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Price's Anti Tobacco Candle Jar Orange & Clove

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Brand: Price's / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2009 01:30
      Very helpful



      An ideal candle for shifting tobacco smells & it won't offend!

      Everyone loves scented candles, don't they? Well, unless they have bounding dogs or small children, or perhaps allergic to paraffin scented candles aren't exactly for everyone and most people like to use plug-ins as a safety precaution. For years I've always had pride in being able to save up to buy Yankee Candles if I need something inviting to shift a pong or to eradicate stale smells like tobacco. Recently though and perhaps in hindsight trying to save money with a recession on I've been looking for smaller alternatives that do the job just as well but won't burn my pocket. Candles, sprays and plug-ins; at the end of the day, it's all heated chemicals however much you like it.

      I first came across the Price's candle range simply by accident a few years ago, having run out of tea lights and having to do with a set of 6 tea lights by Price's which claimed to eradicate kitchen odours. Whilst they didn't do very much on their own they did leave an understated scent and I was generally impressed with them on the basis that they didn't leave heavy paraffin odour behind, unlike the cheap unscented tea lights you can find at Poundland and pound shops in general.

      The Anti-Tobacco candle by Price's claims to shift tobacco smells and at £2-25 at a John Lewis store (John Lewis website now states £3-18) per 100ml they aren't too expensive if judged purely by their burning time of 30 hours and layers of bluish coloured wax scent. In this instance you get claimed "Orange & Clove," to deal with tobacco odour. I couldn't wait to try this when I got it home as the packaging of card around the glass allows you to try and smell it. Later packaging of these glass tumblers exist are now completely cellophane wrapped which is of great pity if trying to check out the scent. They measure approximately 8cm height with a diameter of 7cm and don't look overly designed but in simple thick design free glass weighing around 350grams. Certainly if you see them at John Lewis sample a pack of the matching boxed Tea lights to get a better whiff of the scent.

      After one hour's burning, the Orange scent isn't really that apparent and there's a pine like scent that comes out of the candle possibly due to its clove content. This was surprising to say the least! Extinguishing and re-lighting the candle is easy due to its thin taper and wide-open top design and after an hour or so it is easy to spot the citrus orange in the lower atmosphere once the pine smell has evaporated. The scent is fresh and welcoming however but not as strong as premium priced candles. However I am slightly disappointed that the orange content here isn't really that strong from the initial burning and the clove, thankfully isn't particularly strong to annoy.

      The upside to this however is that this candle does appear to work very well after the candle has been used in a heavy smoker's room. It betters what I used to consider the best spray on the market which is Haze Anti Tobacco room spray but if you don't like cedar wood scent mixed with orange, candles such as the Price's Anti-Tobacco candle is a good bet due to its additive (Price calls it "Odourfoyl,") and whatever it is, it does seem to foil and mask tobacco very well, particularly if it is left to burn (obviously not unattended like all lit candles) for around half an hour.

      Burn it for longer and the wax will really start to burn down as any candle does, but in this product's defence at least it is relatively easy to lift the glass up when the candle is lit; the glass is deceptively thin but it is very well heat insulated unless you grab the glass at the top. The base is also suitably elevated making it lukewarm on surfaces, although it's always best to use a heat resistant tablemat or similar underneath. Price's candle also doesn't smell much of paraffin either despite it's more traditional ingredients.

      For the price, which is effectively half of what you would expect to pay for a Yankee Candle or premium heavily scented fragranced candle, Price's Anti Tobacco Candle seems to do what it says. However with such a short burn time I go through at least two to four of these candles a month and at the price when added up, it's only a bit less than what I'd normally pay for premium quality that lasts 10 hours more.

      Once the candle has burnt out completely shifting the wick from the bottom is difficult and it is a pity here that it can't be easily removed unless placed in a dishwasher. At least the inoffensive colour coded label is easier to remove simply by peeling slowly! With its rounded rim, the candleholder could make a cheap but effective drinks tumbler or simply another glass holder for future candles. As it stands, on a single purchase Price's Anti Tobacco candle is a good purchase but it could last a bit longer against what already exists on the market place to make it a bit more of a bargain. Not much of a gift thanks to its obvious function, but a gift for your home if you are host to smokers and without being too obvious! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2009



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