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Type: Limescale Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    6 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 16:21
      Very helpful
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      Definitely the best bathroom cleaner out there.

      When it comes to cleaning products I'm never brand loyal and usually go for whatever's on offer at the time, last time I bought bathroom cleaner I was looking for something that would get rid of a stain on the bottom of my bath, I'm sure it was from a bath bomb with petals in it and the cleaner I had at the time just wouldn't shift it. I spotted Oz Kleen Bath Power in my local Tesco and decided to give it a try. 

      Bath Power is sold in a white plastic spray bottle which doesn't allow you to see the liquid inside, it has a blue label on the front which shows the Oz Kleen logo and informs the customer that this cleaner is anti bacterial and is "an amazing bathroom cleaner". It also states that the cleaner will remove soap scum and grime, stains and limescale, and water marks, it also cleans shower and glass. 

      The back of the bottle gives the directions for use, cautions and states that Bath Power contains no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates, its also not tested on animals.  The cleaner can be used on shower screens, bath tiles, shower bases, taps, metal surfaces, chrome, sinks, toilets and bench tops. The cautions are standard for this type of product and everything is written clearly and is easy to read. 

      The bottle has a red trigger top with a little safety catch on the end to twist to stop the cleaner coming out should little ones get hold of it. 

      The actual cleaner is a pale yellow colour and has a sweet lemon smell to it which lingers slightly after I've finished cleaning. To use the cleaner you simply spray it on whatever you are cleaning, leave 30 to 60 seconds then clean as normal. 

      I've used approximately half of my Bath Power now and I've been very pleased with it, it cleans really well removing any marks, including the offending mark in my bath, it has also removed the limescale that was under one of my taps, but what really pleases me about this is how shiny it leaves everything, my tiles are sparkling and the bath,  wash basin and toilet bowl look really white and shiny. 

      Bath Power costs £3.80 for a 500ml bottle, which is more expensive than most bathroom cleaners however in my opinion it is much better quality and gives much better results therefore I am happy to pay the extra for it. 

      If you are looking for a good bathroom cleaner that really works well then I would definitely recommend trying Bath Power, its well worth the money. 


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        02.05.2012 18:38
        Very helpful



        amazing stuff

        *Please note this is called Bath Power, not power bath. I'll request the name is updated.

        I have only been using OzKleen's bath power for a couple of months, but already I cannot imagine switching back to another brand of bathroom cleaner. Initially I only bought this because I spotted a three pack in Costco (a wholesaler if you're not familiar) which cost less than one bottle usually does in the shops. In fact it was the high price tag in the supermarkets which had previously put me off trying this product. As far as I can tell the product comes in two varieties - original and pine. I have the pine version simply as it was the only one available.

        The bottle has stickers all over it saying 'Shock! This product actually works' and also claims to be 'enviro friendly'. In fact, the packaging is rather cluttered with claims such as these and there's so much information on the packaging it's hard to know where to look first. I do think that OzKleen would benefit from toning it down a bit as the packaging does look a bit cheap the way it is, in my opinion.

        When sprayed out, the product is a green colour and has a rather strong scent to it. The scent of the product for me is the only negative - it's not so much the smell itself - which is like pine - but the fact that it is so strong. If I have cleaned the entire bathroom with this, I sometimes feel I need to open a window afterwards and the scent lingers for days after using it.

        As for cleaning power, it is difficult to know where to start really as this has been excellent on every job I have used it for. The first time I used it was on the bathroom sink and I was shocked at how well it came up. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the white sink looked so shiny it was almost like looking in a mirror. Any toothpaste marks or soap scum are eliminated with ease and the stainless steel taps come up with a reflective shine too.

        Our bathroom is white tiles floor to ceiling and I find that this leaves them (and the grout) looking fresh and white and more importantly no streaks are left behind, which was a problem I found with my last cleaner.

        Our shower has dark mosaic tiles and these also come up well after use, as does the shower tray. There was a tiny bit of mould around the bottom of the shower and this got rid of that too. It actually says on the bottle that it kills whatever it is that causes mould to survive.

        Another thing I've found it works well on is limescale. We don't have a very bad problem with limescale, but we do live in a hard water area, so from time to time I notice a bit on the taps and this gets rid of it straight away.

        I am partial to the odd bath bomb and as bath bombs tend to be filled with high levels of body moisturising butters as well as often things such as petals or glitter, tide marks can be left around the bath, and again this gets rid of them. Best of all with this product though, is the fact that no scrubbing is involved - just spray and then wipe.

