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Price's Chef's Candle in Jar

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Brand: Price's / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2010 17:40
      Very helpful



      Another surpreme odour eliminator candle from Price's.

      Recently this year I've been on a ploy to find scented candles that aren't expensive and over the Yankee Candles and Colonial ranges I've come to appreciate over the years, most of the products that both these Premium American companies sell aren't just expensive but also have a heavy paraffin after-scent which often induces my friends, family and I to fits of sneezing or coughing. Whilst being able to afford premium products like Yankee Candle and Colonial, the advent of scented candles without doubt are an industry that keeps increasing its market interest with other several private companies like Scottish company, Shearer popping up from time to time and mass companies such as IKEA fighting for consideration where scent and quality are concerned.

      The Chef's candle however is slightly different. It isn't premium by any means although Price's do have a very lengthy reputation for making patent candles and have done since 1803 with appointment to HRH The Queen and the Royal family since 1840. This is one very old company who should, by now know what they are doing. Although I continue to seek candles with heavy scents, Price's often have me coming back to them for the thoughtfulness and longevity of their products; I currently still have the same empty tumblers left over from the previous scented candles from the same "odour eliminator," range by Price's and the Chef's candle is by far one of my favourites. The green colour of the wax is also fairly pastel in its look and as the labels are easy to peel off, no one need know that you have a Chef's candle in their company!

      Like their Anti Tobacco and Household scented candles before it, Price's Chef candle in a jar comes in the same clear cellophane wrapped glass tumbler measuring 8cm height by 7cm diameter with a lightweight 350grams total weight and 100ml of candle wax. The glass is suitably weighted so that the base remains cool in use and it is also dishwasher safe (although filled with hot water will bring leftover wax to the surface) with a smoothened rim for more versatile uses later on after the candle has been used up (I find the glass tumblers ideal for small deserts for example!). Other versions of the same size may have a cardboard sleeve around it to protect the glass from being smashed, but John Lewis sell both types and both cost £3.18 each. Price's Chef candle has a total burning time of 30 hours and like the rest of the range has within its trio of different scents their patented "Odourfoyl," odour eating formula. The scents on offer here are Basil, Patchouli and Geranium whilst the candle here is light green in colour.

      Lately this candle has really got the worst of my kitchen dealing with odours from barbeque chicken, meats and strong smelling food as we see seasons change from autumn to summer. Whilst I do have a capable cooker hood to banish smells, the last tenant used it without a filter in place and the end result is, despite continual washing of the main permanent filter on the cooker hood itself, it still wreaks of old oil! Before buying this candle I'm always spraying Dettol's Neutra-Air or Febreeze around to banish bad kitchen smells. This is why a candle like Price's Chef candle is absolutely justified and needed.

      Upon lighting it, just like the rest of Price's odour elimination range, I'm pleased to say it only takes a matter of minutes for this candle to soak up the smell of burning and strong food. Normal unscented candles can do this on their own but the added scents here are welcomed. Left on a level flat surface the Chef's candle burns its entire wax down leaving little behind. When frying foods such as onions it only takes the candle a matter of minutes to clear the smell in the kitchen with the door closed over and no windows opened. The jar with its increased content is far better than the tea light versions I had bought years ago which did little to lift burning smells and banish them completely.

      In terms of scent although basil is very present the combination of the other two additives such as a Patchouli and Geranium are harder to detect initially; these come up later after the candle has been blown out or lit for an hour and for my kitchen in particular to settle down, the Chef's candle seems to cleanse the air easily. The scents don't make me sneeze, or cough and it is good here to find that there are no after tones of heavy paraffin. So very few candle companies take notice of paraffin overtones these days and its good to see Price's have limited the amount in this candle.

      Unlike the household candle, I find the Chef's candle to be better in retaining its scent. When left to burn for an hour or two, the herby scents pervade through the home easily without being too overly strong despite Patchouli being a deep and heavy mint additive. The biggest surprise for me is finding that whilst the candle may not have citrus added to it, there is a slight piney-lemony smell detectable and for that delight alone reminds me very much of Yankee Candle's scent called "Dune Grass" itself a candle which is similarly green in colour and has verbena added to its citrus content with bergamot and bamboo leaf. This finding also means the Chef's candle is more than suitable to be used in an area of my home, not least the kitchen for the area it is designed for.

      If there is any downside to this particular scented candle jar, it is finding that John Lewis are continually out of stock; this seems to be a very popular candle and it isn't difficult to see why. All in all, if you have a stinky cooker hood, or if you want your kitchen to smell neutral without underlying oily smells in the air, and need to have rooms refreshed, the Chef's candle in a jar by Price's is definitely worth considering. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010


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