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Pan Aroma Mountain Berry Scented Candle

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Brand: Pan Aroma / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2012 11:22
      Very helpful



      Don't waste your money on these poor Pan Aroma candles

      I'm a big fan of scented candles, so when my local pound-shop-that-isn't-actually-a-pound-shop started stocking the Pan Aroma range of candles priced at £1.39 each I decided to purchase a couple and try them out - after all, anything that cuts down my (hefty) Yankee Candle bill has got to be a bonus!

      The first one I tried was called Mountain Berry, which in the shop smelled of a gorgeously rich winter berry fragrance - the overriding smell being a mixture of what I'd describe as Autumn fruits but with a slight cherry aroma which really appealed to me. This candle is housed in a glass ramekin style jar which is a little dated in appearance if I'm honest, but the rich blue-purple of the wax looks fabulous both when in its unlit state and while the candle is burning - much more so than a white candle I bought from the same range, which looks decidedly dull in comparison.

      I couldn't wait to light it, I get so incredibly excited by new candle purchases that whenever I make them I tend to start burning them within minutes of arriving home - and Mountain Berry was no exception. The wick needed a little trim, it's pretty long when the candle is new but once I cut it down it stayed at the correct length and didn't need cutting again. It's absolutely saturated with wax so when I first lit the candle the wick burned merrily for a few seconds before dying down to a more manageable level, although when I say manageable maybe the word should be 'flickery'. You see, the flame is just the first poor aspect of this candle - whether it's the quality of the 'lead free wick' or something to do with the wax itself I just don't know, what I do know however is that the flame bobs around all over the place in a highly irritating manner until I just end up blowing the bloody thing out to stop my living room looking like a black and white tele was blaring away and throwing it's dull shadows around.

      But I could put up with a flickery flame if a) the candle burned well and b) the Mountain Berry scent I was promised turned out to be as delicious as I was hoping. The truth is that the fragrance is absolutely appalling; when I say appalling I mean in a quality sense as you can't really class a nonexistent smell as appalling, can you? You see, once lit there is absolutely zero scent in the air from this (ahem) scented candle - not a sausage, let alone a berry! I can't even begin to describe the fragrance because, quite simply, there's nothing to describe! It's just a candle, an unscented candle that burns with a 'glorious' tunneling effect and is ready for the bin within a few short hours once it became apparent that the wax simply wasn't going to melt properly.

      The wax melts so unevenly that after just three or four burning sessions the wick disappears underneath the re-set wax and I have to use a pin to dig the end out to light it again - or rather I would have had to use a pin if I could be bothered to light the thing again. As it is (was) I threw it away as even without the scented aspect (which, incidentally, I was really looking forward to) this is a particularly rubbish candle that doesn't add anything to the ambiance of my room and was a complete waste of money.


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