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Next Ethnic Lanterns

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Brand: Next / Type: Lanterns

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 16:29
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      A fantastic lantern from Next that looks beautiful.

      === The product ===

      This is a metal lantern. The lantern has a gothic style pattern to it and there is a small door that opens on one side allowing you to place a tea light in to the holder provided. You then simple close the door back up and your lantern will be illuminated by the candle and look very pretty. There is a flexible handle on the top of the lantern, there is a semi circle of metal with a little kind of hat and then on top of this there is a ring and the ring twists independently from the 'hat' which also moves round so the whole thing is movable and won't get broken if it twists round in the wind if hung or used outside. These are 21 cm high & 10cm wide and they are made from metal.

      === The packaging ===

      As I purchased mine in store they were simple wrapped in some pretty paper using some sellotape and then provided in a carrier bag. I hate excess packaging and was very pleased that these were not over wrapped. These are incredibly light so excess packaging would have just annoyed me on the long walk home from the town!

      === How to use these ===

      Well there is a little hinged door and when you remove the clasp two of the eight panels will open up on a hinge and then you can comfortably get your fingers inside to change over the tea light. The tea light holder is quite deep and there is a little room for movement so different styles should comfortable fit in here as well as small votive sized candles as well. The clasp is very simple to use and then you just close the door up again.

      === Where can I buy these & for how much? ===

      These can be purchased from Next, in store or online, and a set of two lanterns costs £12.00. I was led to believe that these could only be purchased as a set of two, at least that's the impression I got in store when I purchased mine, however, I can see that I still have a price tag on the bottom of one lantern and it is listed as being £6 so perhaps you could purchase these individually if you wanted to. On the Next.co.uk website they are listed as being a pair for £12.00 also so who knows?!

      === Overall opinion ===

      Overall I love the design of these, they look very stylish either side of my jewellery box on my bedroom windowsill, however, I do have a bug bear and that is the clasps on them. Obviously as I have two lanterns I know that the problem I have having with the clasps sticking and not closing the panels back up quite straight is happening on both of them and it is probably a design fault more than bad luck, but possibly not. I find that when I shut the panels back up that they are not quite straight to the bottom of the lantern and I have to fiddle around with them for a few seconds before they close back up properly. It's not the end of the world but it is a little bit fiddly and annoying and I just wouldn't expect design flaws like this from Next to be honest.

      The lanterns work very well, they cast a lovely pattern when there is a light candle inside and they do look wonderful on my bedroom. Because the candle is held within a deep little dish I don't have to worry about the candle splashing or falling over if these get blown a little by the wind as the candle is held tightly in place but is still easy enough to remove when I need to.

      I love the handle of the top of these, this means that they could be hung from the ceiling to create a different kind of gothic look and I have been thinking of doing this on either side of the bed as I just know that they will look lovely, however, you'd probably need quite a large hook to hang these safely and that would take away from the nice effect quite a bit I think, also, I worry about freak accidents and don't fancy a candle falling down on me in the night!

      If you like the gothic/ethnic kind of look or you are looking for some lanterns with a difference then these are the ones for you. They are stylish, they blend in well with my black & white theme in my bedroom and more importantly they work for the purpose that they are designed for!


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