors - before they get out of the shower. We haven't skimped on using this pleasant smelling cleaner. I think it is really hard to describe smells, however this definitely does not smell of a cleaning product. More like the smelly water you buy to put in your iron - quite flowery. I couldn't say if it smells like a spa because I've never been to one!

                I can honestly say that the shower still looks brand new. You would expect the tiles to still look clean after six weeks, but the glass doors are spotless too, no streaks, no soap scum , just clear glass. I have not had to wipe it once.
                I am now using my second bottle of Method Daily Shower already. The first bottle lasted just over two weeks, but there are 5 of us using the shower at the moment. Suddenly the kids want to use our en-suit rather than the shower over the bath - I wonder why?!

                I bought this little wonder in Sainsburys for £2.93. This is more expensive than other brands, but I have decided it's worth spending a few more pennies to ensure my lovely new shower enclosure stays free from soap scum , mildew and dirtiness.
                If the 'green thing' does it for you then this product is a must.

                For more information about Method go to www.methodproducts.co.uk

                Thank you for reading!


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                Bathroom Care / With Method daily shower spray, cleaning your shower will be easy and effortless.

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