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Nick Moore Infinity Candle

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Designer: Nick Moore / Type: Candle Holder

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2013 11:22
      Very helpful



      Candle holder with an illusion

      Brilliant Adventures Limited Presents Nick Moore's Infinity Candle was a housewarming gift. It's a simple design with a circular mirror back and a separate circular glass front slotting into the metal base with a shallow cup in the centre for a tea light candle. Rather than just acting like a window the glass panel reflects the tea light so it's like it's between two mirrors and creates the infinity design. While it looks like there are lots of candles in a line from the front, looking at it from an angle can create an infinity arc.

      I wasn't too sure about it until I removed all the packaging as I was sure it really needed to be between two mirrors for it to work but even unlit I could see 4 or more tea lights depending on the angle. There are 4 tea lights included, each in a foil mould so it won't drip over the metal holder. I liked that 2 had red foils and 2 were silver as it adds a little colour where the candles themselves are just white.

      Lighting the tea light is easy as the front glass panel can just be lifted out the holder, tea light lit and glass replaced. The only downside to this is I've noticed a lot of fingerprints around the glass which can slightly detract from the effect although I don't really notice it unless a light is shining on it. To help reduce this I hold it nearer the bottom so the rest of the glass is blemish free. They are easy to clean though with regular glass/window cleaner. While the candle is lit the mirror can be angled slightly which changes the direction of the infinity too which adds to the illusion although it's hard to get the full effect until the candle is lit.

      There's not a lot of wick to the tea lights so after having the first one on for about 3 hours and then trying to relight it the next day it just burnt out straight away so I was glad there were 4 provided. There was no mess though so it was easy to discard one and replace with another. The box does say to use good quality tealights too.

      The box shows there are various sizes of Infinity Candles available to buy - we had the smallest for a tea light but there are much larger ones suitable for church candles. I've had similar cheap gifts like this before but usually it's the stained glass front and I have to say I much prefer this one. For anyone who does like candles it would make a unique gift and it looks better with coloured candles rather than the white just to add a splash of colour although if it's on in the evening it just looks like floating flames. Scented tea lights work well it too because there's very little enclosure to it.

      Priced around £30 though it's not cheap but I've not seen this effect before or since. Even though the tea light holder is the smallest it's still a decent size and very sturdy with the metal base so I would say the price is justified. I just wish the glass wouldn't show up fingerprints so much but other than that I really can't fault it.


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