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Radox Goodnight Pillow Spray

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Brand: Radox / Type: Room & Linen Spray / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2010 20:32
      Very helpful



      "GoodNight" - It works!!

      Ever since my teenage years I have had difficultly sleeping. I tried many remedies (relaxing baths, reading, music, TV, counting sheep, shoes, bags... you name it!) - none of which worked - so developed a habit of studying/revising/working into the early hours. I knew this was not good for me but I felt I may as well be productive if I was awake...

      Friends and relatives suggested I ask my doctor for sleeping tablets, but I dislike medicine (unless imperative for my health) and hated the thought of relying on tablets for what should come to me naturally - so continued as I was.

      Then I discovered "GoodNight" in Boots.

      Now, I don't easily believe claims companies make regarding their own products - especially when health-related because results vary person to person, but here I had a Radox product with a 'Sleep Council' logo (not sure who they are, but they sound impressive) and I wondered - could this little bottle could actually help me?!

      I'll admit the fact this was from Radox boosted my decision to buy because I regularly purchase their handwash, bath and shower gels, and I was quite confident this would be pleasant, while crossing my fingers it might even work!

      It looked quite attractive on the shelf with its deep purple packaging (a colour I now strongly associate with lavender!), the Radox logo clear to see and quite simply 'GoodNight' running along the middle. They had a bubble bath in the same range which relaxes while this spray adds the final touch. I opted for the spray alone because I was living in uni halls at the time which is not the best environment for a relaxing bath!!

      So - Did it work?

      YES!!! I almost forgot how fantastic this is because after using it regularly, I gradually stopped. Having said that, it is always closeby and accompanies me on my travels - just in case! I am writing this review because due to recent stresses I am using it again and find it works just as well now as it did when I first purchased it!


      As explained, the bottle is deep purple with logo and name clearly displayed. The bottle is 100ml in size, made of sturdy, lightweight plastic (making it easy to store and travel with) with a clear plastic lid. Over time (and travels) I lost my lid, but this makes no difference to performance because as a fine mist spray this leaves no residue on the bottle.


      When shaken, this sounds quite watery, which makes sense because it releases as a mist and disappears almost immediately.

      Initially I did worry about spraying my pillow and putting my face onto it - it could be damp, perhaps the smell would be horrid, or linger too long?? I happily found none of these were an issue! Provided you stick to one or two squirts (as recommended on the back), the mist settles and dries almost instantly allowing me to lay my head on the pillow without delay.

      The product works by providing a soothing scent which relaxes - and entices the person to drift off. It's not overpowering and does not linger in the morning either.

      Once I'd established that this worked for me, I make the mistake of applying it generously all over my pillow one night thinking I'd fall into a deeper sleep, and more quickly... What actually happened was that my pillow was damp for longer, meaning I had to wait ages for it to dry and woke up to lavender all over my bedroom and hair - not good! Take it from me, two squirts will do the job!

      I do like how this dries quickly because if I'm already in bed but can't sleep, I can reach out for the bottle (the size and durability make it easy to keep close to my bed), spray it and place my head on the pillow immediately without feeling discomfort or dampness.

      Alcohol Denat
      Lavandula Hybrida Oil
      Chamomilla Recutita Oil


      I think I purchased this for either £2.99 or £3.99 - well worth it in my opinion!


      I do adore this spray, but it is important to understand that it helps by providing a soothing scent - but if you are seriously upset or distressed, it may not be as helpful (at least it did not help me in similar instances).

      My main concern is that now (after years of using this product) it is running low but I cannot find any more of it! Having said that, I don't use much of it these days so the small amount I have remaining will probably last me ages yet - but I like to know I have it to hand! I shall have to get in touch using the details below and see if more is available. If it is, I shall update this review. On a more positive note, it doesn't seem to expire because it works just as well now as it did when I first used it.

      *MORE INFO*

      Sara Lee (H & BC UK, Slough, SL1 4AU, UK) 01753 523971

      In association with The Sleep Council: www.sleepcouncil.com


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