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Paint Runner System

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2009 14:59
      Very helpful



      A Great Way To Take The Pain Out of Painting

      Runs Out Of Steam!!!

      My fiancé and I had just bought a house and had to wait for two months before any of the furniture arrived so we decided to decorate throughout. With it being quite a big house compared to what we're used to, we wanted something to make the job of decorating easier. I came across Paint Runner while flicking through the TV channels.

      The Paint Runner is not a normal paint roller, it's shorter, fatter and hollow, and you don't need a tray. What you do get in the box is a paint runner, an extendable pole, a filling jug and a smaller version for edging. The way the paint runner works is you use the jug to fill it with your paint. Yes you put the paint on the inside. You can fill it a litre at a time. The paint will then slowing be dispersed through a foam cover as you paint. This allows you to paint continuously for ten minutes. The small roller also works in the same way, and it is set at an angle so you can edge your walls without touching anything like door frames or window sills. The extendable pole also enables you to paint ceilings without having to stand on something. The manufactures claim that you can have clean, drip free painting so no need to cover up your furniture.

      When we got the paint runner we set to work on painting our house. We bought two, as they were on offer at the time, so we could both paint at the same time. We filled one with paint and off we go. Nothing happened; I was so disappointed as the infomercial made it look so good. We discovered that the roller needs to be primed to get going. The easiest way to do this is to spray it with water and then roll it on the wall that you are painting. After a while the paint starts to come out and you are off!!! A disadvantage of the roller being filled with paint is that it is really heavy when it's full, so can be quite difficult to hold it up high. The pole does help, but I felt I couldn't get the required pressure when using it. I also found that the aluminium on the pole rubbed off on my hands, and made them black.

      It is true, you can keep painting for a long time, you can easily do a small room in ten minutes with this roller. When it starts getting harder to paint and the roller is feeling light, it's probably empty. All you have to do is open it up and refill it. The hard part comes when you want to change colour or clean the roller. The instructions tell you to just put the roller underneath a running tap and let the water flow through until clear, which should take a few minutes. I found that this wasn't the case. It really is a nightmare to clean. I found that the easiest way was to use a small brush and try to clear as much of the paint inside the roller with this whilst running water through it and then keep the water flowing through while squeezing as much of the paint out of the foam cover. Once the water seems to be running clear, which took around 20 to 30 minutes, it is best to let it soak in soapy water over night. Unfortunately if you want to change colour you have to keep cleaning until it is clean enough.

      The other problem with cleaning, and then changing colour is that the roller becomes very wet. If you fill with another colour straight away and then paint, you end up with lots of water all over your walls, and it becomes very hard to paint with. As for the edger, I found it to be a complete waste of time. I only used it once, and it just did not work. I quickly went back to using a brush to do the edges.

      After using the paint runner for a while, like I said we were painting a big house, we noticed that it started to leak, and there would be speckles. We thought maybe that the lid wasn't on properly, but on closer inspection we could see that the foam cover was slowly wearing away. According to the information they are supposed to last for years. Well ok, we had done a lot of work with it, so maybe it was fair enough and we still had another one to use. But no, this one was doing it too. This became quite annoying as we then had to keep cleaning it off things, or had to use a dust sheet. When cleaning the rollers this time, I could see that the foam was bulging and there was no way I was going to get them to clean.

      Although I was disappointed with them in the end, they had served their purpose and painted the whole house quickly and easily. When working, they do leave a perfect finish with no brush or roller marks. I would probably recommend them for bigger jobs, but would personally be sticking to a normal roller for smaller jobs.

      Price - £29.99 for two from Ideal World



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        18.02.2009 23:20
        Very helpful



        painting made easy for everyone

        The other week the wife informed me that she wanted to redecorate the house... translated in real terms, she wanted me to re -paint every room... either that or she would hire a painter to come in and do the job for a remarkably large amount of readies...
        As I can be quite handy with a brush I decided to save hundred of pounds an do the job myself... especially as I knew of a quick method which would get the results required and keep the wife happy...and save me lots of money in the process...
        This method being the brilliant paint runner system...

        ** WHAT IS IT..?

        It is a painting tool, which looks a little like a fat paint roller, that you simply fill up with paint and then use as you would a normal roller...only without the hassle.
        Its apparent unique design allows it to paint evenly without the drips and the mess, thus helping you to paint a room in a fraction of the time that you would normally take with a normal paint roller.

