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Price's Household Candle Jar Orange, Lemon & Thyme

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Brand: Price's / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2009 16:16
      Very helpful



      Price's need to look at this again and improve the strength.

      When I sourced the Price's range of candles and came away with three different varieties recently I had previously began my search buying this very candle and thinking that it would be able to cope with as it advertises, "Orange, Lemon & Thyme," to combat general household odours.

      Encased in a similarly reusable tough open glass tumbler design (approximately 8 cm in height, 7 cm diameter and 350 grams in weight) this is a sensibly designed candle, easy to light up and easy to diminish the flame. With a peel-able pastel orange label with a likewise coloured candle inset, Price's household jar is a least offensive candle in terms of its designation and in the way it looks. With the label removed for example it could pass as any scented candle with a heat proof base. Some of these candles come in paper packaging which makes judging the scent easy to get to whilst others come pre wrapped in clear cellophane making it harder to test out. However as with the tobacco types, if you see this in John Lewis they usually stock the candles next to the same version tea lights and you can usually suss out the fragrance there instead.

      Price's have added Orange, Lemon and Thyme as the base, medium and high additives to this paraffin based candle and for the price of £5 from John Lewis, it remains to be one of the most available candles for the general home. Forget uplifting scents though, or those designed to make you feel relaxed. Citrus combined with herbs aren't the first kind of scents I'd associate for shifting general household odours, and have on occasion preferred the natural Oust type sprays or heated up chemicals through various plug in companies such as Haze or Yankee Candle, putting out clean scents such as washing powder or fabric conditioner such as "Fresh Linen."

      With a burning time of just 30 hours however I was intrigued as to whether this version from Price's was just as powerful and long lasting as their rather excellent anti-tobacco version (in blue.) This candle according to its label claims that it will leave your home "smelling clean and fresh." It also contains an odour eating formula called "Odourfoyl," to increase its strength of odour combat properties.

      When it came to using the candle I had stopped using my anti-tobacco candle to see how this version would fare. For about three hours left lit continually the candle turns into a slightly yellowing clear liquid at the top and whilst the wick is easy to get to, either to trim, diminish or light up, I was looking forward to detecting its fruity citrus backdrop and its herbs as stated. Three and a half hours passed and the candle started to permeate a fresh lemon scent, but there was no orange and none of the thyme that is stated. Certainly from the offset this isn't as strong as the anti-tobacco formula and I blew the candle out thinking I had bought a dud.

      Onto candle number two. I have given it a couple of days to "settle in," and went to light the candle up before leaving it for an hour and with the heating left on I finally achieved a fresh herb additive coming through the household candle. Still however this candle number two isn't as strong as the anti-tobacco candle and it seldom stays in the room for very long, only lingering longer if doors are closed over. The scent is very understated and although the room smells a little fresh it doesn't cover up food smells, particularly when my dining table is also in the living room.

      As a result it is a great pity that at the price of £5 Price's Household Jar isn't a particularly good choice. With the rest of the candles in this range, they do look very promising, but on this occasion and on the fact that I had to continually use room spray or fish out the plug-in fresheners again, this household jar just doesn't cut it. Of course if you like yellow as a colour, then buy wisely - just don't expect it to eradicate household odours. The glass is also dishwasher safe and can be kept for use as a normal drinks glass thanks to its smoothened top rim. Thanks for reading. (c)Nar2 2009



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