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Next Pomegranate & Nutmeg Fragranced Candle

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2 Reviews

Brand: Next / Subcategory: Home Fragrance / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      28.03.2008 12:00
      Very helpful



      I was disappointed by the lack of scent but the candle is still very nice

      I live in a rural area and we experience lots of powercuts mainly over the winter but sometimes in the summer months too. I was aware of this problem when I brought the property so I have learned to adapt to the enforced hours of darkness by indulging my love of candles.

      I brought this Next fragranced candle because I love the smell of nutmeg and had imagined my bungalow filled with the warming scent of spices when I lit it. Unfortunately that didn't happen because even though the candle smells a little bit spicy before it has been lit, there is no smell at all from it while it is burning. I had thought it would smell fruity and spicy because of the name of it (Pomegranate and Nutmeg) but I was disappointed, I want to get across to you that there is zero smell at all from the candle. Nothing expect the slight scent of burning candle, and you get this with every candle you burn.

      So, don't think of this as a fragranced candle think of it instead as a normal candle in a very pretty glass holder. My candle is quite tall and sits securely in the holder. The wick is good quality and it does not spit or splutter either when I first light it or when it has been burning for any length of time. The candle itself sits in a beautiful red glass holder that is decorated with an attractive velvet swirly design. I think it looks lovely in my lounge and even though the fragranced aspect of the candle is not very good I am still highly impressed with the looks of this Next candle.

      When the candle is alight the glow shines through the glass holder and makes the velvet pattern stand out better and I think it is a gorgeous effect that I will certainly look out for again when I am buying candle holders.

      I have another problem with this candle, one that I had not noticed until last night when I had used this candle for about the 3rd time. It is one of those annoying candles that only melts the wax underneath the burning wick and this is creating a kind of tunnel that the wick is gradually disappearing into. Its getting on my nerves now because I burned my fingers last night trying to light the wick because it has sunk so far into the candle. I will end up melting and remodelling all the left over wax I think because there is going to be a lot of this candle left over by the time the wick decides that it hasn't got enough oxygen in the tunnel to burn.

      This candle cost me £9. 50 at Christmas and I think for the beautiful holder it probably was worth this money. I have used Next candles before and although they are all beautifully designed they always have little problems with the candles themselves. I will replace this candle with one of my Yankee Candles but keep the holder because it is so pretty, I will have the best of both worlds then.


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        04.03.2008 06:17
        Very helpful



        More decorative than scented!

        - Price -

        Since this was a gift, I don't know the exact price but I've seen lots of candles of varying types and sizes in Next ranging from £8 - £20. Since this is one of the smaller ones on offer, I'm assuming it was at the lower end of the price bracket. Not that I am complaining as I am a fan of scented candles and will never turn my nose up at trying new ones.

        - Packaging -

        The candle came in cellophane packaging with a little bow tied at the top. It does look very attractive and seasonal, given that it was a Christmas gift.

        Stuck at the base of the cellophane packaging there was a sticker that stipulates directions for use, warnings about not leaving lit candles unattended etc. I actually preferred the idea of this being on the cellophane as sometimes manufacturer's stick these on the base of the glass holder and they aren't 'easy peel' and irritate me when I can't remove them!

        - The candle -

        ~ Size ~

        The candle is a decent size, approx 9cm tall, including the glass holder.

        ~ Appearance ~

        The candle is white and sits inside a very attractive thick deep red coloured glass from the Eastern Red range of products which includes candles and photo frames.

        What makes the glass ever so slightly different is that it has a swirly embossed velvety pattern on it which looks even better when lit as the light from the flame shines through the transparent sections of the glass enhancing the patterned effect. I had provided a picture link for dooyoo but for some reason they aren't showing it.

        ~ How long does it last? ~

        The info on the base of the candle, doesn't give an approximate burning time which is quite unusual as most I have used have usually given a 'guesstimate'!

        On average I have left this lit for a couple of hours for the past week and so far it's gone down about 4cms - if that's of any help to the consumer.

        ~ How easy is it to light and how does it burn? ~

        At first it is very easy to light but I have to say that as the nights have rolled on it is becoming more and more difficult to light.
        The problem being that the wax is only melting in a small circular shape around the wick which is becoming deeper and deeper.

        Given that I have experienced this problem with other candles, I bought some incredibly long matches specifically designed to light candles. Without these, there would be no way that I could light the wick with a lighter or indeed even a normal match, it's just too low down!

        There is therefore a very thick, waste of wax from the top of the glass, around the wick to where it is burned down to at this stage and I loathe waste!!

        ~ The Smell ~

        I was really looking forward to the warm, wintery smell of the nutmeg and I am not averse to pomegranate although not really an expert on the scent given by a pomegranate so I couldn't wait to have my room filled with these fragrances.

        On opening the packaging, I was a little disappointed, not a strong smell of either of these products but I had high hopes for when it was lit.

        I like my scented candles to mask the smells that can sometimes develop in a room during the winter months when the windows and doors aren't opened as regularly as I would like but this just doesn't do it for me.

        Even when lit there isn't even a slight hint of nutmeg even if I 'shove' my nose right in to the firing line of the frame. However the over-riding smell reminds me of a strong aftershave.

        It doesn't overpower the room with this masculine smell but it lingers on my fingers after I have put the wick out - Odd you may think, using damp fingers to extinguish the light but a few weeks ago, I blew a candle out, got too close and some of the hot wax 'spat' back on to my face!

        - My Verdict -

        I really like the appearance of the candle holder and it fits in well with the present season, however It doesn't give fill my room with warm wintery smells as the name of the product suggests.

        I still light it at night time as it emits a lovely colour and calming glow to the area but apart from that it's benefits end.

        Having used this candle for more than a week, I think that Next must have been more interested in the 'look' of the candle as opposed to it's ability to fragrance a room with the scents of the products used in making up the wax!
        Needless to say, I won't be replacing it.

        - Next Candles -

        Next have a range of candles which I have to say make attractive looking gifts but worth looking out for in the sales if you can bear the 5am start!!
        ~ Signature fragranced
        ~ Signature fragranced 3 wick candle
        ~ Teal candle garden on stand
        ~ Blue glass candles.

        I have given the candle 2 stars due to it's appearance. However for the fragrance, I would only give it one!


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