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Mira Advance ATL Memory Control

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Electric Shower. Mira Advance ATL Memory Control (8.7kW/9.8kW) With all the features of the Mira Advance ATL, the Memory model also lets you store and recall up to five different temperature and flow settings - a quick and easy way to provide an individual showering experience.

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2007 02:51
      Very helpful



      Excellent appliance that will last for years

      In and out, shake all it about. No fuss and all the while feeling & smelling fresh right after my nice warm shower. You just can't beat a pleasurable showering experience - a quick push of a button and in return an instant powerful flow of water rushing down my skin , reaching all my bodily parts. During which the temperature is enjoyable and consistent at all times. I haven`t had a bath for, hmmm let me see, 9 years or so. I just can't be asked to run a bath & wait around. Personally, the bath tub should no longer have a place in the home - showers are the way forward now. Besides, who wants to bathe/wash in their own DIRT and then start scrubbing the tub afterwards - cleaning the filth once the water has drained out. - Not me!
      When hunting for a good shower unit you will soon discover there are quite a few brands out there but sooner or later no matter how many you stumble across the name MIRA showers will soon pop up somewhere within your search. If that is the case, then hold that moment there for a while longer and search a wee bit further. I was after a good powerful electric shower as the property I bought had no shower unit installed. The plumber that was fitting my new sink recommended I buy a shower manufactured by Mira, he quickly pointed out that he fitted quite a few of Mira's designs in other homes and could vouch that they are manufactured to a high standard. Now what sounds better? - hearing it from a sales assistant/customer rep on the phone or from a qualified plumber himself , one that knows the trade as well as having some insight knowledge on the brand name. Evidently the latter and so I took his advice and bought myself a Mira electric shower:

      [Model Name]

      {Mira Advance Thermostatic ATL 9.8kw electric shower - £245.00}

      [Installation & User Manual]

      I have selected to tackle the above first because it's the most important part when purchasing such an item. Essential key installation requirements need doing before you can exploit the full potential of your new electrical shower. No matter how well presented and beautifully illustrated the diagrams are in the user manual on how to install and fit the Mira in your home. You will still need to consult a qualified electrician as well as a qualified plumber during the installation period. Such showers involve wiring of the mains system, a permanent connection is fixed to the electrical wiring. These showers draw water directly from a cold water supply - hence why all installations works should be carried out by someone who knows what they are doing. There are several warning captions in the user manual recommending you comply with the requirements for a smooth and peace of mind installation. The most obvious warning which is high-lighted several times is to seek a qualified person to carry out such work. I followed the advice and after finding an electrician as well the plumber doing his part all was up and running and ready for use after four days work.

      Despite the opening eight chapters explaining all you need to know about the specific installation requirements, which sooner or later you give up reading as it becomes clear the initial work that needs doing is somewhat out of your league The user manual does serve its purpose when reading further - containing literature and information on the special features as well all Mira products and services available to you. You know how some user manuals are just full of jargon and useless information confusing the consumer let alone translated into all these different languages that simply have no use to you. The Mira user manual dedicates itself fully to the product purchased & all displayed in clear readable English, from the first page to the last. It truly is a little treasure of a book & one that I refer to many times , its not intimidating when reading & packed with helpful advice and tips as well as a step by step guide on how to operate the special functions. It also has a wealth of contact details as well as phone numbers if an emergency or repair arises - basically if you purchase one of these, keep the instructions manual in a safe place. You won't need to be rushing for the yellow pages or getting ripped off by some dodgy engineer you found in some obscure ad. If you encounter a problem with your Mira electrical shower you simply refer to your user manual and all the information needed is at hand - peace of mind & all in the comfort of your own home.


      [Style - Looks - Features]

      The Mira Advance is a high performance electric shower that includes a safe thermostatic control for precise and regulated temperature selection - this control prevents any sudden temperature changes, making showering experience consistent and enjoyable at all times. The white Mira unit box is flat and stylish looking - a modern look that when mounted onto the bathroom tiles it appeals & compliments the décor. The unit box is not too big either hence takes up minimal wall space, a plus point as you have more room for movement whilst showering within an enclosed area. I will be submitting pictures, this will give you a far better idea of what it looks like & how much wall space it takes up.

