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Price's Open Window Candle in Jar

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Brand: Price's / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      30.05.2010 17:10
      Very helpful



      Pure and simple from Price's and not as scented.

      Whilst traipsing through my favourite store the other day I realized that my last Price's scented candle was looking a bit low. I had already gone through my IKEA candles and my last purchase of the Shearer candle I had bought was about the only one I had left in my flat. Back at the store and by the rest of Price's range I was not surprised to find that the Chef's candle in a jar was out of stock but left in its place is a new candle I had not seen before; Price's Open Window candle in a jar. Contained in the same cardboard packaging as the rest of the range, Open Window comes in the same heat proof, dishwasher safe clear glass tumbler measuring 7cm by 8cm, 350grams and total 100 grams weight.

      Unsurprisingly like the rest of the current 100ml, 350 gram candle jars by Price's in their odour eliminator range; this is just another new scent that has been launched by Price's that retains the "Odourfoyl," odour combating formula and 30 hours burning time. This time around, Price's have yet again added a trio of scents on top of the odour eliminator additive and the candle in pure white wax claims to contain scents such as Lily, Violet and Orange flower. Not as unusual as it sounds like the scents that make up "Chef's Candle." first whiff I got when I tried the candle on the shelf in store was a distinct familiarity against Yankee Candle's "Clean Cotton," itself a carbon copy of average biological washing powder and is thus, one of my favourite scents that immediately sends the "freshness" signals straight to my nose! With those invigorating tones, I just had to buy two of these candles!

      As the title of this product suggests, "Open Window," is probably designed to bring in a sense of fresh air, or at the very least a neutral level of scent designed to kill bad or stale odours in the air. It certainly appeals more to me than the smell of the nearby beer distillery, which is what I get if I open my windows! At £3-15 it remains the same price as the rest of the odour eliminator range by Price's although John Lewis have reduced their prices from £5 to this newer, more welcomed cost price.

      In rooms with closed doors and once lit and left for an hour or so, the scent that can be detected is very little of the washing powder smell that appealed to me the day I bought the products. Instead there is a distinct aura of flowery scents that come off but nothing of the claimed orange flower content. I seem to get the trio-scent if I hover over the candle with my nose just above the lit wick without burning myself!

      In terms of clearing up bad odours, "Open Window," is better. I've installed this candle in my bedroom particularly where I've put my sneakers and the rest of my soft shoe wear since my hall doesn't have enough space. In terms of clearing the scent for the morning, the room is left with a neutral smell rather than of orange or lily from its claimed content and the overall scent of the candle is difficult to place. Taking place of the "Chef's Candle," in the kitchen makes "Open Window," perform a good job of combating likewise smells of burning food but the candle needs to burn for longer before smells are eradicated over the "Chef's Candle." The odours however never return which is a good sign that at best, this candle does work!

      One good point is that the candle does last upon its burning claim; I've periodically lit the candle for three hours per five days at a time and has only burnt a quarter down the glass. Perhaps then it is easy to justify why this candle is the likewise price as the rest of the odour eliminators in the range; it certainly burns slowly and lasts longer than expected. I've so far come to trust the quality of Price's since they have been making candles since 1830 and like all of the range I've so far been impressed with the candle jars even though some of them have been hit and miss.

      "Open Window," is definitely a hit and miss affair candle. It combats odours very well, leaves no paraffin after scent and does what it says on the label - largely. For the fact that I found very little scent it means that for most buyers Price's Open Window will do what it says and it may well provide suitable neutral odour elimination - but that's about it! For the price though it is half the cost than some other candle jars and for that reason alone for understated scent and big odour removal, it's still a candle I may well buy in the future. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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