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OLLY washing powder

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2005 09:01
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      What is OLLY?

      Well, it's a highly effective, natural, enviromentally friendly washing powder. And it's made from olives! It really has amazed me at how good it is.

      Why is it made from olives (and a history lesson!)?

      A long long time ago, in a land far away, Soap (as we know i today) was discovered in by those clever so in sos, the Romans (in about 300BC). It had been used previously to that as long ago as 1500BC by the Egyptians, but it was used mostly as a medicine. Romans were fanatical about keeping clean and bathing (hense the spas and Roaman baths around the world). In fact the word soap come from the Romans (from mount sappo). By the seventh century, Italy, France and Spain were making soap from olives (just like Olly). Of course things have moved on a lot since those days. Olly is made from olives because it’s kind to the environment, your skin, and highly effective in cleaning and caring for your clothes.

      Whats the difference between soap and a detergent?

      A soap is made from vegetable or animal oils and fats. They are made from largely natural ingredents. Detergent is man made (developed by the Germans in World War 1). They have been know to cause various skin disorders and can irritate the skin. Some chemicals used in washing detergents are known carciogenics. Is Olly as good as a detergent? In short, i think so, yes. Any heavy stains I have always pre soaked them or rubbed ina little washing up liquid, vinegar or whatever is supposed to be the best thing at removing that particular stain.

      Infact, recent tests proved that Olly was as effective as leading detergent washing powders (even though Olly is not a detergent and safer for your skin, clothes and the environment!).

      Here comes the scientific bit: olives have a high molecular structure, which gives Olly a high penetrative power. This means that Olly is highly effective at cleaning. Olly also includes Zeolites, (natural mineral crystals structures). They soften water and prevent limescale. They assist in cleaning and help to stop dirt from being re-deposited during washing.

      Since using Olly I havent had the need for a fabric conditioner. And as it's only 2.99 compared to persil at £2.60. (any decent supermarket should stock it, I got it from Waitrose but I'm sure its in the others if they stock it). so it's far cheaper then Ecover, the other brand of enviromentally friendly washing powder. Do yourself and the enviroment a favour. Go and get some Olly.


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