      Sporting a flexible chrome hose that is securely attached to an adjustable handset - the handset can be lowered as well as raised by a simple push button control. The chrome bar that hugs the hose in place has more than enough upward & downward movement scope to accommodate & adjust to all heights when showering. The easy to use button controls that dominate the Mira fascia unit box are designed to be easily operated with restricted hand movement. The unit box also provides visual as well as audible information. A red power light is clearly visible when the electrical supply is connected and when ready to plunge in a green light will glow beside the selected water flow strength you have opted for. The audible tones you will hear when pushing the buttons is an indicator that the actions instructed by you are being confirmed. This is mostly noticeable when pushing the stop button after showering - the Mira performs its shutdown sequence, a complete cut off that takes 3 seconds to complete. Not one single drop of water or leakage from the spray plate holes can be seen - it performs a clean cut shutdown.

      There are three independent flow settings - low, medium & high all of which release water out of the hose quickly & efficiently no matter what setting you pick. The temperature gauge is responsive when turning clockwise or anticlockwise but having said that, it's not something you will be fiddling with much once you have established your desired temperature. The Mira comes equipped with independent selection of temperature - no need to reset the temp each time the shower is used. My ideal setting is High Flow - Temp Mark 6 - absolutely perfect for me. The Mira unit calculates the flow rate and power level to keep the temperature constant. When showering you have the choice of four different spray patterns, known as start - soothe - force and eco. All spray patterns are clearly marked on the spray plate above your head, making selection easy if wanting to change the water flow pattern whilst showering. The last but all important detail is the soap tray as well as a plastic thick ring that allows you to rest your shower gels - its a big enough ring to accommodate 3 or 4 hanging gel bottles & if you feel you need more room you can rest two shampoo bottles on top of the Mira unit box.

      [General Maintenance / Repairs ]

      Providing you have followed the advice in the user manual by appointing a qualified electrician and plumber during the installation period then general maintenance is minimal. The Mira electric shower is truly durable and a very reliable unit - have used it constantly now for three years and I have yet to experience a minor breakdown with the functions and mechanism let alone a major breakdown. A simple push of the button instantly triggers the thermostatic temperature control and two minutes later the water reaches its accurate & desired temperature for you to step in with confidence. There is no need for a cautious step in with this shower model as you can guarantee the water temperature will be perfect when touching the skin. So regards to faults and major repairs I can gladly say the Mira electric shower has never failed me yet , instead it continues to respond and perform as good as day one.

      However, there is one general maintenance chore that needs monitoring in order for you to keep getting the best out of your electric shower. The spray plate holes must be regularly kept clean & in good condition - this is very easy to disable when needing to address this important part of the maintenance requirement. Lack or failure to clean the spray plate will lead to poor performance and may cause failure in the unit box. If I ever do encounter a functional problem with my shower then I can always refer to my user manual and contact Mira customer service for advice or request a service check from one of their qualified engineers.

      [Value For Money]

      The Mira electric shower in my opinion is a high quality engineered product & well worth the payment of £245.00 with a 2 year period guarantee - Its trouble free thus far and it never fails to deliver a safe and pleasurable showering experience. It provides on the spot showering day or night, which is ideal for hectic and busy schedules - far more practical than running a bath tub - Don't you think?

      However, I would add another £250 on top of that which should cover the plumber as well as the electrician - So you're looking on the lines of around £500 total for the purchase as well as the installation being carried out by a qualified engineer. That's what I paid; I bought the electric shower from B&Q and then got it installed privately. But having learned about Mira's on call support team as well as their 24 hour breakdown hotline - This has reassured me that I have nothing to worry about if ever I need an engineer urgently.

      Note: I got a good price for this shower but this model can be priced as high as £315.00 on some plumbing websites, best price I have seen is £225.00.

      [My Final Verdict]

      Its thumbs up all the way for this product - The Mira electric power shower is a first class appliance, safe and easy to use and more importantly RELIABLE. I am pretty confident that after three years of use and all trouble free I will continue to enjoy using the Mira shower for many years to come. An excellent product that meets all the criteria & more - its simply manufactured to the highest standards. So if you plan to purchase one of these or any of the other Mira shower range styles, you can shop with confidence as your are buying a product that has the potential to last a good lifetime.

      [Company Details]

      Mira Showers
      Kohler Mira Ltd
      Cromwell Road
      GL52 5EP

      Customer Services
      Tel: 0870 241 0888

      Highly Recommend!!

      Thanks … © Stroody 2007 @1.30am 21/10/07


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