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Persil Naturals Aloe Vera Laundry Capsules

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Brand: Persil / Type: Washing Powder / Category: Laundry

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    3 Reviews
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      22.06.2010 18:49
      Very helpful




      Persil is part of the Unilever company. They offer various products to clean, soften and scent your laundry.


      The Persils Naturals range is a fairly recent release. The product I will be reviewing is the Aloe Vera Laundry Capsules.

      Laundry capsules are designed to be used as an alternative to soap powder or tabs to clean your laundry.

      They are non-biological and can apparently give outstanding results even when on a cold wash.


      The capsules come in a clear plastic box with a light green lid. The lid is one that you need to click shut. The overall design of the box is inkeeping with the name..Natural.

      The top of the lid has the Persil logo and some warnings. The side has the Persil logo with a description of the capsules and flower images. There is a further label on the back with all warnings, ingredients, directions for use and contact details for Unilever.

      *The Capsules and Using*

      The capsules are described as "Persil non biological fabric washing liquigel capsules". The scent is described as being "a soothing fragrance blended with aloe vera extract and white flower".

      The capsules are made from a thin, clear plastic. They look like little flowers. The liquid is contained within the capsule and is a creamy colour and very runny.

      You are advised to use 2 capsules per washing load and this is relevant to all water stengths. You can add an extra for really soiled laundry. Simply load your washing machine up and pop 2 capsules on top and as close to the back of the machine as possible. Add your fabric softener to the drawer if using and pop your machine on a the required temperature.

      Persil advise that these will clean even as low as 15c.


      All the usual warnings are noted on the packaging. I will list a few :

      -do not pierce the capsules
      -keep away from children
      -cannot be used on a pre wash or for handwashing
      -use dry hands when handling

      *Availability and Price*

      The capsules comes in an 18pk which is suitable for 9washes. Expect to pay approx £3.00 unless on offer. Available from supermarkets and stores such as Wilkos.

      *My Opinion*

      A few months ago, my washing machine wasn't working and I therefore had to use the tower laundrette. Struggling down with a huge bag of dirty clothes was awkward enough but I needed something to wash them with! Taking cups of powder down seemed a bad idea so I went to Wilkos in search of a simpler option and ended up with laundry capsules.

      The reason I was initially attracted to these capsules was the offer at the time. The Comfort Naturals Fabric Conditioner was on special at 98p. There was a little money off coupon around the bottle for £1.00 of the Persil Naturals range which were also on offer at £1.98 for a 18pk. I done the logic, bought a few bottles of Comfort, got the voucher and then bought the capsules. So basically 21wash bottle of Comfort and a 18pk of capsules for under £2.00? Bargain and I stocked up!!!

      These were easy enough to slip into the side of my laundry bag and the box was sturdy enough not to get bashed or burst open. The capsules feel quite thin and squidgy! I accidently dropped one on a hard surface and it burst squirting the liquid all roads so be careful. It took a while to remember that I had to put them on top of the washing and training hubby was a nightmare! Before going in, the capsules do have a soft scent.

      I used these on a 30wash as the laundrette doesn't have 15c on the machine. I popped 2 in with my normal laundry on a quick wash. I also used the corresponding Comfort Fabric Softener. Removing my clothes from the machine, they looked and felt clean. As I used the same scent softener, I cannot comment on the capsule scent on its own but I imagine its not quite as strong as the Comfort.

      My laundry had cleaned well and even grubby marks on my sons clothes had disappeared. There was no fading or anything like that and everything washed very well. I have also used these on my bedding and towels and they have been soft and fluffy just the way I like them. The overall scent from the 2 products is clean and pure. It is noticable but not as much as the highly scented softeners I use.

      I am still using up the capsules I bought on offer. They do the job very well but now that I have a new washing machine at home, I much prefer the soap powder as it works out cheaper in the long run.

