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Electric Shower. Choose between 7.5kW, 9.0kW and 9.8kW. One of the best-selling electric showers in the UK, Mira Sport has been providing customers with an invigorating shower experience for over a decade. And now Sport has just got even better, thanks to some great improvements across the range.

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 11:44
      Very helpful



      One of the best electric shower on the market.

      The Mira Sport is one of the most popular and well known electric showers on the market. Even people who know zero about showers have probably heard of Mira. It comes in 7.5, 9, 9.8, and now 10.8KW (Kilowatt) versions, there is also a Max version, which helps boost flow, and a thermostatic range, but I am going to review the standard model. It's probably worth mentioning that the current model has changed slightly from the model pictured, although most of the changes are superficial, and the slide rail kit (rail, hose, & showerhead) has changed to a newer version. The insides are still pretty much the same as the older model (pictured) we have fitted in our flat for over four years now. I recon I have given it a good workout to justify a review by now.

      Firstly, if you are a bit unsure what defines an electric shower, I'll give you a quick run-down. Basically they only use a cold water supply, and an internal electric element heats up the water before it gets put through the hose and onto your head. You of course need a fused mains electricity supply to power the unit. This is unlike a mixer shower which uses your hot & cold water supply, and mixes it inside the valve. An electric is handy as a second shower if your boiler is ever on the blink.

      The Sport is like most other electric shower in that it is a rather uninspired white box stuck on the wall. They used to do a chrome version which at least fitted in a bit better in a modern bathroom, but unfortunately they have stopped doing this model. One day somebody will design a more attractive electric shower, but until then, we will have to make do.

      If you have a new installation, then you have no worries with the Mira Sport. You or your plumber will simply set up the pipework (15mm copper) and power cable to suit. The box and rail then simply screw onto the wall. If however, you are replacing an existing shower, you may have to be wary of what you are buying, as the inlet pipe (your water supply) for the Sport is on the left hand side of the box, and some other brands like Triton, are on the right. This means you may not be able to position it correctly, to cover all the existing holes in the wall from the old shower. Also watch your power supply cable, as the more powerful 10.8KW version needs a thicker cable than some older shower may have fitted. If you are in any doubt about any of this, the please speak to a plumber/electrician, otherwise you could spend a fortune on a shower that isn't suitable!

      The Mira sport fascia has three main controls all of which are fairly self-explanatory: an on/off button, a temperature dial, and a flow power dial. In general as long as everyone is happy with the same temperature, and assuming most people will put it on the highest flow setting, all you need to do it put it on and off. The buttons and dials all feel solid, although the on button does need a firm push to register.
      The shower head has three adjustable spray settings, so you can change from a wide spray, to a more focused jet if desired, and the head can be moved up and down the metal rail to cater for your height/preference.

      I work in a kitchen & bathroom showroom, and people often ask me how well the Sport preforms. This is actually a pretty tricky question to answer. Essentially, the higher the KW rating, the better the flow is through the shower, so a higher rating gives a better shower, but also uses more power. This will cost more to run however, an important point to remember if you have a large family running this shower every morning and evening.

      Be wary of flushing toilets, or running lots of taps whilst someone is in the shower, as this reduction in flow may cause a few yelps and choice swearwords from the shower occupant!

      I have the 9.8KW version, which is the 'middle of the road' model. In comparison to some other similar but cheaper showers, I can say that the sport gives a far better shower than most. A cheaper model, the Mira Vie, I used at a family members, which was also a 9.8KW, had nothing like the spray power mines has. Remember this is not a 'power shower' so it does not boost anything to a high pressure, however, it still supplies a good flow of water, and the temperature settings are ideal whether you like a cool shower, or are only happy if the water is roasting.

      If you are concerned about the water getting too hot, i.e. for kids, or older family members, then you can look at the thermostatic version: it controls the temperature levels better and you can't get scalded. Don't fear though! even the basic Sport models have something called Sensi-flo, which stops dangerous temperatures of hot water from being sprayed.

      In the four years I have had the Sport fitted I have had very few problems, and zero with the actual shower unit. All I have had to do is replace the hose twice, and the holder for the showerhead once. These are pretty common issues on any shower. Also watch of you live in a hard water area (we don't) as lime scale can start to clog up the nozzles of the shower head, but that stands for any shower model. Other than that, my sport simply works, 'nuff said.

      The various Mira Sport models are widely available from many DIY stores, plumbing merchants and online. The prices vary with the KW versions, getting more expensive the higher the power goes. Basic models will start from about £189, but some will be nearer £300.

      I can definitely recommend a Mira Sport if you need to fit an electric shower. Sure, there are always cheaper models, but think about it....how many other essential appliances in your house get used at least once daily by all the family. How upset will your daughter be if she can't get her shower!! To me its false economy to go cheap with a shower, this is before even considering how expensive plumbers are to call out.


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        31.07.2011 00:05



        A good basic shower that does what it says on the tin!

        This is the shower that is installed in our rented flat. We have lived here for 3 years and I have to say I haven't got a bad word to say about it. I mean of course it's the most basic Mira shower you can buy and it only has two (shock horror!) dials on the front, but it's dead easy to use, the temperature doesn't fluctuate wildly and the shower head that comes with it is fine.

        I obviously didn't install this shower, so I don't know how easy that is, presumably your would hire a plumber/electrician to do it properly.

        As for working the shower, there is an on-off button on the shower, the top dial is for water pressure and the bottom dial is for water temperature. It can get very hot so we have it somewhere in the middle of the dial.

        In terms of cleaning the shower is a doddle, you just wipe the front and I occassionally take the time to de-scale the shower head as we live in a hardwater area and that means we tend to get a bit of limescale on things. If I don't descale then we get blocked holes in the showerhead.

        Other than that I think it's a really good shower that is reliable (ours has been used twice a day, at least, every day for the last 3 years and we haven't had a problem) and easy to use and maintain. What more could you want?!


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