        The product contains no ammonia, chlorine or phosphates, but should not be used with or immediately after bleach. There are also some surfaces that it is not suitable for, such as marble, slate or porous tiles. It also states not to breath it in if it's used in a steamy area, so this is definitely strong stuff. I always wear gloves when I use it as I'm worried it will be harsh on my sensitive skin.

        In the shops a 500ml bottle of this costs £3.80. Although I paid much much less wholesale, now I know how good this product is I would be willing to pay the full price, although I do agree that £3.80 is expensive.

        Overall, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It makes cleaning so easy and brings all surfaces up looking shiny and like new. The only downside is the strong scent after use, but it's not enough to put me off buying this again - in fact I don't think I'll ever stop using it - it's amazing!


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        08.03.2010 22:45
        Very helpful



        A really effective product

        I'm a terrible slattern, its true. I'm not one for cleaning my flat regularly and only clean the bathroom when it really needs it. I should be ashamed but I really do have better things to do.

        As such I'm thrilled that I finally found a rpoduct that makes one of my least favourite jobs that much easier.


        Its a bright shiny little bottle, kind of confidence insipring in its bright whiteness. It is all packaged in bright clean primary colours too. Mine is the 500 ml pump spray bottle with the child friendly on / off turning nozzle. I would kind of like the packaging to be clear though, as I have to tell by weight whether I need a new one.


        Its a phosphate free product so, for something so effective, its surprisingly not too bad for the environment. Its also refreshingly leon scented. Its not cheap - mine was £3.50 - and I got it from Robert Dyas - though I have seen it in larger branches of the major supermarkets.


        I spray it all over the surfaces I want to clean - quite a lot of the icky areas, and leave for about 60 seconds (sometimes more) and then wipe off with a mirofibre cloth and finally rinse. This is really all you have to do - no hardcore scrubbing and getting all hot and bothered.


        It really does leave things sparkling clean and smelling wonderfully clean and fresh.


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        19.11.2008 00:15
        Very helpful



        An excellent bathroom cleaner


        Having tried all sorts of different cleaners over the years I think this is the best so far. It has a pleasent smell and removes stains grease etc with relative ease
        It is made by Oz Kleen Asia Pacific Pty Ltd who are 100% Australian owned and operated family company. The company policy is
        To produce a range of scientifically advanced products that are able to genuinley help people save time and effort
        Be pleasant to use yet be environmentally friendly
        To help future generations keep our planet as clean as possible
        It is known in Australia as Showerpower and is their number one ranked cleaner
        There are no phosphates chlorine or amonia in OzKleen and it is not tested on animals. Despite googling it I haven't been able to find out what the ingredients are apart from plant extracts.

        I generally spray some around the sides of the bath as it's emptying, give a quick rub around and then rinse it off. It's not really necessary to rinse but old habits die hard with me! If someone has used the bath and not cleaned it afterwards there is no problem. Dried on soap scum marks just wipe away with this cleaner.
        The shower screen has splash marks on it after use and I find just a squirt of this cleaner gets them all with a single wipe.
        The stainless steel taps positively gleam when rubbed over with Bath Power and it seems to help keep limescale away as well.

        It has a smell of oranges which either you like or you don't but as it doesn't linger for very long it doesn't really matter. We had a new bathroom suite put in three years ago and I have used this cleaner on it for most of that time and it still looks brand new. There are no limescale marks or discolouring and I put it down to using Bath Power. Once I ran out of the cleaner and used one I had in the cupboard I think it was Flash bathroom cleaner. Cleaning was much harder I had to really scrub away to get marks off that Bath Power took off with minimum effort. Needless to say I went and got another bottle the next day and gave the Flash to my daughter! Now I make sure I always have a spare bottle in the cupboard.
        Yes it is more expensive at an average price of £3.45 than some cleaners but it cuts cleaning time and does a much better job than the cheaper ones so I think it is worth the extra. Occasionally it can be found on special offer and I will stock up on it then. Whilst not available at all supermarkets I do know Morrisons, Tesco and Wilkinsons do stock it.

        Thank you for reading


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          03.10.2006 21:05
          Very helpful



          A great cleaning product

          A few months ago, my house was like a building site with a loft conversion and plastering work going on, and the dust really did get EVERYWHERE!

          Fed up of cleaning I began to spend my shopping time looking longingly at cleaning products...boy do I need to get a life?

