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Pintail Geranium & Rose Petal Candle

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Brand: Pintail / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2012 11:57
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      Mixed feelings about this candle and about others I have tried so far.

      I came across Pintail candles one day when searching for my favourite make of candles- Lily Flame. In case you are not familiar with Lily Flame they make candles in a tin format which have a long burning time. They are exceptional quality and have long lasting fragrances. I noticed when looking for a particular candle that an Amazon reviewer had recommended Pintail as an alternative to Lily Flame, and so I decided to take a look.

      Pintail candles are made in exactly the same format as Lily Flame but they are half the height so consequently burn for about half as many hours. Some have a lift off lid as Lily Flame has, but others have a tin lid that you need to prise off. The variant I purchased first had the latter and was in the fragrance-Geranium and Rose Petal. The tin measures 7.5 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height.

      The company is based in the Lake District on the northern shores of Morecambe Bay and until recently was completely new to me. I was delighted to have discovered an alternative to Lily Flame as the fragrances are different and unique and there are 42 to choose from. Amazon stocks many of these, and you can also purchase from their website at www.pintailcandles.com. They retail for £3.75 which is ideal as this is about half the price of Lily Flame, so it gives you the chance to experiment with different fragrances, without spending a lot of money on one candle that you are not overly keen on.

      Rose and Geranium was my first purchase and I was delighted to see the deep rose pink filled candle when I opened the tin. The candle itself had a pleasing aroma when opened, and during burning I was moderately pleased with the intensity of the fragrance but it did not travel far and did not linger long after. The beauty of Lily Flame candles is that almost without exception the fragrance is so long lasting that the following morning I have often had to check to make sure I haven't left it on by mistake. This of course would be highly dangerous as tinned candles should be extinguished when they have within 10mm of wax remaining. It should also be noted that these candles are recommended to be burnt for only 3-4 hours at any one time so this candle as expected lasted me for 5 nights.

      The candle certainly has a rose scented fragrance and being a small tin it can easily be used on a table setting as well as in a room which is an added bonus. It would make a beautiful meal accessory for a cosy Valentines dinner. This is especially the case as it is an intense deep rose pink shade.

      Rose and Geranium is one of my favourite fragrances and is not available in the Lily Flame range so I was pleased with my purchase. However I must confess that my subsequent purchases have been highly disappointing, and the Rose and Geranium candle was my first and best purchase and things went slightly downhill from there. Whether I was unlucky with my choice of fragrances I am not sure, but I went on to purchase Elderflower Champagne, and Coconut and Maple Leaf, and both of these were very subtle fragrances and were hardly discernable at all when burning and certainly not at all afterwards. I had been attracted to the Elderflower candle as elderflowers are really appealing to me and the candle is described as "The fragrance of elderflower champagne takes stresses away and creates a sensory journey of summer day meadows, golden sunshine and nostalgic picnic lunches" It didn't conjure up these images particularly well though as the intensity just wasn't there.

      I also purchased Ginger and Lemon Thyme which was from their Christmas range which was also only lightly scented. So far without exception I have used all four of my purchases as meal-time candles at dinner as they look beautiful, but due to their lack of intensity of fragrance do not overwhelm the taste of food. I hadn't intended to use them in this way but their subtlety lends themselves beautifully to this purpose.

      It hasn't deterred me from continuing to investigate further as in my experience there are variations in quality and intensity of fragrance even in my favourite companies such as Yankee or Lily Flame. I also really like the choices of fragrances at Pintail which change seasonally and which show originality. I don't want to write them off on the basis of four purchases as I feel this would be wrong as so many of the aspects of their products appeal to me in terms of presentation, cost, and choices of fragrances.

      I am going to purchase several which seem to me to represent the coming spring- snowdrop, primrose and bluebell and this should provide me with some more evidence on which to base future reviews.

      I think the comparison between Lily Flame and themselves may be an unfair one as certainly in my experience so far they are seeking subtlety rather than intensity and for many this may appeal.

      I think it is important to mention that Pintail have their safety instructions on a sticky label underneath each candle with all the warnings in place. This is so important as wax tinned candles carry an especially high risk of fire if any combustible material is left in the tin such as something as innocent as a spent match. This can soon intensify the heat within the tin and this carries a fire risk.

      Final Thoughts
      All in all my first experiences with this company were mixed. I loved the Rose and Geranium candle and will certainly re-purchase this again and I will continue my search for others in their range which have a more intense and long lasting aroma.

      The tin size, price and choice of fragrances is excellent and the presentation is also of a very high standard.


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