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Persil 2in 1 with Comfort Capsules

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Brand: Persil / Type: Laundry Capsules / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2012 21:22
      Very helpful



      Another good Persil product.

      Persil has always been my first choice when it comes to buying laundry detergents, but with laundry products becoming more and more expensive, I have had to compromise on my favourite brand and tend to go with whatever is on offer when I get to the supermarket these days, with varying results. So when I spotted Persil laundry capsules on offer in Morrisons last month I was glad to be able to buy the Persil brand again and took this opportunity to buy these Persil 2 in 1 capsules with Comfort fabric conditioner.
      I had never tried these before and was curious to see how they performed. I have purchased Persil laundry capsules on a number of occasions but never with added fabric conditioner and I couldn't help but wonder if I would regret my actions. The reason being that I have never been much of a fan of other brand 2 in 1 capsules and found they often did not remove all stains etc from my washing. I wondered maybe if the inclusion of fabric conditioner meant a compromise on cleaning power.

      Persil 2 in 1 capsules come in two fragrances; Passion Flower and Sunshiny Days. I purchased the Sunshiny Days fragrance and these capsules come packaged in a clear plastic tub with a yellow lid. The lid easily opens and clips shut and I noticed that the plastic tub is stronger than the Bold and Daz tubs I have bought. The lid shuts securely which is good as if these capsules get damp they begin to dissolve and stick together which can prove to be messy, not to mention wasting the product. The strong tub ensures they are kept secure and dry.

      The capsules themselves are the usual small pouches and contain a yellow coloured liquid. Persil state you only need to use one capsule per wash, but if you have very heavy soiling or hard water then it may be better to use two capsules.

      Using the capsules couldn't be easier. You simply place one in the drum of your washing machine before your put your washing in. This is something I have forgot to do on many an occasion and indeed I have watched people placing the capsules in after the washing, so I am not alone in this. You must also ensure your hands are dry when handling the capsules or you may find they will begin to dissolve in your hands.
      We do have hard water here, but if I am washing a small load I only use one capsule and find this is enough, but if I have a full load then I tend to use two, particularly if any of the items are stained or soiled and not just in need of freshening up. There are 18 capsules in the tub which is more than some other brands and as these tubs were on offer priced at a promotional £3.00, this offered very good value for money when I purchased these.

      The bonus to using these capsules of course is that you do not need to use a separate fabric conditioner, but having not had great experiences with other 2 in 1 laundry products I was sceptical. Also my preferred fabric conditioner is Lenor, not the Comfort conditioner that is included here in these capsules.

      Although my washing machine has a number of programmes, like most people I tend to use just two or three of them and most of my washing is done on a 40 degree washing cycle.
      When the cycle is finished I do notice a nice, fresh fragrance on opening the door. This Sunshiny Days scent has a touch of floral fragrance too and I thought maybe there was a hint of lemon. I have since used these capsules with every wash and not once I have been disappointed. My laundry is clean and comes out fragrant and fresh. After drying clothes outside I can't say I notice the scent of the Comfort conditioner as much as I can after drying items indoors, however, the scent is still slightly evident which impressed me as I didn't think it would be.
      My laundry feels soft too and I really have no complaint with these capsules at all.

      Overall I am quite impressed and these capsules are definitely the best 2 in 1 laundry product I have encountered so far. I still prefer to use ordinary Persil capsules with Lenor Infusions Conditioner, however, this works out a lot more expensive and not a luxury I can really afford. These 2 in 1 capsules give me the same results and save me some money, particularly when they are on promotional offers in supermarkets. Whilst I may prefer the Lenor fragrance, I cannot fault the performance here as these capsules clean my clothes, the fragrance is pleasant enough and so I am happy to recommend Persil 2 in 1 with Comfort capsules.


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