      Thanks for reading


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        02.06.2010 00:09
        Very helpful



        Good results and long lasting fragrance

        Not sure why these Persil Naturals Aloe Vera Laundry Capsules are branded as being by Persil really, as the Naturals conditioner product that compliments this range is the 'Comfort' Naturals Conditioner.

        No idea why the two products have been differently branded, but they do seem to be one and the same range, made with the same lovely soft fragrances.

        Persil Naturals Aloe Vera Laundry Capsules come in a very handy and also re-usable plastic tub with re-sealable lid. This keeps all the little wash capsules nice and fresh and ready for use.

        I have found that they are are a convenient way to gently wash and clean your clothes. You get around 18 capsules in each pack, that can handle 9 or so washes if you use 2 per wash.

        The capsules are able to go straight into your washing machines drum, placed on top of your wash, which is easy and simple to do. This way the capsules can start work straight away.

        When using these it was very easy to throw 2 capsules in and let them do their magic. The results were good when also using the matching fragrance Aloe Comfort Naturals conditioner.

        Persil do say that they are not recommended for using on the wool wash or delicate cycles. Not sure why, but maybe they don't dissolve so well on cooler wash cycles and so its recommended that you use the Persil Silk & Wool product instead.

        These have a a non bio formulation, so are kinder to you and the environment. The research into skin care done by Persil about the product has been validated by the British Skin Foundation.

        Persil Naturals Aloe Vera Laundry Capsules are available in most good supermarkets along with an Olive Blossom version of the product. These compliment the Comfort Natural range of wash products including a wash powder and also the Vaporesse ironing water, which when used can really make your ironing smell great too.


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        20.05.2010 15:45
        Very helpful



        Great washing capsules!

        Staying at my mates pub at the moment with my usual mad mate in tow after trashing a caravan and a car (total right offs) we ended up here with not much at all! The one thing I didn't think to bring of course and rescue from the caravan was our washing products so much to my friend who I am staying with at the moment annoyance until we managed to go get our stuff we had limited clothing and needed to wash all the time an so helped ourselves to all of her stuff lol!

        She had a load of these and Persil, was a brand I like so I couldn't wait to get stuck into them I must confess!

        The Packaging:

        See through oblong plastic box with a light green, transparent lid to the top of it which is flip top in style. On the front of the box there is a picture of aloe vera and white flowers and I'm told that they are Persil Naturals 'A soothing fragrance blended with aloe vera extra and white flower' and that in my box you get 9 washes and that they are non-biological an that they are validate by the British skin foundation. Other information given around the box includes being told how to use them, ingredients are listed, warnings are given, the size is stated which in this case is 423g cos there are 18 capsules given and contact details for Unilver are stated. Nice informative, easy to deal with box this is!

        Using Them:

        All you need of these plump little square plastic capsules is 2 in a full load. They are filled with a light green liquid that has a slight floral smell to them to the back of your load of washing and then select you cycle. These are only meant to be used in a washer machine and are meant to give great results even on 15C though are not suitable for using as a pre-wash and are not suitable for use on silk/wool fabrics.


        I have used these on a 40c wash on really dirty/grubby clothes and think they're fantastic. At the moment like I mentioned previously I am staying in a pub and not only do I end up doing some washing for me and my mate I came to stop with I have ended up washing for 4 more adults, 2 kids and have to wash tea towels and whites for the kitchen if we get mega busy and that seriously can be loads of washing!

        Of course like with any product such as this there are a few basic rules of thumb. Darks with dark, lights with lights and if you have very heavily soiled fabrics then use a hotter temperature and although these are good on lights that are filthy such as chefs caps and tea towels I do need to basically boil them on the hottest wash available, even with these capsules.

        However these are excellent and do remove grease and grime and whats more my fabrics feel soft and smell wonderful even if stored for a few days.

        All in all I will certainly buy these again and again for myself in the future. I can see how good they are by using them on real grease and dirt and so they've proved them self to me! Great buy, work brill and smell wonderful I don't think I can ask for more!

        Expect to pay about £3.06 for the nine wash option and about £6.11 for 20 washes in all good supermarkets etc.


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