        ** WHAT'S IN THE BOX..?

        When you open the box you are met with the actual paint runner system which, as I said, looks like a fat paint roller trapped inside an orange frame, locked in by two blue plastic caps...
        Also, you get three short lengths of hollow tubes which screw together and attach to the orange plastic frame on the roller to give you a good couple of metre reach for those higher areas...
        A rather strange looking foam covered miniature roller system which is for the edges of walls
        A jug with which you can fill the paint roller up with and some instructions to use the thing.

        ** SETTING IT UP...

        Again, another simple task which, if done properly, will save you a lot of time and mess.

        1) Stand the roller on its end and pop open the blue plastic cover on one end...
        2) Fill the plastic jug with your chosen paint and then pour this into the open end of the roller, the roller can take up to 1 litre of paint at a time.
        3) Push the blue plastic cover back into its place until it clicks
        4) Roll the roller up and down the wall you are about to paint until the paint starts to appear on the foam surrounding the roller...
        5) Continue to paint the wall/ceiling until either you finish the job or the roller needs refilling...

        To refill the roller follow the 5 steps again...

        That's it... once you've 'primed' the roller then you'll soon be whizzing along with the painting...

        ** HINTS...

        1) If you are using 'thicker' based paints (non water based) then simply add a little water to the jug to allow the paint to flow through the roller...

        2) To quicken the 'priming' process spray the roller foam with a little water before 'priming'

        ** CLEANING...

        This is the only slightly messy process in the entire painting procedure...
        What I tend to do is clear as much paint from the inside of the roller as possible, either by pouring it back into the paint tin or rolling it onto the wall... then I run some cold water into the roller, squeezing the foam slightly to release the paint... as the water runs through you will see the clean bits of foam appearing...This does take a little time to clean but then again, so do normal rollers.

        Then I tend to leave it soaking in a tub of slightly soapy water for at least one night, once cleaned I allow it to dry before putting it away...

        That's it... job done and you're ready for the pub...

        ** NEGATIVES...

        I would love to say that this is a perfect idea but I would be telling porkies... although the positives do vastly outweigh the negatives...

        The few downsides to this product are...

        1) The little edging roller which is a waste of space and should be thrown straight in the bin... (use a brush to get round the edges, it's a lot easier)...
        2) When the roller is filled to the top it can become a little heavy, especially when painting ceilings ( I recommend filling three quarters as it works the same regardless of the amount in it).
        3) The hollow tubes which become an extension handle are so flimsy when screwed together, bending and giving you no real control over the roller..( I tossed these aside and used a broom handle which seemed to slot into the handle perfectly well).

        ** IN CONCLUSION...

        This device really does save you time and is so easy to use you'll wonder how you managed to paint without it..
        I have used it several times and have found it halves the normal time I usually spend painting a room with a conventional roller.
        Although I still have to paint around the edges with a standard brush, this taking up most of the decorating time, once I have 'primed' the runner system, which takes maybe a minute to do, then the rest of the painting is a breeze... and it really does take minutes rather than hours to completely finish a room, allowing the recommended drying time between coats... and as this little tools doesn't drip any paint at all there is no need to cover everything up with your wife's best sheets... Seriously, it doesn't drip at all... you could go about the painting in your best suit, (although you'd look a little daft if you do) but you wont drip any paint on it form this splendid roller...

        As I said earlier, the roller can hold up to a litre at a time, although the more you put in the heavier it becomes and this can become a little arm aching after a while... (but if you keep swapping hands you can carry on regardless), and it will give a good 10 minutes of constant painting during re-fills, which is plenty of time to cover a lot of wall...

        If you have ever uses a standard roller and tray then you know how tricky this can become, balancing on ladders as you reach for the tray, wobbling about as you run the roller through the paint, cursing as a big blob of paint hits the only part of your expensive carpet that wasn't covered by the dust sheet, wondering if your house insurance will cover the damage?... but with this ingenious invention you get none of that hassle, unless of course it drops out of your hands of course, but the good sized orange handle really does make dropping it very difficult indeed...

        In all, it is simple to use and will save time and mess... and for around £30 for the lot it is a very good investment indeed...ii for one am glad I bought it when I did...

        This can be bought from places such as ideal world, amazon.com and sometimes from the mirror newspaper... so if you do have plans to get some painting done then get yourself one of these.


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      • Product Details

        The roller head can hold up to 1 litre of paint and can be constantly used for up to 10 minutes covering up to 17 square metres of wall. The patented fabric and distribution system ensures even coverage on all surfaces. Included with your kit is the Paint Runner Edger, great for painting evenly along side doors, windows and skirting boards.

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