          Then, I found this product and decided to give it a go. Being totally dispirited with the whole cleaning thing I expected nothing but more scrubbing, but desparation leads us to do funny things!

          WHAT IT CLAIMS

          Shock! This product actually works.
          Bath Power is Australia's leading household cleaner known as "Shower Power"
          It claims to remove the "baked on" scum, grime (plenty of that), grease, limescale, stains and watermarks, and lets your bathroom sparkle again.
          Contains no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates and is based on a mild, natural plant acid with a rich surfactant system and is not tested on animals.
          Plenty to get its teeth into in my bathroom, and if it doesn't make it sparkle, please please get rid of the grime!
          So, armed with this knowledge and these promises, I set to work.

          THE PRODUCT
          Comes in a special foaming trigger/multi holed can which delivers the product wherever you need it.

          All you have to do is spray it on the surfaces you want to clean leave it for 30-60 seconds and then rinse or wipe it away, along with the dirt. For enamel, dilute the product 20 to 1 and rinse off within 60 seconds, although it does advise you do a spot test before. This is something I never do, and fortunately for me, I have not had a disaster-yet!


          Baths, shower screens, tiles and shower basins
          Taps, metal surfaces and chrome
          Sinks, toilets and laundry
          tiles and grout
          Benchtops and glossy surfaces
          light fittings and window frames
          It also claims that regular useage of the product will help unblock pipes


          All the obvious for similar products:
          Keep out of reach of children
          If contact occurs, flush with lots of water
          If swallowed, seek medical advice
          Avoid excessive use in confined area
          For sensitive hands use gloves
          Spot test before use and do not use on marble slate terrazo and porous tiles

          DOES IT WORK?

          A resounding YES!

          I am impressed. Having expected the usual claims, I was almost half hearted about this and looked despairingly at the dust and grime scum...what was happening during the day when the building was going on?

          I followed the directions although I admit that I didn't do a spot test, left it to work for 60 seconds and it did iun fact wipe off, taking the grime with it. So far, I have used it on the bath, toilet, shower and sink and it really does do what it says it will do.

          It has a quite pleasant smell, and the absence of ammonia is noticeable, but it does make the bathroom smell as though it has been cleaned. I like the fact that it does not contain bleach because I find that all my clothes get bleached areas if I use them.

          I no longer dread cleaning the bath before I put little one in at night.

          The work has been finished for a few months now, and I have bought other products in the range, and they all work. They are a tad more expensive than some other cleaning products, but when there is tough cleaning to be done, they really get to the heart of the dirt!


          Shower Power
          Kitchen Power
          Carpet Power
          Prewash Power


          This is a useful one if you like this kind of thing! Includes a bit of information about the company, and cleaning tips and hints


          Food Broker LTD
          Quay Point

          Thanks for reading.

          daniela xx


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            09.09.2000 21:44
            Very helpful



            Power bath, the amazing bathroom cleaner, so says the wording on the bottle. Well being a sucker for anything new I buy this product! Not cheap at £2.50, it is at least 75p dearer than the comparable product Mr muscle, the difference is it does what Mr muscle claims to do & fails! To use just squirt onto surface, spread with a cloth, leave for 30 - 6 secs & wipe or rinse off. Watch your limescale spots on the glass shower door disappear. This is an Australian product designed to remove scum, grime, grease, limescale stains & watermarks, it does that with no effort.The product contains a mild natural plant acid & smells slightly lemony. I bought it primarily for my shower door, having tried numerous products that did not work, this one has, not all the marks were removed first time, I have cleaned the shower door three times now & only a few spots remain, I am confident that they will disappear soon. Having been pleased with the result on the door I then tried it on the tiles the result was just as good with the added bonus that living in a hard water area the grouting on the tiles had changed to an unpleasant orangy colour, power bath removed the vast majority of the colour at the first attempt. I was worried as I had sprayed the stuff everywhere & managed to get some on my black jeans, much to my relief there was no colour change there! There is a warning on the bottle not to use after any chemical or bleach. It contains no chlorine, ammonia or phosphates & is suitable for use on metals, tiles, chrome, ceramics, benchtops & laundry but not on marble, & unsealed surfaces. This is one bathroom product that I am more than happy to recomend & is worth the extra money.I found this at Sainsburys.


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        • Product Details

          Contains no chlorine or ammonia. Removes scum, grime, grease
          Limescale, stains & watermarks

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